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Written from Wednesday (9.12.2015) to Sunday (13.12.15)

Not much to write about this week... I was working on an essay based on an article (turns out we don't need to do it anymore, since none of us, journalism students knew how to), preparing for a presentation, and going out way too much. I felt exhausted and a little stressed out for the past few days, which resulted in me not being able to remember much about what happened. I get extremely forgetful when I don't have enough sleep (.__.)

I went shopping on Sunday for more than 5 hours straight. Now I understand what 'shop till you drop' means. It was exhausting, I cannot. And I'm going up to KL on Friday too , huhu. I need my rest.

I don't remember what happened on Monday AT ALL.. wait, I went to Pizza Hut to eat. It was okay, but kinda pricey HAHA. Pizza slices tho, I love 'em.

In our media law class, we had to do an exercise based on what we learned the day before. I partnered with Nay (as always) and we finished it considerably fast.

Prahveen and I went to the library after lunch with the guys (I was hungry all morning, then I got stomach cramps and there went my appetite -_-). We were supposed to work on our essay, which we did but we starting talking about other stuff, like where we usually eat at uni and our classmates (in a positive way tho. Mostly about how we met the people we became friends with) I kesian him because he had to put up with me saying "I don't wanna do this essay anymoreeeee." for more than 5 times. HAHA. In the end, Ms. Joethi said we didn't have to do it and asked us to answer some questions the next day based on the article she gave us. Prahveen went to meet his broadcasting partner after class, so I said goodbye and left.

I went to get some fried chicken before heading back because I felt hungry andddd.. I managed to get to the bus on time. Prahveen called while I was on the bus and said "Hey, are you on the bus?" I said "Errmm, yeah?" I thought he would have spent a longer time talking to his partner HAHA. Or else I would have teman-ed him. He was like "Crap, I just missed it. Noooooo." Which meant he had to wait 30 minutes for the next one (._.) Kesian the poor guy.

And....that's all I remember. I was seriously out of it all week :l

I was still in a zombielike state even though I slept for 8 hours the night before. It was a fun day today though.

I thought that I would be late for class. I was rushing (as fast as I could, in heels anyway. Oh god, I hate heels even though they look great) I saw Adleen and Nina, then Hasanal and Quinton walking behind them, so I smiled and waved.

Hasanal yelled (okay, said? I don't know if it counts as yelling if it wasn't that loud. HAHA) something like "Hey, lenglui!" I was like "WTF. HAHAHA." I wonder sometimes if them guys even know what some Chinese words they're saying means because Prahveen thought "lenglui" meant just "girl" and we (geng bas sekolah) explained what it really meant to him.

I feel uncomfortable when people call me pretty because I still see myself like I used to be back when I was a 15-year old girl who was quiet (still am), awkward (kinda?), pimply face (still got, but people don't point it out cause makeup HAHA), with crooked teeth (yeah lah memang) and a flabby stomach (gone already. thank you Lord) . I'm still all of those things but people don't seem to realize or care (._.) I wouldn't say that I'm insecure because in a way, I've come to accept the way I am, but I'm certainly not blind to my flaws. In terms of looks and personality, there's a lot of things I could improve about myself but I'm just too lazy to.
This is me, hehe.
I appreciate the compliment, guys, even if I find it hard to believe it.
I don't know why, but somehow I feel like if I say "Thank you!" or "Yeah I know." It's very perasan, like I'm saying "Yeah bitch, I'm fabulous." HAHA.

Journalism class started late, and ended early. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing, cause we have to wait for our friends in Advertising to finish their class so we can go and eat together..and we spent a lot of time doing nothing useful, heh. Prahveen asked me why my eyes look like a cat's. OH THANK YOU :D At least I know my eyeliner not cacat. HAHA. The funny thing is Ry said the same thing that morning.

