Second Semester: Week One

Hey there!

I'm sorry I can't think of a title for this one. Decided to make it as basic as possible.

Second semester just started, and guess what? We only have two days of classes this week -_- well, except for PR students who have three days. There was a lot of confusion about whether we have a certain class or not. 

The Weekend Before:
Family decided to go to IKEA on Sunday. I wore the comfiest clothes I could find, because I wanted to nap in the car. HAHA. Ry couldn't go because he went to work, but we tapau-ed Nandos for him anyway. Shim was there with his family, and his sister saw me (but didn't say hi, huhu) He said I'm stalking him, wtf. HAHA. YOU WISH, MAN. Met him at Tesco a few days ago..confirmed, he's stalking me -.- 

Anyway, we went to eat Nandos. I likeeeeeee chicken. 

And we walked around IKEA afterwards. Dad was like "Don't buy anything ahhh." to me because he knew I'd be the one to grab stuff, make a puppy face and beg him to get it. But guess what? I didn't BUY one single thing....except for ginger cookies and curry puffs. 

Almost couldn't resist getting this. I LOVE SOFT, FLUFFY TOYS. 

My dad said he'd get it for me for Christmas if he remembers but he won't get it now, huhu. 

I'm not even ashamed to admit I still sleep with soft toys, HAHA. I just cannot, I need something to hug in my sleep and ain't no cats are allowed on my bed. 

If not a soft toy, then a fluffy pillow. The reason why I hardly ever get proper rest in camps, is lack of things to hug when I sleep -__- Since we carry our stuff everywhere when we're setting up the tents, crossing streams and etc, it has to be just the necessities and no bulky random items. I'm thankful that I don't go for camps anymore, but I do miss it sometimes. Nothing beats waking up in the morning in the woods and pranking/being pranked by other camp mates. 

Lack of sleep had me looking like someone stole my cookies.

Went out on Saturday, just to chill at a cafe and read.
I really like it when it rains...just not when I'm outside, walking in the rain -_-
But sitting inside a cafe or being at home when it rains, makes it feel like a perfect time to relax. 
I always feel like I have to do something productive when the weather is sunny -.-

Organized notebooks for this semester. 
It's kinda plain, but I prefer it this way.
If there's a bunch of patterns and fancy font, it'll be harder to know which notebook is for what.

First day: Monday
Snapchatting the way home.
I like this dress, but the top part looks like a garbage bag sometimes, HAHA. It's so baggy.
The new bus isn't as comfortable as the old one, but it's brighter and looks spacious.

 Bottom half of my dress + Combat boots = Love it tho it's weird.

I was feeling cranky on Monday cause I had a restless sleep the night before. You know, when you fall asleep but you feel like you stayed up all night? Or when you wake up at weird intervals and can't sleep soundlessly? I hate it when that happens. 

I was early on Monday too. Said hi to Jessica and Yi Min, and hugged Levy. Nay came shortly after, we hugged and talked till class started. Visual communication's outline looks interesting but I bet it'll be tough. Mr. Edward started teaching us on some parts of Photoshop. It was pretty fun. Lingered in class for a while afterwards, to pass out hugs to Rina and Rachel, then say goodbye to everyone since we only had that one class that day.

After class, Nay teman-ed me to Arisan and I got some fried chicken :3 She went back, and I went to wait for the bus. Reached the stop exactly when the bus arrived. I think the bus driver's still trying to get used to the new route, cause he's kinda blur from what I observed. When I reached the train station, I was about to line up for a ticket when I remembered I had a Touch&Go card -_- Why was I so blur that day? Haihh. Also, almost forgot to go out at my stop because I was looking outside the windows. And nearly forgot to call for transport before I reached. If I could have smacked myself, I would have, but I was too busy eating chicken. HAHA. 

Got home, ate lunch while watching the latest episode of The Flash. I feel like it gets a little cheesy at some parts, and I laugh when it's supposed to be sad but overall, I enjoy watching it. I like the Arrow too, but Season Three was an absolute mess -_- Season Four got a lot better, but it's still not my favorite show, haha. I fell asleep when the episode ended. Annnddddd overslept and missed a movie date. Eurghhh, sorry I feel so bad. HAHAHA. #pleasedontkillme #ireallyamsorry. To be honest, I really enjoyed that nap (.__.) I'm a crappy friend. Smack me please.

Second Day: Tuesday
Eyebag game was strong that day.
My sleeping schedule is out of whack :(

I arrived half an hour early. Only Nay and Imran were in class, everyone else came around 8am. So Nay and I just talked until class started. Our first class was Media Law and Ethics, we were introduced to it by Mr. Kannan. I think this is going to be one of the harder courses, there's a lot of information to learn and remember. Gave Eunice a hug, then she hugged Nay (who was sitting down) and it was a weird three-people-hugging-but-not-really kinda hug after that. Also hugged Nelly after class, HAHA. Okay, maybe I hug people too much (.-.)

Most of us went to the Communication school's office to inquire about the inconsistency between our assigned timetable and the information on the portal telling us about the classes we didn't have. I wasn't sure if we (Shern, Prahveen, me) had journalism class at 2 pm. The lady said we did. *sniff sniff* Which meant that us journalism students had to stay back till 2 since our second class at 10 am to 12 pm was cancelled. 

I told Prahveen and he was like "Hmm okay." When I told Shern, he was like "WHYYY NOOO, HOW CAN THIS BE? NOOOOOO." My reaction was somewhere between resignation and being grumpy about it. I thought about skipping class, but I'd honestly feel guilty as hell if I did.

