In Unfamiliar Surroundings

Hey there!

I guess it's time you knew....

Some people have been asking me, "Why aren't you on Whatsapp?" I've been telling everyone the partial truth; "Oh, well my phone's dead now. Water damage." I'm afraid if people knew what really happened, they'd be like "WTF. Ewww...How did that HAPPEN?" Okay, long story short: Cat peed on my phone. (Extended version) I see what happens and rush to take the phone away. Clean it up, try to revive it but too late, it's dead. Send it to repair shop, quoted price: RM 861. I laugh hysterically, cry uncontrollably and resign myself to the fact that my phone has meet its untimely death. To be honest, I was more worried about the cat (who peed on it and got smacked by dad) running away and not coming back. (Obviously my priorities are skewed)

I've always believed that I have a phone curse. Everyone thinks it's just because I'm careless (okay, I guess my phone back-flipping into the drain was my fault. And another one getting stolen. And for absentmindedly washing my hands while holding my phone..) but how do you explain this?! My phones apparently hate me, and can't live more than a year with me. The only phone that held out was my Xperia Sola (actually the volume did get wonky, but it is still usable).

A lot of people have suggested getting an iPhone 6/5s, but spending RM 2.5k on a phone is beyond my budget at the moment and I would be paranoid about it breaking or getting stolen. I stick to budget Android phones (Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei) because it does what I want it to do for a decent fraction of the price of an iPhone. I've been using my iPod a lot lately, and now that my android phone is gone, lack of customization and unauthorized apps bothers me. I still drool at iPhones whenever I wander into Machines, but it just isn't right for me.

On a side note, my laptop finally arrived! Yayyy. It's a Dell Vostro 5480. I chose it because it's light and sleek. It came with a free laptop bagpack. I bought an additional handheld laptop bag from Carousell too. The only problem is the cats keep trying to sleep on it -.-

How's life in university been?

For starters, I managed to get into the ETC. magazine club! I feel a little insecure because there's a lot of talented writers/designers/photographers in the club and then there's me. HAHA. Nelly's in the Events department (and we both use the Taylors bus to go to the KTM,) so that's great! Ate lunch with her, Nay (or Nae? idk. What friend am I), Prahveen, Nicholas and Ken yesterday. It was nice, but the bill came up to RM 80.50 for six of us (O_o) Yikes.

So far, I've seen a lot of familiar faces around campus. A scared the shit out of me yesterday when I was walking around the Boardwalk with Nay, by the way she ran after and greeted me. Yeap, confirmed she cray cray. Made some new friends as well. Met a girl named Abigail in the library, who's actually from The One Academy and she's organizing a Christian fellowship (sort of) that I'll be joining. Got to know Yi Min, Jessica, Diana (and JJ once) better since we (Nay and I) teamed up for group work a couple of times. H has been asking if I want to hang out before his internship starts too. Planning to go to SS15 someday, cause them peeps have been saying the food there is delicious.

For our Creative Communication class, we were told about two individual assignments for this semester.. One of which is creating a self expression video. Some of the examples have been a "Draw my life" (which sucks because I take hours to draw properly), "A Day In My Life" video (basically having a bro with a camera follow you around for the day) and stuff like that. Miss Zee showed us some of the previous semester's students videos and it's so professionally done, I don't even know how to do mine -.- The other assignment is creating an e-portfolio, which is a little easier to do.

I'm still finding it difficult to adjust to life as it is now. There's a lot more freedom compared to high school, but there's also the burden of having to be responsible and to stay focus on the tasks I have,

Anyways, till next time!

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