Chilled in the class for 30-40 minutes, while waiting for our friends. I forgot whether this happened before or after class started. Prahveen asked me if I wished Hasanal happy birthday.. I said "Oh yeah ah, no I haven't yet!" so I sent him a snap saying Happy Birthday. Prahveen got on the phone with Hasanal to wish him happy birthday. I was laughing at him (snickering, really) because he smiles a lot when he's on the phone with Hasanal. #bromancegoals #sosweetlahyouguys #nothingreallygayaboutit #itsareferencetoasongbtw.

Prahveen passed the phone to me and whispered "Say happy birthday to Hasanal."

Me: Oh okay. Hello?

Him: Hey...Who is this? (dude, I know you know it's me. HAHA. WHO ELSE COULD IT BE? Oh wait..never mind ._.)

Me: Umm, this is Prahveen 2.0 speaking. I wish I was better at lying. BUT I'M NOT.

Him: Oh really ah, hi hi.

(I don't properly recall what happened in between because Shern was asking me something and I was answering him while trying to keep track of the conversation) 

Him: Did you hear me calling you lenglui just now?

Me: Huh? No..Oh wait, yeah I did, I did.

Him: Say thank you lah. (Oh, so he does know what it means. HAHA Now I feel rude)

Me: Okay lah, THANK YOU. Oh happy birthday by the wayyyy.

(Talked a bit more before I passed the phone back to Prahveen so I could make fun of him again.. I joke, I just laugh, I don't judge people's bromances, heh.)

Advertising class finally finished, so we went to wait for them outside the library. I don't know why everyone looked so shocked to see me, I've worn the dress I wore before. Maybe it's because I've never worn high heels (only one inch though) until now. My feet size is like 5 1/2 and it's damn hard to find shoes that are a size in between 5 and 6... haihh. Initially planned to eat with the mamak gang, but they wandered off while I was talking to the girls. I wasn't sure if I should join them (I still malu okay, and I knew someone had a devious plan to tease me about something) so I went off with Nay to look for something else to eat. (I'M SORRY. I'll join you guys next week. HAHA don't hate me pls :O) 

Prahveen called and ask where I was, I was like "Oh crap." and went to the mamak to tell him I'd be eating at Pizza Cottage since we haven't been there in a while. I don't mind eating mamak food, even every day but I had a ridiculous Italian food craving this week. I still want to eat pizza now. Resisting temptation to order pizza :(  I wished Hasanal happy birthday for the third time (I felt it was rude not to say it in person) and said "Bye, see you guys later!" to everyone.

Hanging around outside class with Nay and Shern, to talk about the presentation we were going to do for that class. Nay and I were hugging, Shern was like "Oh my god, why do girls like to hug so much?" We were like "Don't jealous okay. Hugs are awesomeeee." We saw Terry and Ariel, and waved. I actually yelled at Terry because he didn't see me. He turned around and  his expression was like "Oh it's you." And waved back. I saw Chahana, Nabila and A today too.

During our presentations, Nay and I noticed something in Shern's photo and asked him (when he sat down) "Hey, isn't that...." He went "Oh shit! Don't say anything. You guys better take that secret to your graves." So okay, I won't. HAHA. But WE KNOW, SHERN. WE KNOW. Nicky's presentation was SO CUTE. But memang lah Nicky. With some of them, like Hasanal, Nay and Yi Min, I was like "Wah they so confident sial." I was nervous, but I think my voice was loud enough and I didn't slur, so yayy.

 I think everyone did a good job, considering the fact that this is our first time. I gave a pep talk to anyone I saw who looked nervous and showed some thumbs up sign or "Fishy" to a few. I went to the back of the class when it ended to hug Levy and talk to her. Then I saw Yi Min making funny faces and said "Oh gosh, why you so cute wan?" and hugged her. Nina said "So no hug for me? Okay *sad face." I laughed and hugged her.

Maine, stop hugging people!

Everyone was like "We MUST take photos today." So we did. 

The girls be like....

With Aishah, Adleen, Levy, Nay, Eunice, Rina, Nina, Nelly, Yi Min, Jessica and Wern Ni.

