Blog Introduction

Who am I?

I'm Maine Lyn. (This is a variation of my full name). I'm also the girl in the photo who looks weird because you can't see my eye, messy hair and I'm wearing a red floral crown that doesn't complement the orange floral skirt.

I'm an introvert who loves reading books, writing short stories and random thoughts, doodling (or sketching) and hanging out with friends who don't make me uncomfortable.

Style-wise? I love combat boots. Black skinny jeans. Black three quarter shirts. Black specs. Raglan shirts. Floral skirts.

If you've been my friend for a long time, I've probably used your hair to experiment on and braid.

I like funky hair colors. It's cool. And also ear piercings (and nose. and navel. But that's besides the point).

How this blog began:

I created this blog because my previous blog (which had been my personal diary since I was 15) has generated attention from fellow bloggers, friends, family and people I know personally. At first it was great to know that people read my blog and I liked the fact that people knew about it. But then I realized that it limited me in many ways. There are some opinions and views I have which I don't feel comfortable with letting family members and acquaintances know. Plus, I feel like I can't do a rambling post anymore, and it has to have proper content, which limited me.

Blogs I have (or have had):

As of now, I have approximately six blogs. (Don't faint, please). I think "had" six blogs is more accurate.

Maine Lyn: Reader, Writer, Loner, Dreamer  (used to be known as Banana Chocolate Maine) was my main blog. I intend to continue using it to post about events and things I feel are worth reading. Originally intended to revamp it, but I decided to keep it the way it is. The blog is the only reminder I have left of my high school years and it represented the way I was. "Banana Chocolate Maine" described me when I was 15. It was a nickname I got from people for not speaking/writing Mandarin and loving chocolate. The header "Reader, Writer, Loner, Dreamer" described me when I was 16/17. I can still relate to it, but I feel like it's a far too long title.

Maine Lyn's Reviews is my review blog for products, shops, etc. It's relatively new, so I'm still working on it :)

My Tumblr blog doesn't have much written content besides the re-posts, but it has a lot of quotes and photos!

My Dayre blog is used for quick random updates that are usually as long as my blog posts here.

I have a private blog and a secondhand blog that's not very active.

I'm mostly active on Tumblr, my review blog and this one though.

Why I started blogging:

I love to write, and blogging is a wonderful outlet for me to express my feelings and thoughts, as well as writing about events I don't want to forget about. I've been blogging since I was 11 (Around 2008?). Writing is my greatest passion, followed by art and music.

Side note:

I also enjoy reading other people's blog, so please don't hesitate to ask me to check out yours!

Short update: I'm still working on constructing the blog design and banner. It's pretty bare now. Sorry for that!

Till next time!

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Maine Lyn. Chinese Malaysian. Aspiring writer, photographer and videographer.