July Days

Photos first!
Cameron Highlands: The Wedding Edition

The view at the tea plantation.
I dyed in some pink streaks recently. Planning to add more soon. 
The purple streaks turned blue/green.. it's not that obvious though.
It might be strange to say this, but I think I prefer my hair darker these days. 
I regret dyeing it till it's this light.
Hoping to dye it darker again soon.
Maybe with a few pink or turquoise streaks in it.

Dun dun dun. The wedding location: Jim Thompson Cottage.

Shots I took of the event and scenery.

Cameras which looked amazingly vintage.

At night: They played some wedding games after dinner...
It was pretty funny to watch but we (family) left early to check into our apartment.

I just love this shot. I like lanterns and roses. 

The Heritage apartments where we stayed.

View from the balcony.

View from the windows.

Checking out some shops on Tanah Rata.

Bought some money-themed key chains there and in the Bee Farm.

Strawberry farm! Bought some jam, lots of strawberries and a delicious bottle of strawberry syrup that tastes like honey + ambrosia + nectar + strawberries.

I made a friend at the fruit stall. 
He meowed incessantly and shedded fur all over my black leggings and boots. 
Also hilariously fat and adorable.

Cheesecake treats at the wedding which looked great. 
Nope, I didn't eat it.

First lunch: Mushroom soup and delicious buns.

Top left: Amazingly delicious Teriyaki sauce fish which gave me a foodgasm. HAHA.
Top right: Spring rolls, which I sadly didn't eat.
Bottom left: Garlic bread which was pretty soft and delicious.
Bottom right: Black pepper chicken rice which was delicious.

I forgot the name of the restaurant but it's pork-free and has a nice lady working there. 
It was also painted orange and had decorations on the walls like dolls.
Located at Tanah Rata.

Tea time at Boh plantation! 
We bought a bunch of ice lemon tea and ice peach tea instant packets to take home.
The raspberry+strawberry tea sounded good but I regret not choosing an ice cold peach tea instead.
Chocolate cake, butter cake and apple pie.. guess which one I ate?

Family photos:
Taken at the wedding location by Aaron.
It's creepy how similar Ian and I look here..

Statement 1: In the apartment where we concluded that neither Ian nor I are able to take serious photos which Ryan.

Evidence to prove context in Statement 1.
Also proving I have non-existent eyebrows. I'm planning to get it tattooed soon. Yayy.
Eyes are unintentionally squinty, inadvertently re-enforcing the Asian stereotype.

Kesian abangku.

I braid when I'm bored.

And take selfies too.
My eyes get bigger in each photo.

Weird expression but I love this shirt!

When I add another braid..

Wearing the ridiculous moose head and having weird bangs.

Struggling to look relatively normal in both photos and failing miserably.

TIL ... tourists really like Mr Bean.

Monday Night: Wedding Dinner
In which the whole church are invited along with family.
This occurs the day after the tea ceremony,
where I did something embarrassing and will hopefully live down eventually.
Bride and groom playing the shoe game.

I was feeling really tired.
 Monday was my last day of working and I had to rush to this dinner immediately afterwards.

Very Short Update: 

My last post was a couple of months ago. I was constantly exhausted because of work, worried about college (which I finally signed up for) and used the free time I had to do things I enjoy. 

I'm (thankfully) not working anymore because my dad says I should prepare for college (and work on revamping my room at home). Once I start my diploma, I have to maintain (at least) a 3.5 GPA to get a scholarship for my degree. My parents are expecting me to do better than that though. 

My favorite thing to watch now that I'm free:

Hint: Pineapple. Hint: Psych :D

I don't feel like writing anything, so...

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