Where Do I Belong Now?

It's not about finding a place where you belong, 
it's finding out who you are and being happy with being yourself.

Post is a mixture of different days and weeks.
Both blue, both floral.
In retrospect, probably not the best idea to combine it. HAHA.

This is us going crazy at the Uni Square.
Skipped the orientation party because we weren't in the mood to play games and watch performances.
It did look fun though, I wonder if we missed out but we had a great time, just hanging out..so...

We bought some chicken from Arisan to eat. Stalked Rachel S(who was at the lakeside) for a bit. 
Talked about approaching her, but decided to just quietly spy on her. HAHA. Turns out she saw us first because her friend pointed out that Nay was wearing an extremely similar outfit (black top, red skirt) to her. 

Rachel said that he said "Eh, look, that girl is your friend ah?" (teasing her about having similar outfits) She turned, saw us and said "OMG YES! EH HEY! GUYS GUYS!" Her friend panicked and said "Eh! Don't joke with me, you really know that girl?" She said "YES la I know her!" then ran to approach us. 

Took several photos of the twin outfits, I told them I was going to continuously click on the camera button and asked them to just do anything impromptu. So they did. Nay started twirling around at one point, Rachel looked at her with a WTF expression, turned to look at me as if to say "Are you seeing this?" and we burst out laughing. 

She had to leave soon after, so we just hung out by the lakeside, eating chicken and talking. It's a pretty great place to relax, except for the ants in certain areas. Late evening is when the mosquitoes come out -.-

Atmosphere in university is so different from school. Even the people are different. The smoking culture still shocks me a little. When people ask me if I want to try vaping or smoking, I'm just like "Err...no thanks." I don't judge people for smoking, but I can't help feeling concerned about inhaling all the smoke :l 

Ate a breakfast set for lunch last Friday before class at Aspresso with Nay, Rachel (Yap, not Soh <who's the top one from OMG camp> this our classmate) and Rina. We teamed up for another group assignment with them and Eunice (who couldn't make it for breakfast)

Split it with Nay because it was too big for one of us to finish. (Total was RM 10)

1. Ponytail
2. Eating pasta at Pizza Cottage
3. Earrings of the day (and a photogenic guy accidentally included, lol)

Throwback to tutorial class. 

Equipment for video filming.

When the teacher's not watching.
Diana and Nay. The couch is so damn comfy D: 

Another class stole our X-SPACE. Huhu. Meor invited us to the class opposite the X-Space, our whole class went there to wait while someone went to find the lecturer to inquire about it. Meor suddenly asked me if I liked durians. I went "Errmmm..I don't like it lah. Sorry hehe." He gasped and said "How could you? Traitor." Shern said "Come on, if something has THORNS on it and stinks, that usually means it isn't edible right?" I agreed with him. Someone was saying "Yeah, you from Singapore , don't understand, blah blah..."

 Meor asked Nay if she liked durians and she said "Yeah yeah! I love them!" They high-fived. Shern was like "We gonna be the anti-durian people, I guess." I said "Oh yeah." and high-fived him. Meor went around, asking people if they liked durians and got a lot of enthusiastic "YEAH!" Apparently I'm not very Malaysian. HAHA.

We (me, Nay) discussed our group assignment with Rachel, Rina and Eunice. We had to change our proposal because it didn't align with what Miss Siva wanted. We couldn't stop laughing when we discuss our new ideas because we kept adding more ridiculous (relevant) elements to it. We'll be acting as people from different countries, who don't understand the other cultures. One or two of us will be acting as different people twice. 

We had to act out one of the mass communication theories. We chose the "Hypodermic needle/magic bullet." which is about people being easily influenced by what they see on the media. Rachel acted as the mother, Nay was the TV reporter, Eunice and I were the daughters. We volunteered to go first so we didn't have to stress out about it while waiting. Didn't have a script planned out or anything, but we did it!

