Finding Myself Again

Hey there!

This post is going to have a mixture of about 3-4 weeks worth of content.

Shameless selfies.
Casual makeup (no eyeliner) in the first pic.
No makeup and stole a beanie from Nelly in the second pic.
Gothic-esque makeup in the last pic with crappy lighting.

(Many weeks ago...)


 I had to skip the ETC retreat last weekend because I got sick while attending the Revo Academy on Saturday. Felt dizzy and couldn't breathe, but I thought it would be better the next day, Annnddd, I woke up with swollen eyes. Bloody weather. My eyes aren't as swollen anymore, but I think I look stoned. Or tired. Urghh.

I met a lot of people in RA who were really friendly and nice. Saw Wee Kye and talked to her about TULC's CF and Revo Campus. Thank you to Esther who ajak-ed me :P The BRT costed RM 4.50, wow. I saw Nick Tan but he didn't know I was there so I kept quiet. I haven't replied to any of his (or anyone else's) Snapchat messages for more than a week (no time with managing the scriptwriting and assignments we have) so yeah, kinda guilty. HAHA.

Credits to: Acts Revo Academy
(Guess who's me?)

At night after dance class.

Someone took a comfy nap in the library :P

Went to Pizza Hut with Mum after coming home from college. Yeeeaayyy,

Lunch that day.
(Yes, I like pasta)

My hair in an somewhat messy bun.

I think I look soulless and creepy here.
Oh well.

I feel overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to do this week. Four assignments (roughly three essays). Video filming when we don't have classes. Helping out at the ETC booth. Buying a new phone. That's not even including social activities (which I don't know if I have time for at all) and church. Oh, and midterms and quizzes. Not sure if I have to start preparing for camp next week either. All the other things like getting a new guitar, learning a new song on the piano, etc has to be put on hold for the time being. I haven't updated my review blog in months too. Sigh. 


We filmed a few scenes for our video! It was a ton of fun. Eunice and I felt like we weren't doing much (hence, me Snapchatting a lot) because my job as a scriptwriter is done and her job as an editor will be done post filming. We have a midterm test tomorrow and have to upload our portfolio platform. There's also three essays that we need to work on.

Hung out with Nay, Nelly, Shern and Nicky after our CCPD tutorial in the library. It was pretty weird because we're from different gangs in class, but it's nice to expand beyond our comfort zone. Nicky found my old blog and wanted me to teach him how to use Blogger's design, so I did. Honestly, I don't remember how I came up the theme and everything. I'm pretty sure I just rojak-ed it. He saw the "I was enchanted to meet you" part and said "You like Taylor Swift?" HAHAH yeah, I do. 


We shot more scenes today! 

Eunice and I were the audio team, I got to play with the interesting audio equipment. My ears hurt like hell afterwards because the production crew and actors kept making loud, weird noises into the mic on purpose. Orang ni jahat sial. There was a scene where Yazmin had to storm off after finding out Aishah lied to her, but she forgot to take her bag when she left so everyone laughed their asses off (and deafened me and Eunice in the process HAHA) The actors improvised their lines. Have to say that Yuya, Ivery, Aiman and Shern were really good at being the cool kids. Video production is a ton of work, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Went to work on Saturday and worked from home on Sunday.


Practiced creating FB banners on Photoshop after taking the IIT tutorial on it :D

When I'm bored and have nothing to do.

I helped out at the ETC booth and made a few new friends! Everyone is really friendly. I should probably start attending club meetings but they always have it on days when I can't make it :( I'm glad that Adleen, Rachel and Wee Kye are in the club. At least, I know some people hahaha. Hoping to make more friends too! Speaking of which, the SHINE camp is this week. Nay and I get to skip class on Friday, yay. I'm quite worried, but also really excited about it. 

I also bought a couple of stickers from the booth to use for my DIY phone casing ideas.
New phone and they gave me a free powerbank! :D
I also bought an extra USB cable.

This is the Mi4i. I almost bought the Redmi 2 but I changed my mind.
I bought the 32GB version for RM899 instead of the 16GB version which costed around RM729 because I read reviews complaining about the lack of space on the 16GB version.
So far, there's no issues with it. I like the interface (I used one of the IOS interface in Themes), 
Had to wait a couple of days to actually use it because I wanted to apply a tempered glass screen protector on it before taking off the plastic protector on it.

Recently started following the Taylor's University Confession Page. Confessions range from professions of love, complaints and admitting how they feel about a certain situation. Is not bad.


I attended the Shine Discovery Session in Pahang! Some parts of it were awfully repetitive to me because I did it during the OMG Camp, and Amanda agreed. I still think that attending it was worth the experience because of the outdoor activities and making new friends.

(All photos taken with my phone)

First person I met was Elaine, we decided to sit together on the bus. She's a sweet person :) I spotted a few people I knew, like Aina (from dance) and Amanda (from OMG). My group was The Duoes. Catherine was my buddy. Chahana and Shu Wei were my group/roommates. Leana, Hazel, Brad, Terry, Lai and Yu Xuan were my other group members. Also met Quinn (Shine Ambassador) who shared the house with me and our other housemates.

