Orientation Day & First Day Of University

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Selfies at the train station.
I was bored.
I think I forgot how to smile .___.
Bonus: fake eyebrows if you can't notice. HAHA.
And yeah, I gotta get a haircut for those split ends :l

I attended the Taylor's University Orientation last week and (at the risk of it sounding like I'm promoting the university, I sadly must inform you that I'm not getting paid to write this *wipes tear from eye*) it was pretty goddamn amazing.

Like the OMG Camp I attended in March 2015, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to blog about this. Nobody said I could, but nobody said I couldn't.
If I can't, well....let's pretend this post never happened, okay?

Summary of the free time I had before going to uni: Eat, sleep, laze around, read, go out, come home and other redundant activities. I had fun going out but sleeping till 2 pm was a godsend.

I tried to find some blog posts about other people's experiences during their orientation because I was freaking nervous about what everything actually was but most of the posts were about their first impressions of the university (e.g. facilities, lecturers) or describing how they felt about attending that particular university/college. I want to blog about this so I won't forget what happened and also for a future assignment, this might come in handy. Oh right, this is also for those who wonder what it's all about and if it's worth attending too :)

I find it funny that there's a stereotype about Taylor's students being rich and stuck up. Of course, there's stereotypes about other college/university students too, all of which almost always originates from god-knows-where. Most of the people I've met/know are on scholarship or at least aiming for one and almost everyone I've talked to are friendly as well. And everyone complains about how expensive the food is on the Boardwalk. (But that's just because we're Malaysians and complaining is our thing) As expensive as it is, the food is delicious and I like the variety of choices we have.

On a side note:
We have baby kittens that were born a day before the first day of orientation.
Ian calls them Jellybeans. 

First Day Of Classes (3 August 2015)
I was surprised at how small the DICM class is. There were about 30 (or so?) students only. We met our first lecturer (Do we call them that or something else?), Miss Zee who was really cool (and warm ...is that a contradictory statement?) She introduced herself before talked about what Creative Communication and Portfolio Development is about. She also let us out of class early.

Rachel (who I met at the OMG camp, but we were in different friend groups), Deanna (her friend, they're both taking DICM but they're from the March intake), Naomi and I were talking about warm cool people and cold cool people in the Student Centre after class. Naomi came up with it and it's pretty weird but hilarious. Basically a warm cool person is someone who is sophisticated but friendly. A cold cool person is a person who's sophisticated but unfriendly/standoffish. An example of some warm, cool people we know, would be Yazmin, Aisha, Aiman and their gang from our class.

Where we were hanging out.

Rachel was talking about missing orientation and her first week of university being really weird and lonely, how it gets better once she settled in and weird guy with binoculars at the lakeside. Just random things which doesn't make much sense but it's fun to hear about :) Deanna and Rachel just started their second semester while Naomi and I are well, freshmen.

University life has been exciting thus far, but commuting from home has been stressful. I'm still trying to get used to the bus/train schedules and worrying about being late all the time. If it ever becomes a serious problem later on, I might have to live near campus. Unfortunately, the best part about living home is having cats to cuddle and cheap/yummy food I don't have to pay for. HAHA.

Wednesday (29th July 2015) : First Day Of Orientation
(Edited stock photo from Google)

I wake up extra grumpy, get ready half-heartedly and grumbled about having to leave my warm, cosy bed (with a cat on it) so early in the morning. (It started at 8 a.m.. I woke up at 5.30 a.m. Just in case I overslept). I'm not exaggerating, I really didn't want to go. I guess it's due to people (like the bro, cough cough) telling me that orientation is just a waste of time and being scared about the ton of strangers I'd inevitably have to meet and socialize with.

I was half asleep throughout the breakfast (It isn't compulsory to attend). Collected the Student Kit and registered at the grand hall before making my way to Lecture Theathre 20. Introduced myself to a few people but it's nothing much to talk about, just the basic questions like "What's your name? Where are you from? What programme are you in?"

A girl appeared out of nowhere not literally and sat next to me. We said hi to each other, introduced ourselves and talked for a bit before the Ice Breakers commenced. And that's how I met Naomi :D We have a lot in common, so we've stuck together since Day one. It turned out that we're both taking Diploma in Communication and somehow ended up in the same Ice Breakers group: Catwoman. (We picked the group out of a bag of paper).

We played the BOM game (bom here, bom there...you know the game) and Two Truths One Lie. It was fun although it was initially awkward. Naomi introduced me to one of her school mates, Yazmin and we made friends with Nina and Shreena as well. From what I can tell of my course mates, most of them are friendly and some friendly + shy (yes, this possible). I'm glad that everyone's primary language is English, it makes it so much easier to communicate with them. (My Malay accent is atrocious and I'm ashamed of it, Jihah/Nab/Yuyie used to tease me about this in high school)

I had lunch at Pizza Cottage with Naomi, Shreena, Nina, Jason (Naomi's tuition friend who takes architecture), Matthias (Jason's friend, art student) and Ariel (a guy) showed up later. Felt unwell and didn't have much appetite, so I didn't eat anything.

After the speeches made by the Dean of SOC and some Directors, our seniors took us on a tour around campus. Praveen and another senior took us to the different blocks, library, Student Success Centre, and other important places around campus.

I passed by Amanda, and later, Hoong in the hallways but they were too far away to say hi. While taking a group photo with Naomi, Shreena and Nina, I saw Aina so I ran over and gave her a hug. We talked a bit about our courses before I had to go back into the hall.