11 people skipped class today, and some left earlier so there's more people who aren't in the photos at all.

Everyone looks amazinggggg. <3
Before the photo was taken, someone (Nay? Levy?) said "Hey, let's hold each other's leg!" 
Me, at the back "Say what?!"

From front + left: Rina, Eunice, Nicky, Nelly, Aiman, Nay, Wern Ni, Hasanal, Yap, Prahveen, Quinton, me
Is it just me or do Quinton and I look related? I think it's our wide smiles and spectacles. HAHA. AND HAIR ALSO.
Why is Prahveen looking to one side? HAHAHA.
I had to literally drag Wern Ni into the photo. Don't so shy girl, you know we love you -__-

You guys are the best :3

When we left the classroom, we went our separate ways. Nay and I went to SLC, but got hungry so we went to eat and change our clothes. Went back to SLC, I watched a video while she slept. Aina came and joined us, and Lin came a while later. 

I went outside to walk around for a while, saw Nelly and Wern Ni. Talked to them and hugged them goodbye before they left to go on the bus. 

Eunice and Rina came and hung out with us for a while. (Cheese joined our dance class, yayyy! We've been asking her to since last semester) So we Snapchatted ourselves going a little crazy in the SLC. I don't know how I keep forgetting how tiring dancing can be. It's a ton of fun, but it's also a ton of work :( Even warm ups are insane, we're sweating from a 10-20 minute warm up session.

I regret wearing heels, because my toes started to cramp like mad when I was dancing but I didn't stop because I really wanted to learn the choreography. Our current song is "Back Together" by Robin Thicke. And guess what? We danced for about 2 and a half hours with short 5 minute breaks in between to drink water and rest. I could barely walk after that, but it was WORTH IT. Even when we were dancing, I had to stop for a moment because my toes hurt like hell. Overall, it was a fun day. I'm so so glad that Thursday is our day off.

Hung out with Joy when I went down to KL :)
Long time no see her..I think the last time was during El Elyon 2015. HAHA.

People used to think that we were twins, but I don't understand why.
I have small eyes, she has big eyes (o_O)

Had extra time on our hands before going back, so we headed down to Midvalley.
I can really feel the Christmas spirit :D I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR.

Ry and I.
I look hideous here, but I don't care. hehe.
I have an even more hideous photo of me and Ian, but he made me swear on my grave to never post it anywhere online. So yeah... I don't look like my brothers at all (._.)

This is the most basic I can go. HAHA.

Hanging out with Joy reminded me of how much things have changed over the years. The six of us (Meg, Aijean, Esther, Joy, Cheryl) used to do things together all the time, now we've all gone our separate ways. If I do spend time with any of them, it's usually one-on-one or with two of them, never the whole group. It's insane that we've all known each other for more than 9-12 years, and to realize how different we all are now. 

We knew all about each other's crushes, weird habits and secrets from all the confession sessions we had, staying up late in camps and whispering after curfew. Some of them still know my secrets and the things I don't talk about openly, from when we go out and talk about how our lives are now, but it isn't the same anymore.  I MISS THOSE DAYS.

Knowing each other for so long, and during our puberty years, also meant that we had a lot of immature arguments and disagreements. I never thought that I would be able to look back on those days and laugh about it now. Drama jeng jeng jeng...

That's the problem with knowing people for too long and too well, you know their personality in both positive and negative aspects and they know yours. And sometimes the most ridiculous things happen when you find yourselves on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

From all my past experiences which makes me want to smack myself with a saucepan repeatedly, I conclude that there's always going to be something you don't like about someone. Even your closest friend, or boyfriend. No one is perfect. It depends on whether you can tahan it or not, or if the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones. 


A lot of my friends think I'm too chill about certain things. "Aiyah, don't care lah, like that also can." And that I don't give a shit about them because I hardly reply to my messages. HAHA. I prefer being like this. I used to be really clingy and dependent on people when it came to messaging, friendships and relationships. It's not a good thing to be. I don't even know how people could stand me being like that. 