I was exhausted and quiet on the first day because I only slept for 4 hours. Nay and I had an assignment to submit on the day we left, I had to print it out and pack my stuff after a full day of classes. 

The second day was the best day. First was jungle trekking which I didn't go for because I couldn't breathe properly during the initial stages of climbing uphill. Met Syazwan, and three other girls who couldn't go up either. Gerald left us alone for about 30 minutes, we spent the time talking and trading stories. Syazwan used the hailer to say " Paging for Mr. Gerald, it's an emergency, we're getting bored." Gerald showed up and took us through a different route. Afterwards, he drove the five of us to where we had to do the extreme challenges. 

My group was one of the first groups to do the Rope Bridge challenge. I was bloody terrified when the guy told us the water is six feet deep, even though we had life jackets. During my turn, my heart was racing and I thought that I couldn't make it a few times. Quinn, Hazel, Shu Wei and the rest of my team who already crossed were cheering me on. I made it to the other side without falling :D Gave back the life jacket and cheered my teammates on while they crossed. The other challenges, the Spiderweb/Laser (where you cross through a jumble of strings) and Building a Bridge (with two planks) were fun but not as exciting. Doing the challenges actually made my team closer, the first day we were all like "I don't know anyone" and "Don't think we'll get close to each other" BUT WE DID. Yeah, I'm proud of you, guys.


I look like crap, but it's okay ;3

With Shu Wei :D

The rope bridge - It's harder than it looks. Mainly due to it being really unstable in some parts.

Room I shared with Kath.

Group mates! :D

Wtf my face :l
With Kath.

Lai and Chahana,

Chahana and Shu Wei (Them buddies)

Lai, Shu Wei, Yu Xuan.

He still hates me for this. HAHA.

The Duoes :3

Sharing session.

I got into the habit of dancing around the room when I'm bored. Quinn is always like "Wtf Maine?" One day, I was dancing and she said, really loudly from the doorway, "WHO IS THAT?" I got a shock and jumped. Chahana said "It's Maine lah, who else." Ouch guys. HAHA.

On Sunday, we had our first and last meal together (we usually sit with our friends from other groups) We shared our opinions of each other. I think Hazel and Leana were the sweet and friendly ones, Chahana was talkative and friendly. Shu Wei was cool and easy to get along with. Lai was the sarcastic and funny one (He made fun of us when we had to climb uphill), Terry and Brad were nice and Yu Xuan and Catherine was just so quiet, but they were nice as well. Mine was that I'm initially quiet but once I open up, I'm sweet and crazy. HAHA. Hazel said I'm like an onion, and I have two different layers. (Credits to Nick Chan for the term: onion) Brad was late (again) and when we saw him, we kept yelling his name. Tried yelling as a group, he still didn't hear until his friend pointed us out to him. It was so funny.

We had a post-SDS session last Friday, I got to catch up with Shu Wei and Lai. I HAPPY. I saw Lai last Wednesday after dance class, and he teman me for the two hours I was waiting for my transport back. Yay for awesome friends! I feel bad though, I asked to see the restaurants in Taylor's so he gave me a tour, hehe.

After dance class.

Filming Mamat and Chin Siew's scenes. 
I'm guiding Nicholas on how to say the words :3

Thanks to Ivery for taking this photo! :D

Eunice and I look so cool. 

With Nayyyy!

The crew looks so serious.

I look so long, what the heck, hahaha.

Rachel, Aiman, me.

Our pants are almost the same color! D: YEAH MICHAEL.

I finally finished my portfolio last Sunday! Yayyy! No more assignments left to do. The last one to submit is the video we've been working on for the past few weeks. We're screening it in class on Thursday, wheee. The video that Nay and I acted in for Nelly's group was a ton of fun to film, but I think my acting is weird. HAHA. 

In our IIT class, we were learning about networks which I learned about in ICT in high school. Mr Sara asked a couple of questions about the "Internet, Extranet, Intranet" and I answered two questions correctly, yay! (Later that week, he asked why Nay and I were so quiet, we said we were tired, haha) 

Filmed with Nelly, Prahveen, Yap, and Joey (I think, or was it someone else?) at DK Senza. It was a ton of work but it was fun.
Laith, Yap, Nelly, Nay, Joey

During the bedroom scene :3

When we're not acting...

We so cute.
I love this lipstick color!

Looking at the dinosaur egg.

Walking around on the rooftop.

Heh heh...sorry Nay.

Filmed my group's video, the final scene in Aspresso. 

With the stylish oneeeee, Rina.

I met Caryn at the train station! We talked about our courses and Rangers for a while before I left :) It was nice to catch up. And she's my senior in Taylor's! I don't know that many people from my city in Taylor's. Haih.

