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Hey there!

It's been a while since my last post. I went completely off the grid for a couple of weeks to learn new things and figure out where my life is headed. 


It was so stressful to have people constantly asking me when I'm starting college, what I plan to do, what my ambitions are, when I have no specific idea in mind just yet. I know my interests and I plan to study something related to writing/reading/photography (Probably a communication degree in PR and Event Management or Broadcasting). 

It doesn't help when people frown and ask me "Is that what you really want to do? It's better to choose a more "stable" career path, like say a doctor or a lawyer.... Maybe even business. If you get a degree in something like Communication, how far would you get in life anyway?" Okay, to be honest, it was more along the lines of "That's a useless degree! What for you want to study this?" Oh, I don't know. For the experience? Internship? Learning it in depth? Whatever you go to college for....?

Thanks for your unhelpful opinion designed to shame those who choose to do what they love and to promote society's perception of an ideal career. It is greatly unappreciated. 

If everyone became doctors, businessmen, lawyers and engineers, there will be too many of them and a majority of them will not have the required skill, talent and understanding to do a decent job which inevitably renders them useless. They wouldn't even like it if they are able to find a job. Everyone has different interests and are good at different things. The world needs people to be unique, not mindless robots programmed to do what society requires of them. 

It's also funny that you think that graduating early = get a job quickly. Last I heard, it doesn't quite work that way. It's possible to remain unemployed for months after graduating. Jobs don't grow on trees, bro.

On a side note, managed to take a long hiatus from Whatsapp (since it kept crashing. I opened about 3 messages but couldn't reply because it kept crashing.) 

I'm not looking forward to read through and reply to this. Sigh.

I've been reading up on the political, social and economical situation in Malaysia. If it sounds boring, that's because it is. But I figured that it's necessary to know about. Now that I have, I'm honestly tempted to leave the country. If you read about it, you'd know why. 

Aaron (colleague) made me go to companies and deliver letter/collect cheques. I can't decide if it was  funny when employees looking at me like I'm a college student who got lost in the companies/warehouses or hideously awkward to walk into the offices and ask for a particular person who will have a confused expression when I claim to be from TTSB.

Desperately in love?

I don't understand why people keep asking me for relationship advice. With my track record and detachment issues, I'm not the best person to ask. The best I can claim is from observations and trying to understand why people act the way they do.

So I had a guy telling me about a girl who told him "I only think of you as a friend." and he wanted to know how he could change her mind.

It's difficult not to be blunt and rude, but you can't change her mind. You can't somehow magically make her fall in love with you after knowing her for 5 years. Chances are if she never had a romantic inclination towards you, she never will. (There are rare instances, but still bro, you need to move on anyway)

Stop believing the theme in romantic comedies, movies or even anime, which gives you the idea that if you keep hanging around and giving her a mournful puppy face, she'd relent and say "Okay beettcchh, let's do this relationsheet!" IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Life is not a fairytale. It doesn't always have happy endings. It's entirely possible that you will die alone. It depends on you if you'll be miserable or content with the life you've lived when you do.

Don't spout the "she belongs to me" bullshit on me. Even if you think she's perfect for you and simply the most wonderful human being on the planet, she does not belong to you or anyone. Women are not property, you can't stake your claim on her.

Guys like you fail to recognize that women are people too. They are not goddesses to be placed on pedestals and to be treated like queens. If you idolize someone, someday you'll begin to realize that she's not as perfect as you want her to be and that's when everything falls apart. "When you put someone on a pedestal, the only way for them to look at you is down."

If you don't know that women are imperfect, with opinions and preferences who will argue with you occasionally and that no relationship is perfect, you're simply not ready for one. A relationship should be a partnership founded on chemistry, compatibility, attraction and mutual respect.

Please don't be a doormat and expect something in return for buying her gifts and being nice to her. It's ridiculous that you claim to do it because you're a "nice" guy. A truly nice person wouldn't expect anything in return. This is a blatant attempt to manipulate and guilt her into getting into a relationship with you.

Drop by the "Nice" guys thread on Reddit and see why you're doing it wrong. Some of the comments are satire, so don't take those seriously.

What I'm Going To Do Next..

1. Spend the next month working and saving up for a laptop. Then buy said laptop.

2. Go to my cousin's wedding in Cameron Highlands in July for three days. (Yay! But cats...)

3. Go to university (diploma + degree) in Malaysia for three years, and if I have the chance, transfer to University of West England (UWE) in my final year.

I feel blessed, but a part of me is whining about being busy on every weekday. <- Why? I don't know. I'm still a lazy procrastinator at heart.

Hopefully I'll save up enough to spend my final year in WE.

I need to start getting a grip on my finances. If I can't control my impulse to shop, I'll be broke and miserable. Downloaded some money management apps to keep track of my budget.

Here's to hoping..

Till next time!

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