End Of First Semester

Hey there!

Last Week:

Finals week was rough. Everyone was stressed out (well, almost everyone) and had their nose stuck in their notes before/after every exam. HAHA. The first paper was Malaysian Studies, in the Grand Hall. It was so damn cold, everyone got out of there as fast as they could. I was glad that I studied the night before and in the early morning, the paper wasn't as hard as I expected it to be. Felt so sick and feverish but I wanted it to be over and done with.

I forced myself to study whenever I had free time, although it was so tempting to distract myself by chatting with someone or watching a video :l I wake up at 6-7 am to study, and I write out all the important notes by hand the night before. I feel like I don't learn much just by reading the slides. Not going to make the mistake of never (occasionally, I did)  taking notes next semester. I always leave the exam hall as fast as I can because it's too cold there, aiyoh, whyyyy.

I kinda miss the days when my friends were the rajin ones, and I was like "Eh, whatever lah, pass only also can." because now, I've done a complete 180. And some of my friends are like, "Aiyah, can one can one.." OMG GUYS. I don't expect amazing results, but I want to feel like I had, at least put in as much effort into getting the best results I can. I was sick (headache, flu, sore throat) and in a pretty bad mood on Monday. Got better but was still sick on Tuesday. But on Wednesday, I felt a lot better, but I was stressed out about taking two exam papers in one day.

Studied in the library. Nicky saw us, I sprayed Rachel's body mist on him and annoyed him. He responded by taking my bag and walking away -__-  There were a group of Chinese school students walking around, and we (Nay, Rach, I) made him talk to them. Nicky is sort of like the adik of the class. It's fun to bully him, HAHA. Spotted a few of our friends wandering around the library, Yi Min, Adleen, Eunice, Rina, Yazmin, etc.

After our Mass Communication exam, we (Adleen, Nicky, Nelly, Nay, Shern, Aiman, Wern Ni etc) finished our paper around the 30 minutes mark and did the "OMG GUYS IT'S OVER, WE'RE FREE." story telling and discussed how crappy (no lah, I joke) the paper was. Hugged a couple of people who had to leave goodbye. Nay had to go, so we hugged (idk why, we still hanging out over the break HAHA) and said goodbye.

Nelly, Nicky and I decided to hang around campus for a while before going back. (Since three of us and Prahveen take the bus after class everyday) Spotted Prahveen, Hasanal, Quinton, Aiman and Yap and went up to them. Levy, Adleen, Rachel and Nina appeared soon after so we started talking to them. We took some girls only photos at the white wall. Then we dragged the guys along (just kidding, they joined us willingly) and took photos with them :3

I know it's only going to be three weeks but I'm going to miss their faces so much! :( I'm worried about being the only girl in journalism course (as far as I know anyhow) I know that Prahveen, Shern, Aiman will be there but omg, really..whhyyyyyy. I NEED MY GIRLFRIENDS.

Class photo with Miss Siva! :)

Lee Hui, Hui Ling and Aiman were taking a selfie. 
The rest of us jumped in, saying "WAIT, INCLUDE ME ALSO!" 
And this happened.

Nelly, Me, Adleen, Nina, Levy.
The famous white wall in Taylors :)

Don't know why it looks so hazy :(
But yeayyy, hey guysss.

The hardest part about being on semester break, is having most of my friends in different cities, still studying or having exams and I just miss being around my university/high school/ex-church friends. Planning to meet up with some guys from high school over the weekend. I don't want to disturb them because they're having exams or busy but they want to..so yay? HAHA I FEEL SO BAD THO. 

I've started reconnecting with old friends from high school. It's strange because some of the people I'm talking now, I never thought I would miss so much when we go our separate ways BUT I DO. And there's that one friend who I barely spoke to during our last two years in high school, despite being in the same class, that I'm talking to again now. I just hope we can still stay friends without any of the past drama creeping up on us again. 


First thought:
Some of my friends have been pointing out that I flirt a lot, especially over text. 
Actually, I can't even deny that. It's kinda, sorta true.
When I'm drunk and friendly, I tend to write/say things to make people laugh, that can be misinterpreted as flirting. Of course, sometimes, I REALLY am flirting. But just playfully. But I think people know that I'm joking around. I'm not the most serious person in text conversation.

For example's sake: I was chatting with a friend and I told him "You know I don't always respond to my messages on time, and I'm lazy when it comes to keeping contact with people... but if you need me, just call me anytime and I'll answer because it's you." 

Does that sound friendly/supportive or flirty?! I don't even know. HAHA. #omgdielahme #socialinteractionsarenotmyforte

Second thought:
I asked some of my friends to tell me (honestly) their first impression of me. Almost everyone said "Well, I thought you were kinda lansi/sombong. But when we got closer, I realized that you're not really like that." I'm not offended. I know it's true. It's hard to let my guard down around people I don't know very well, but I've been making an effort to be friendlier and to talk more when I can. 

It's just that sometimes, I can't think of anything to say. Haihh. Also, with some people, I feel like they'll judge me for being me. I mean, the crazy, drunk side of me which I try to hide. It's hard to choose not to care about what people think about me. Although, it does sting to be thought of as unfriendly. Sigh. I'm still happy that I've managed to open up to most of the people I met recently. Surprisingly, I managed to hold on to some old friends that I assumed would forget about me as well. Hmm. 

Final thought:
I'm glad that I chose to study Communications. Even though I'm not a chatterbox, I'm still not as socially stunted as I used to be. (Albeit, still socially awkward in some aspects) I love writing essays, doing research, making videos and almost everything I have learned, I enjoyed thoroughly. Also, my course mates are great and friendly people who are easy to get along with! :D No regrets. I think I have a lot more to learn about making friends and being more open, but I've made considerable progress in that aspect too, so I guess I'll keep on trying :) I'm also somewhat amazed at the fact that I'm not lazy about my studies anymore. Probably because there's more at stake this time. HAHA. I honestly didn't give a shit in high school, which I regret (a bit lah) now.

On a different note, I can't wait to hang out with my friends and go on a trip or two. It's so boring to be at home now because I don't have anything to do :( Besides learning new songs on the piano, relearning old songs on the piano, going out for meals, wandering around malls and sleeping. Haihh. Inactivity is awful.

I should have posted this last week, but I was just too lazy to finish writing it, so umm, tada? :3

Till next time!

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