We were filming a couple of scenes.. Nay was sick, so I was there with the crew (Nelly, Prahveen, Yap, Hasanal, JJ, Ken, Nicky) and Laith. During the scene where I was reading a book on animals, I got really excited at the section with cats and improvised my lines.  Instead of "Ughh this is boring." I said "Ohh, cats. More cats. Even more cats. So many cats, I can't even...Oh wait there's no more." I had it down the first time I came up with it. Then, first take. I said "Ohh cats..." and before I could remember the next line, I saw Hasanal laughing soundlessly. I started laughing and everyone exploded laughing. Yap asked "Ehh, why you laughed?" I pointed at Hasanal and said "I saw him laughing." Prahveen pushed him and said "You ah! Hide yo face." So Hasanal hid his face behind his cap. Thankfully, I managed to do it the second time, even though I was trying not to laugh. What lah you guys, why you do this?! HAHA. 

After that take, I went to watch the clip on the camera. Nelly was making funny sounds, like she was trying not to laugh. I smacked Hasanal a couple of times because he started imitating me on the video -.- in a high pitched voice and laughing. Dia tu jahat sial :I

Them guys though. So focused here.
Forgot to introduced JJ (blue) and Ken (grey).

I'M SORRY, I know I look weird, hehhhh.

Laith playing Stitches on the guitar and singing.
I don't remember how to smile. 

Yeeeaahhh, this was a fun day :)

It was a normal day of studying (somewhat short tho) We said goodbye to Miss Judith and gave her a hug after class. It was so sad :( Someone did something to someone and pissed off the entire (almost) class. I have nothing to say about this... (If that someone is reading this, shoo shoo. You know who you are)

What lah, this Nicky.

1. Using Nelly's Snapchat account.
2. At the train station!

All dark shirts :3

This my Nay friend!

Laith got styleeee.


I swear I'm wearing pants!
Messing around on Hasanal's Macbook. I helped him with editing an assignment and he felt guilty, so he offered to belanja makan next time. Prahveen also offered, but I don't know why (I didn't do anything for him, HAHA) You guys are awesome. #freefood I still feel guilty when people do nice things for me. You guys *sniff*..
Nicky was saying it's not fair that girls' legs are hairless because he hates his hairy legs. LOL.

From left: me, Hasanal, Prahveen, Nelly.

I used Hasanal's and Nelly's phone (as well as my own) to stalk Prahveen when he told me I should be more active on Instagram and liked all his photos. I did the same with Hasanal and Nelly, but I spammed their Snapchat stories also :D They convinced me to post a photo so I did. Hmmph.

Setting up the scene.

We lepak in between scenes.

Poor Nelly, haha.

Friends since Day 1 :3

Trading "you comel" with Aiman and he sent this XD
I was chatting with Aiman and Hasanal (after he sleep -.-) on Nelly's phone, I felt bad for draining her battery so I plugged her phone in my powerbank.

On Nelly's Snapchat.

This is me being perasan.

I think that's Hasanal's phone, HAHA, sorry I dropped it once :(

I look hideous here, but I had to post this. 
This is me with Prahveen, my 'twin' because we look alike. HAHA.

Look how Nicky is sitting, heh heh heh. (Sorry sorry)

Guys, don't leave me alone with your phones :S

That "Orang kata apa?" is a phrase from our MPU lecturer, Mr Firdaus. We're not making fun of him, we just like saying it now :3

I kinda feel sorry for Hasanal and Nelly, we really messed with their Snapchat stories.

My finals are next week (if I haven't mentioned that already) and I feel so unprepared, especially for Mass Communication :( And I'm sick and feeling like crap. I was actually excited to study over the weekend, but now I feel like sleeping all day. 

Something changed in me over the past few weeks. I'm not afraid to initiate conversations with people anymore (not even the cute guys, HAHA, I joke, but really) It's surprising how easy it is to talk to you guys even though we aren't talking about anything significant, just teasing and joking around. Sometimes we're not even talking, just laughing and giving out free hugs. There are some people that I avoid talking to because we don't get along or have anything to say to each other or I feel like they don't want to talk to me.

It's always been a struggle for me to open up to people and be comfortable with them. It's been like that for most of my life. I tend to stick to the same friends, hold on to old friends until they shake me off, and not talk to someone unless they talk to me first. I'm afraid that I'll fall back into the same old habits, but I'm really trying not to. I noticed that people like me more when I'm not quiet and keeping to myself. I feel idiotic sometimes, when I laugh too much or make stupid jokes, but I don't think anyone else thinks I'm being dumb and I don't care if they do.

I think the problem was that I always felt like my friends were far more interesting, friendly and easier to get along with, so I never thought it was worth trying to be like them. I didn't realize then that I just had to be myself. So what if people think I'm annoying, air-headed or boring? It's better than trying to impress everyone or not bothering to do anything about talking to other people at all. 

I'm happier this way. And I feel so *eh not bad words* *censored* free.

I honestly thought that I would be alone during university life. HAHA, I expected the worst and I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't happen. Better than getting my hopes up and being crushed. 

I don't know why my class is so big on hugs but I really like it. Of course, we can only hug our friends lah, not approach a random person and smother them with a hug. 

Or just sneakily hug people who are already hugging.

Anyway, class is going to start in a couple of hours so,.till next time!


Ms Zee loved our acting HAHAHA.

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