Now when my friends drift off, or stop messaging me, I just go "Hmmm..okay then, byeeee." And I won't think about it, until the next time you send me a message. I'll reply to you, but not as quickly as you'd want me to. HAHA. It still hurts, but it gets easier to accept over time. I don't need people who don't need me. Don't get me wrong though, sometimes I get pissed off and think *censored* *censored* but what's the point of being mad at you? It doesn't change anything. If you think our friendship is expendable, you're not worth my time anyway.

Sometimes I think I relent too easily, and forgive too quickly when it comes to my friends because I don't want to lose our friendship even though they were the ones who wanted to let go in the first place. It's hard to let go of the grudge I feel against them for walking away, but I still push it to the back of my mind and act like everything's okay even if it's not. If you don't want to be in contact with me, just let me know. It hurts to reach out to you and have no response from you at all. Then I wonder why the fuck I even care. Your absence from my life shouldn't affect me.

Yeah, guys I know. I have serious abandonment issues (._.) which I'm trying to overcome but it's hard not to think about past experiences especially when I'm feeling down or in a situation where I have to risk losing someone else again. 

This correlates with why I suck at relationships. My friend actually said I'm like an eel because it's hard to catch me when I'm so slippery. Like what da fork does that even mean? ._.

On an unrelated note, 

Laith posted up bloopers of the video the mamak gang, him, Nay and I (actors!) were working on last semester. You can watch it here.

Throwback to filming days!

Intense discussion of what we plan to eat after filming. 
Just kidding, I don't even remember.. but we talk about food a lot so it's possible?

I didn't notice the camera. HAHA.

This one from last week. With my geng bas sekolah.
Thank you for making bus rides entertaining :P

Guy on the far left is Shern. He's a cunt. HAHA. (He calls everyone that, it's his favorite word. But he means it in a good way..apparently haha)
Then there's me next to him. I was not prepared :l
Nina and Adleen behind us, Yazmin and Levy in the row after, Hui Ling and Lee Hui at the back.
This was during Media Law when our seniors came in to talk to us.

Snippets from the video so I can write some commentary without having to figure out how to reference it to scenes in the vid HAHA... all credits goes to the original filmmakers. 

Scene when video was out of focus. I was bored and made sad faces at the camera.
I don't know what Nicky did to make me look so annoyed. HAHA.
Oh wait, he was playing with the keys or something, which is the background noise you hear. 
Aiyoh this boy ah.

1. I finished my scene, but no one clapped to signal End Scene so I looked around, made the "Where's the clap, dude?" face and snapped my finger because everyone was just staring at me blankly.
2. When Hasanal started laughing soundlessly and made me make everyone else laugh. The "What?" and laughing you hear is him. HAHA.

Nicky being the annoying adik.

Reasons why I cannot act. I always end up laughing too much and not remembering anything :(

Our dance choreography so far..It's mainly the chorus

I have over 200+ messages on WhatsApp..and I'm STILL too lazy to read them. Most of my friends know what I'm like when it comes to WhatsApp so they reach out to me on FB, Instagram chat or Snapchat instead. I'M SORRY GUYS. I guess it's mostly my fault because I discuss more than three different topics in individual conversations and it becomes too much to I take a long break from it. 

Update: Okay, so I replied to my messages. Aiyoh guys, if you wanna chat about cincai stuff, please just call me. TYPING IS HARD. I CANNOT.

I kinda prefer phone calls now, which is funny because I used to hate them. It progressed from me being too lazy to type, to using voice notes (but I always forget what the other person says) and finally phone calls. . it's easier for me to keep track of the conversation and I don't get carpal tunnel syndrome.

To you-know-who-you-are, I have not said YES yet. I HAVEN'T. Don't do this to me, I damn pek chek liao.
We both know what my answer is going to be, so shaddap please. HAHAHA. I hate you. You suck.

Anyway, that's it for now...till next time!

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