Me: Mummy! Mummy! Wanna watch TV?
Rachel: Don't want! Go away. Mummy want to sleep.
Me: But Mummy! Now got news -
Rachel: Go away! Go away!
*I look at Eunice and shrugged before going to turn on the non-existent TV by poking Nay's shoulder.*
Nay: (You guys know the 2012 movie scene? Yeah she quoted that)
Eunice and I start panicking and shouting "WE'RE GOING TO DIEEEEE! MUMMY! MUMMY! We need to go! Pack our stuff!-----"
Rachel: Aiyah, why you so kacau! GO AWAY LAH. I want to sleep!
Me: *look at Eunice* Never mind, leave her here! Come let's go!" *Grabs hand and we run away*

We had about 2 hours plus between classes. used that time to discuss our assignments during lunch and then in the library. When we went to class, we had an impromptu pizza party.. Played some music on the speakers, told each other to "Go dance lah! No, you dance!" and Yazmin offered us some pizza/garlic bread. It only lasted about 15 minutes before our lecturer showed up. Still fun tho.

Met Way Jie at the train station again. Pretty sure he's stalking me. HAHA kidding kidding.

Wednesday: (sorry the days are mixed up)
Nay and I attended the Taylor's University Dance Club gathering. We made friends with some people but I forgot all their names (-__-) Photo credits to TUDC.

(I'm in the floral skirt at the back on the left.)We had to choreograph our own dance. Decided on the "Watch Me (Whip/Nae)" song.
Only had to dance for about 30 seconds but we felt self-conscious because there were a lot of great dancers there :l 

People who attended the gathering! (Our seniors are sitting at the bottom)

Eating before we left.

This was my group! :D

Being silly.

Accidental shot that isn't too bad.
I wear floral skirts/dresses a lot these days.

DSLR selfie. Damn it was heavy.

Teehee. This us.

Shots I took. Campus at night.

It's nice and quiet, but the mosquitoes are hell.

I wish the hallways will be as deserted as this in the morning :(

Photo of one slide in my Self-Expression Video. 
I kinda regret adding the butterfly to the end of my name but it still looks nice. 
It looks too formal/long sometimes. I'm thinking of making one with just for everyday wear.

     It's on Youtube at lasstttt: Self-Expression Video. It isn't exactly like how I visualized, but it did meet my expectations. I drew out a storyboard on PowerPoint, made a lot of changes, had to find photos and print them, and there was a ton of pasting. I finished two tubes of glue. I had to worry about my skirt flying up the whole time we were filming the video. Also probably looked ridiculous, crouching under the tripod during the writing scenes. I left out a lot of the drawing ideas I initially had because we couldn't make the video too long. We have a similar assignment on TV production coming up, doing behind the scenes work and finding actors for our video. Drafted up our skit already,but there's still so much more to do. (Storyboard, writing script, filming)

    I finally got a haircut. It isn't really what I want it to be yet. I have to grow out the bleached parts (and there's a lot of it) before getting an asymmetrical hairstyle or there'll be weird splotches of blonde/pink/green/purple hair all over. 

Left: Eunice (a.k.a. Cheese) and I!
Right: When we saw the wall, Nay turned to me excitedly, and said "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" I asked "Lemme guess, OOTD?" She said "YES! #ourmindsareconnected" and this happened.

Lunch at Backofen where the infamous pasta mix up happened. *points at Rina and cries*
The haze situation these days.

Video filming in Puchong.

Imran remains clueless....
Seems like Nay always wears makeup when I don't and vice versa.

Dance class last Wednesday was fun. I felt like a noob, but the moves weren't that hard to learn, just too many things to learn at once and we had to dance really fast. I don't quite remember but I think the song was "Lean On" and the beat was damn fast. I did something stupid the next day. First, walking up 7 flights of stairs in the morning, and again, another 8 flights of stairs in the afternoon because I was too impatient to wait for the elevator. My knees hurt like hell for days after that :l 

 Chipmunk hair again.

I tapped Diana on the shoulder on the way out of class and acted innocent. Lee Hui saw me doing it, so I got busted. Diana yelled "BYEEE MAINEEE!" and I went "Crap! BYEEEE!" This happened on Thursday. The next day, we had our Malaysian Studies class. 

Honestly, I was feeling really frustrated (okaylah, pissed off) about something. Had a private conversation with Eunice after class, and she tried to cheer me up. Rachel forgot to say goodbye, I screeched her name and she came back and gave me a hug. 

