Take One Step At A Time

(unintentionally quoted Jordin Sparks' song)
Woke up to wavy hair because I forgot to take out my braids the night before.
It was sooo messy. I braided it again and put it in a bun before class started.
I can't wait to cut it off.
I've gotten a lot faster at putting makeup on :3

I usually go to college a few hour early if I have an afternoon class. Dad fetches me when he goes to work. The alternative is taking the train and then the bus, which I try to avoid when I can.

I pass time by reading in the library :D
Comfy chair + good book + hot Milo + aircond = Bliss.
I'd forgotten what it's like to be able to read without any distractions.

Sometimes I watch Chuck or Warehouse 13. Or do assignments/quizzes if I have any.
And stalk people's blogs. HAHA. I miss the times when people posted nonstop :l

My team won the mind map contest! (Nay, Rachel, Reena, Eunice, me)
We had a stand-in lecturer since Ms. Zee was away.
Mr. Hasrul wanted a mind map that properly resembles the structure of a mind map + creative layout.
He keep trolling us by pointing to each group, pausing and saying either "I'm sorry. Better luck next time." or "Wait forrrrr ittttt." Then he pointed at us and said "Congratulations!" and threw a bag of KitKats at us, Well, not throw. Just placed it on the table.
We were more excited about the KitKats than we were about winning. HAHA.

Met up with Pui Yan and Abby on Friday for lunch since I was there early again. 
Saw JJ a couple of times and waved,
Had a short Bible study and conversation about weird things (like Chinese names and how to pronounce/write them) in Starbucks. I kinda regret getting a drink because I got really sleepy and drunk. Went back to the library for a while afterwards before meeting up with Nay and Shreena. We grumbled a lot at having to go for our Malaysian Studies class. Imagine our surprise, when our lecturer did a brief introduction and told us we can go back after only 40 MINUTES. We went to Starbucks after class.. Everyone goes to Starbucks, I don't quite understand why.

Nay and I were talking about Spotify and music tastes. She mentioned that Kina Grannis is coming to KL soon and we were discussing the ticket prices. I've gotten really weird about spending money recently. Actively avoiding shopping even though I need (okay, could use) eyeliner and new shirts. Spending money makes me feel guilty now :l

We got approached by some ETC magazine members to do a quick interview about Youtube.
Confused Lil Bub animated GIF
My face when they walked up to us.
It was okay, but I almost died laughing when Shreena answered Justin Bieber to "Who's your favorite Youtuber?" Sorry girl, I don't judge but it seemed funny at that time.

Met Way Jie at the train station and was like "Ehhhhh,, it's you!" He forgot to tell me he changed his number -.- Talked to him for a while before the train arrived. I got in the ladies coach so he didn't follow. heeeeh. 

There's an IT fair in Midvalley from 28th August to 31 August which I'm going to. I plan to buy a wireless mouse, powerbank and whatever else seems necessary.

The kittens keep following me around, makes me worry about tripping on them. But they're so cute and fluffy, I cannot resist :O

So.....till next time!

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