It's Almost Time go back to university. 

Hey there!

I love the skies after it rains.
The clouds look demn fluffy.

My attempts to be conceited on Snapchat.
Narcissus would be proud HAHA. he's probably too busy admiring his reflection tho #greekmyths
I really want to chop my hair off, but I can't let go of the convenience of tying/bunning it up :(

Semester break is going to be over in about 6 days (?...I sorry, my maths is very bad). I'm excited, but nervous to go back to uni. I feel like the long break really rusted my brains -.- I just found out my results for last semester, and IT WASN'T AS BAD AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. But I think I could have done better than that. Overall, I'm satisfied :)

Factors that were a problem in doing assignments and during finals last semester:
  • Being sick during finals.
  • Last minute note-taking (or studying?)
  • Conflicting schedules when doing group assignments.
  • Not being able to create the exact video we wanted due to time constraints or lack of equipment.
I guess it's one of the things I have to be aware of next semester so I can work my way around it. 

I realized that one important factor in choosing group members or a partner for assignments, is not choosing because that person just so happened to be there but because you know that he/she is the sort to do their part of the work instead of freeloading or not doing it properly. I feel like when a problem does arise once you've already chosen a group member or partner, you need to figure out a way to tactfully discuss the situation and resolve the issues that arise. With that being said, it's hard because some people take it as a personal insult, no matter how you phrase it so you avoid bringing it up at all. 

If you know you have certain weaknesses, please at least try to work on them because what you do affects everyone else. If you're doing an individual assignment, I say: to hell with it, do what you like. You fail, your problem la. But it's selfish if you let down the people who are relying on you to uphold your share of responsibilities. Personally, I know I have my faults. I have a tendency to be lazy and procrastinate. But I made a somewhat successful attempt to overcome it because I know I'd be pissed at myself for letting everyone else down if I don't do my part. If I'm pissed off enough, I will tell you very frankly, exactly what I think of you (thankfully, hasn't happened yet!) in a very smack-your-face kinda way. 

I'm thankful that I have yet to encounter a group member or partner like that. This is for the people who had to suffer because of them. Yeah, I know you have other obligations. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. What do you come to university for? You're paying thousands of dollars (well, your parents la) to slack around and screw with other people's grades? Just cause you don't give a damn about your studies, it don't mean that everyone else doesn't care about theirs at all. 

Some of us come from poor families, or are on scholarships, it's extremely important for us to do well in our studies. (Rich students also lah, but their circumstances aren't so desperate..) If you think learning to be an adult is just about graduating, getting a decent job, having your own house and car, you have no clue what life is about. Growing up also means learning to be a responsible, independent and functioning human being who cares about people other than yourself. Life lessons. Don't they matter anymore? 

Haihhh. I just needed to rant for a bit. 

On a happier note, I noticed that throughout my life, I've been drawn to people I want to emulate (meaning: be like) Almost all of my friends have the following characteristics: friendly, crazy fun, hardworking, charismatic, humble, genuine and personable. I say almost, cause I turned some of them into lazyass bums HAHAHA. Just kidding, it's more cause some are the quieter (but still friendly) types. You guys inspire me to be more than I am ;')

Nay: The reason why I managed to get all the questions about Ministers in our Malaysian Studies paper right :D #lovethisgirl #shesorajin #untilsheinspiremetoberajinalso

Snapchat Struggles: 
I get so frustrated with Snapchat sometimes when I'm using it on my phone. The camera quality is awful, and when I try to record a long snap, the video turns out really laggy and low res. It's (sort of) okay for photo snaps. Holy potato pot pie, I cannot :( It works great on my iPod, but I need data for that and I have to turn on my hotspot also, haih. I've actually been too lazy to Snapchat what I do everyday because the things I do require a ton of concentration (try organizing or learning a piano piece while holding your phone, HAHA) or my friends are like "NO, Maine. Put your phone away." Heh, okay. I'm too lazy to take photos for my blog, so I copypasta from Snapchat :3 #sorrybutlazinessisbliss

One of my biggest fears is getting addicted to social media. Not so much the glamour of it, but the feeling of validation and thinking someone cares is extremely tempting even though it's not real. Also semi-related, I'm still glad that I've been blogging for years. (I deleted the blog I had in 2008-2011, because it was so damn embarrassing..Preteen years, not even once) My old blog has a shit ton of memories in it and I talked about how I felt/what I thought about life. It's interesting to see how much things have changed since then. (And how I've changed since then) 

Talking with my dad about getting portable WiFi or a constant data plan because I'm using daily passes now. HAHA. I haven't gotten a constant data plan because I rely a lot on public WiFi or my house's (cause it's free, hehe). 

Went out a couple of times. Worked a bit. Wasted a ton of money (.__.) Had to postphone a trip to Christmas holidays because our schedules didn't line up. When I'm at home, I get cleaning fits and organize everything.

1. Got rid of all the clothes which I've never worn (going to donate it to charity)
2. Arranged everything by categories (I didn't arrange by color/pattern cause I know future me will mess it up) Like skirts/jeans/leggings/dresses/tops/outerwear. Formal/casual wear/pajamas.

Also cleaned out my stash of random crap (E.g. hair stuff, floral crowns, coin collection, makeup) and cleaned the room. I'm planning to clear out some shelves later this week if I have time. Ian asked "What kind of nutcase cleans for fun?"

Mum was pleased about it though. She gave me RM100 for taking the initiative HAHA. Oh, and I went to SS15 just to eat with my brothers...Didn't have to pay for my own food :3

It's nearly impossible for me to laze around :( If I'm not productive, I get moody and eat a lot.

I've also been trying to learn two new songs on the piano. It's hard because my cats keep pushing me off the piano stool to nap there -.- Not literally, but they jump up when I'm playing and meow incessantly. Haih, 

Bought a glittery top from H&M for RM 24.90 and a shadow/liner stick from Sephora for RM40.
This doesn't include the snacks I got at Cold Storage when I got hungry. HAHA. 
I bought other things last week and the week before, but I kinda forgot what it was and where I placed it. 
OH WAIT. I remember buying a dress for RM35 at Nichii. I can't resist sales..haih.
Mockingjay pins from xjanevex on Instagram.
They couldn't ship it out on time, and offered to refund my money, but I said it's okay, just take your time. Anddddd, they gave me a free set of mockingjays <3 which I'm selling to Eunice because I don't need so many mockingjays .__. 

Don't trust me with food coloring..Honestly, scared to eat this now HAHA. 

 Yeahhh.. I bought the sunglasses (.-.) now I need contacts.

Midvalley with Nelly. She's as Snapchatty as me, so we kinda went overboard with it.

Caption: So close, yet so far away
 (it's our phrase for when we're waiting on opposite sides of the tracks)
I'm not sure if people even noticed our reflections on the sunglasses tho, hahaha.

IKEA is opening in Cheras. Probably going to go to the housewarming party..hopefully I can eat da food *_* Planning to watch Our Times with Ann on Friday, heh. We live in the same neighborhood but we're usually too busy to hang out because our schedules clashes.

I'm feeling lazy and hungry now, so I'm gonna go out to eat! 

Till next time :)

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