Had midterms on Monday for College Study Skills. Nay and I finished our paper an hour early, so we went out to the library and did a happy jig. Diana brought a skateboard (err..a smaller version?) . A few of us went up and down the hallway on it before our IIT class started. Nay was afraid to go on it, so I helped her by making sure she didn't fall down. Once we got in class, Mr Sara called us out in groups of 10 people, showed us the inside of the CPU and explained the parts and functions of it to us. My group was the first to go (the benefits of sitting in front) and we went out of class after less than 30 minutes! With all the extra time on our hands, Nay and I went to the library to chill. 

Class was cancelled on Tuesday, but I went anyway because Rina, Eunice, Nay, (idk where Rach) and I had to write out our treatment for our TV project and outline the plot of it. Spent about an hour in the library doing two summaries for College Study Skills and an additional hour watching videos and reading. 

We presented our treatment on Thursday and got a (somewhat) positive feedback from Ms. Zee. Only had one class so we hung out in Starbucks till 5.30 pm. Lots of Taylorians go to Starbucks to chill, so it can be hard to find a place to sit. Met Amanda there before class, gave her a hug and we talked about how our lives have been so far. Her class only has 9 people, so they're like one huge gang. Kinda jealous, but at least everyone in my class is friendly with each other (except for the one or two odd ducks, maybe) 

Met at 11 am on Friday to write out the draft for our storyboard and make our storyboard for the TV assignment and to discuss the topic we're choosing for our MPU assignment. Was with Nay for about an hour, working on the draft. Rach showed up hungover. Eunice came a little later because she had things to do.

 Asked them "Hey, where's Rina? She's not replying  to the group chat." About 30 minutes later, group gets this text from her "EH. We meeting up today?!" Eunice started laughing and I asked her why. She said "Dude, yesterday when we decided to meet up, I told her 11 am, don't forget! And see what happened.." Oh my gosh... We decided to go for lunch at Snowy Cafe (top place to go if you're hungry and you only have 10 bucks) 

Started a conversation about shopping and all them girly stuff. Eunice introduced me to a few blogshops and we talked about clothing sizes and all. Planning to go shopping soon too. Levy, Nina and Adleen saw us and came up to our table to chat with us for a while. Ivery showed up later on too. Planning to go for the Scholar's Night event next month, it's a masquerade event which sounds exciting. 

Went to class exactly at 2.30 pm. Started taking notes and Mr. Firdaus started the lecture. He got a phone call and had to leave for 30 minutes. Rina and Eunice went out of class. Rach, Nay and I went out for a while, came back and walked around the lecture hall, mostly talking to Diana. After class, I was pretty hyper, talking fast and doing weird stuff which made some people go "Wtf?" like doing a jig and making weird noises when people talked to me. Diana was laughing at me and saying "Wow, you damn drunk when you eat a lot of sweets weyh." Then she hugged me and said "Calm down, calm down. Sugar high sial." She went off to hang out with Adleen, Nina and Levy. Spent some time with Nay and Shreena for a while till I had to wait for the bus. Nay went limp like a rag doll when I hugged her goodbye and I was like "Nay, don't mabuk leh." She just smiled and wandered off, looking really blur. (What happens when a person has gotta wake up early on a Friday)

I actually typed out a rant about something yesterday, but I'm not as upset about it anymore. And I'm trying to avoid being negative, so I probably won't post it. There's also that awful chance where the people in question might stumble across it so it's better not to risk it. 

There's so many activities going on (assignments, hangouts, SAC, retreats, camps, club stuff), sometimes I just want to say eff it, be lazy and not do anything at all. You know that feeling when your mind nags at you for not doing what you're supposed to do or procrastinating? I'm getting nagged at by my own mind almost constantly since I started at university. What happened to lazy me who didn't give a fart? :( 

Uni life is awesome, but I do miss my old friends and life sometimes. Pretty terrified about the second semester because I don't know if I'll have any (close) friends in my journalism course. Almost everyone is in broadcasting so I don't have to worry about that. 

I don't know what else to say anymore, so..till next time! 

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