After the day was over, I waited on the benches (?) outside Starbucks. Walked past a guy who was frowning and looking miserable. He approached me later and apologized for scowling at me. I found out his name is Haris and he's taking a diploma in Culinary arts. Talked to him about his courses and gave him advice on some problems he had. Dad finally arrived, so I went home after saying goodbye.

Thursday (30th July 2015): Second Day Of Orientation
Group discussion outside Lecture Theatre 21.
On my left is our (the group's) senior Nabilah, Naomi is on my right.

Reached the campus earlier to take my student ID photo. Naomi (Nay, since it's easier to type out) and I made our way to the lecture theatre for the briefing about our first year experience in university. Gerald talked about classes, adjusting to uni life and everything else that was relevant.

He asked us to turn around and talk to the people behind us. I had a conversation with Augustus (Gust) about what schools we're in (he's in Biosciences, from what I remember), where we're from and things we liked/disliked about university life. Naomi was talking to a Korean guy, "Kim". She told me he goes to uni by taxi from where he stays (somewhere in KL) and it's RM60 per trip. Oh my god. 

Ran into Amanda and said hi :3
We still smile and wave at each other whenever we encounter each other.

Nay and I went to the Grand Hall to sign up for clubs and societies. I signed up for the ETC magazine (alone) and I have an interview this coming Thursday which I'm incredibly nervous about. Signed up with Nae for the Dance club and SPART (Society of Performing Arts). I'm wondering why I signed up for the dance club, I haven't danced in years. 

As for the SPART, I'm more interested in the behind-the-scenes work like scriptwriting, directing, etc. I'm honestly too shy to act but I'm willing to try it out too. I thought of joining the Christian Fellowship, but their meetings are held in the late evenings when I have to go back before it's dark.

Hung out with Nay  in the library before going home.
It's really cold here. The theatrette looks like a great place to nap watch shows. 

Friday (31 July 2015): Last Day Of Orientation
(Once again, credits to TUOL. Not sure who snapped this, also no idea what I'm looking at)

I decide to wear a t-shirt, leggings and combat boots to run around in during the Campus Hunt. Both Nay and I didn't wear any eyeliner because we knew it was going to smudge all over our faces if we did.

There was a speech about Personal Safety Awareness and Action, as well as a demonstration by Uncle Mike (former Taylor's student). It made me feel a bit paranoid about walking somewhere alone (even during the daytime). He told us about snatch thieves with parangs, explained how to defend ourselves in a certain situations (leaning against the walls in a lift, pepper spray, escaping someone's grip on your wrist) Mr. Nathan gave a short speech about where to find assistance on campus, fire safety and other related safety procedures afterwards. 

Our lunch break was really long. 
Nay and I decided to eat at Snowy Cafe before going to collect our student IDs.
It's really dark there.

She had sweet and sour chicken rice, I had marmite chicken rice. The portions were huge, so much chicken and rice, it was impossible to finish. Next time we eat there, we'd have to split the dish. It's one of the more affordable places to eat. (Roughly RM8.80 for a plate of food + drink)

We went back into the grand hall after collecting our Student IDs. Before got sorted into groups, Nay and I introduced ourselves to Nimbal, Louis (who ended up in our group) and the guy in front of us, Lester. 

Our group name was Seven-Four-Eleven (we had seven guys and four girls) and appointed Zarif as our group leader. We're probably one of the last groups to finish, but none of us really care because we had a ton of fun. Other group members were Pree (Biosciences), Ang (Business) and I can't recall the names of the others. We took some group photos but they're all in my currently dead phone (still undergoing repair), so it's inaccessible to me now. 

(Disclaimer: I don't remember all the games)We absolutely failed at the plasticine game. The first person has to mold a certain item, then the next person has to remold his mold (that sounds wrong, lol) and continues on till the last person who has to guess what the item is. We failed the first round, somehow a pen turned into a dog (O__o). Going through the second round, we absolutely butchered the fish. (Turned it into a weird pile of dough, most of us thought it was a turtle) Zarif managed to guess it was a fish. Thank God, or we'd have been kneading at plasticine for the rest of the day.

Outside the library, we played a writing game where everyone had a write one sentence and continue the story. I remember a bunch of random phrases at the start, the one before mine was "He had a golden foot." I thought "What the heck..." and wrote "But it was chopped off." When they read out the story, there was a part about "He likes to eat food, especially durians." The story was completely random and made no sense, but it was hilarious to hear it read aloud. Another fun game was the Word game.  Nimbal had to guess the word from the card he was holding above his head from our actions.

It was an enlightening experience. Is it worth going? That's really for you to decide. I think it will be difficult to deal with the fact that everyone (who attended) knows someone from orientation and you're pretty much alone on the first day of class and have to figure out a way to incorporate yourself into a group of friends somehow.

Irrelevant Update:
I still find it hard to come out of my shell, smile more and talk to new people but I'm trying. University (or college) life is a great way to really discover who I really am, make new friends and learn how to adapt to certain situations which make me uncomfortable (namely social gatherings)

I ordered my laptop which will arrive next week. I chose one with several customizations (hybrid hard drive, better processor card) which means I'd have to wait longer to receive it. The laptop weighs about 1.5 kg (not including battery) which is why I chose it and is RM 2.6k. I took Ryan's laptop to uni yesterday and damn, it was unbearably heavy (2.4 kg?) or maybe I'm just too weak.

I still feel tired and lazy. My next class isn't until Thursday, so yayyyy.

Till next time!

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