Tagged along with Nelly, Wern Ni, Nicky, Prahveen and Yap for brunch/breakfasty-lunch. I didn't have much appetite, so I just ordered roti canai and Milo Ais which arrived freakily fast. It literally landed on my table moments after I placed my order. Everyone else is used to eating at the mamak but I'm not, so it still comes as a shock to me.

I tapped on Wern Ni's phone cover, and she looked at me like 
and asked me if I'm okay.

I'm not sure who said it first but Nicky and I were doing the "FISSHHYY." thing. Yap asked what "Fishy" even means, but I can't tell him because I have no idea how I came up with that one. One of my old high school friends said I always come up with the weirdest things that has no meaning behind it. Like creating or co-creating nicknames for people like Dapple, Cookie buddy, Fluffy bunny, Fishcake, etc. And calling tall people trees last year. We used to curse with random fruits or object names too. *wipes tears from eyes* I miss those crazy days of high school. The "High on oxygen" and "Drunk on Chinese tea" goes back years ago though. "Hanging from a tree" is relatively new too :3

I feel sorry for the next person to get a weird nickname from me, but also a sense of evil glee.

We had about 4 hours left to kill before Prahveen and I had class, so we gave ourselves a tour around campus. Went to one of the nicest lecture theatres in the university and tried to enter another one but there was a class going on so we didn't. After that, we went up to the eighth floor and peered at the moot court and classrooms there. Nelly and Wern Ni went back afterwards. I went with Prahveen and Yap to laze around the couches/chairs/seats(?) in Block A.

We spend the time, sharing stories about this and that. There was still more than 3 hours left to kill. Prahveen called someone (or someone called him? I don't know) at one point.

I sneakily snapped it.


He suddenly held out the phone to me. I looked at the phone, then looked at him, confused and asked "Who is that?" He said "It's Hasanal." I was like "Ohh okay...*suspicious look*" Then I said "Hello? it's me." (Joking about that Adele reference, I wish I thought of saying the lyrics though. Next time tho, next time.) 

He replied "Eh, who is this?" I got really excited because it was the perfect opportunity to troll him. Sadly I failed at that cause I couldn't keep a straight face when I did it -__- I answered "I'm uhhh.. Prahveen's s-sister." Couldn't say anything else after that cause I dissolved into a fit of silent laughter. I laughed even harder when he said "....Prahveen got a sister meh?" and had to give the phone back to Prahveen because I was dying of laughter at that point. He sounded so confused, I CANNOT.

So I guess, he asked Prahveen "Eh, who is that lah?" and Prahveen told him it was me. When he gave the phone back to me, my laughter almost subsided so I could actually talk again. I said "Hello?" and he said "Ehh, hiiiii." It was kinda difficult focusing on the conversation since Prahveen was commenting on it and I was still trying not to die from laughter. 

Hasanal was in the hospital (and still is..#afaik). I asked him how he was and "How did you end up in the hospital?" He told me he had a high fever. At the same time, Prahveen said "Drugs." WTF PRAHVEEN, HAHAHA. So I relayed Prahveen's comment to him, and Hasanal said "Yeah yeah, I took a lot of drugs here." WTF GUYS, HAHAHA. (Sort of paraphrased some parts because I can't remember the exact conversation, only the context)

I said "Hmm, it's okay, Prahveen will visit you and bring chicken soup." He said something like "Oh really ah, so nice. Tell him to bring *his-"best friend's" name* and McDonalds also." I said "Can can, we'll drag him along and ask him to hold your hand and teman you for the rest of time you're there." 

Spoiler: That person is not really his best friend. HAHA. I think those who know the people I'm talking about will know who I mean. I ain't gonna write that person's name here cause I don't know who reads my blog.

Gave the phone back to Prahveen a while later. Checked the time, still about 2+ hours left before class. I got a phone call and had to run around campus to run some errands. Went back, sat down, talked for a while and we decided to grab lunch at 12.30 pm. 

Only ate nuggets. I wasn't really hungry, I just need to eat something.

Said goodbye to Yap about an hour later, and we went to class. The lecturer wasn't there yet, so I Snapchat-stalked Prahveen and sent photos of him to Nelly and himself. He did the same to me in retaliation and sent photos of me to Hasanal and me. THAT'S HOW BORED WE WERE. Shern was killing time by reading a book...and I'm not sure what Shreena was doing.

Fifteen minutes later, we were like "Ehh, is there class or not?" and saying we stayed back for nothing if the lecturer didn't come, but thankfully, she did. She apologized for being late and introduced herself. She asked us to introduced ourselves to her, so we did. She went through the coursework outline. It looked pretty okay to me, in comparison to Media Law, anyhow, hehh. Created a Facebook group for our course too. She mentioned the possibility of a trip to Melaka to see a printing press. OMG YESSS PLEASSEEE.

After class ended, I still had to stay back to settle some issues which I needed my dad for, and he arrived about 4.40 pm or so. Finally resolved the issues. There was a Nescafe stand in the foyer, I bought a coffee for dad, along with a pack of Caramel Latte packets, mug and a box of a mug, packets of creamer and coffee, foam maker cause they didn't have change for bigger notes. He paid me back though, heheh. 

Reached home around 6 pm and thanked God that I don't have class for the rest of the week. I'm supposed to go for dance class today, but I don't have transport, haihh. 

Anyways, till next time!

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