Two Times The Fun

Hey there!

Okay, I don't know what's up with the title -.- I guess... err, well represents second semester, week two? Yeap, let's just roll with that. 

Week two has started! And I'm free enough to write about it (.-.)

This week was a lot more fun than last week because we had more classes.

I actually have a rough sketch of the new blog banner but I need to redraw it and edit it before I use it. Yayyy...

My phone's camera quality on Snapchat is better than my iPod's but it makes that stupid sound which I can't mute -__- Why you do this to me, Snapchat? WHY. Also, my phone's Snapchat can't even play or record snaps since the recent update, so that sucks :(

I'm sorry this post is so long. This is why I don't talk much in person, I can crap on forever about 4-5 different topics at once (.__.) 

Last Week:
Went to watch Our Times with Ann. FINALLY. 
I kacau her a lot by using Snapchat. I usually put my phone away when people ask, but it's just too fun annoying her. I'm only a day younger than her, but it's great to be the annoying little sister since my brothers are immune to my insane side now, they don't even blink an eye anymore -_-

I'm sorry guys, I'm too lazy to not reuse photos from Snapchat :(

Our Times was AMAZING. I thought my friends were crazy for watching it twice or thrice or more than that, but I finally understand why. Them tears, I just cannot, it was so good. I would have cried but thank God I was wearing eyeliner, or Ann would have made fun of me all day. Even though I had to read the subtitles most of the time since I could only understand the basic phrases, it was so freaking touching and hilarious. It's very reminiscent of my high school days even though it's not exactly the same. Urghhh, would definitely watch again. Serious.

Something is wrong with my hair -__- The alignment of my hair parting got messed up and I don't know where it's supposed to be anymore. HAHAHA. 

1. First round of bleaching. The pink streak was resistant.
2. Second round of bleaching. It got so yellow.
3. In the process of dyeing it.
4. When it's red but looks purplish. It's definitely red though.

See what I mean by weird parting? My bangs look like a wig O_o.

Chocolate indulgence cake from Secret Recipe.
I'm not sure if it was completely worth it though.
It's about RM 7 per slice.
My favorite cake from a nearby bakery is RM 2.50.
American chocolate cake :3 Yummm.

Struggled with making this.
This was the initial one which I loved but I thought it was too basic..
Since it was all black and white.

Tbh, Mrs. Joethi didn't ask me to create one from the scratch, I think she would have been okay with a stock image from Google. But I had time and the subpar skills, so I decided to make one.

It's not perfect but it's more colorful and I like it, heheh.

Prahveen is the class representative for our journalism class. He says it's ME, but I say it's him so yeah, it's him for sure :3 #iain'tgonnatakenoresponsibility #jkjk

I didn't really like the teriyaki chicken.
Gimme my bento boxes please :(

We had two Visual Communication classes today. During the first class in the morning, we learned image editing on Photoshop. The second class was just Mr. Edward explaining our first assignment to us. 

In between we had our Media Law and Ethics class. We didn't study much because first, our seniors came in for about half an hour to ask us to do a quiz on the Escape Room's FB page. After doing it, we just sat around, talking to each other. Then, Mr. Kannan decided to ask us to do an icebreaker game. We had to draw ourselves with our non-dominant hand (idk about ambidextrous people HAHA..I guess, they draw with their feet?). He collected the papers and shuffled it around before giving it out. We had to find the person on the paper and ask them their name, nickname, like and dislike. 

Mine was easy because I thought "Hmm, looks like Yap." and turn to his group, pointing at the paper. They immediately yelled "YAP. She got you." and pointed at me. So I went over and asked him the questions. Rina got me, HAHA. The funny thing is in her dislike, she said cats and in my like, I said cats. #aiyohwhyyouhatecats #sosad. 

There were some hilarious moments, like when Diana called Yi Min by Wern Ni's name even though her name was right there on the paper. Or when Quinton got Prahveen's paper (who was sitting next to him, he didn't even have to look for the person in the drawing) and assigned him a new nickname. Or when Shern told Levy his nickname is "that really cute guy" and everyone couldn't stop laughing.

Levy started moving from side to side (a.k.a. dancing randomly) while she was standing next to me, and said "See, Maine is going to start dancing also." I was like, "Oh shit, I'm already dancing. STOP THAT PLEASE." HAHAHA.

I was using Snapchat (yay, free WiFi!) and filmed someone saying "We just peed! We went to shi shi." OMG WHAT. My face when: O_O. Disturbed Wern Ni and Diana in class too. Wern Ni hid her face, Diana was making a bunch of cute expressions and for some reason, Nicky was flapping around in the background.

Went to the bus stop with the Geng Bas Sekolah: Nelly, Wern Ni, Prahveen and Nicky. Nicky ended up waiting for his mum instead, so the rest of us went on the bus. I don't know why but even after all this time, I still feel like I'm annoying people by sitting next to them or talking to them. I'M SO SORRY, I can't tell whether I annoy people or not. Honestly, they look more annoyed when I avoid them, HAHA. I think it's the annoying little sister syndrome I got growing up, I'm used to being a nuisance and I can't tell whether I'm being a nuisance or not anymore :(

Waited on the opposite side of the tracks from Nelly and Wern Ni. Randomly waved and make weird hand motions (a.k.a. Fishy) until my train came. Still could see them through the shattered window, so I waved from the inside too. Hehe.

Nay did this. Dunno if you guys get it, but she said that's how a person can ask me to be his girlfriend. She really loves making puns HAHAHA. 

Ate with Nay at Aspresso.
Kinda a breakfast meal, which was somewhat appropriate since we ate at brunch time.

Hair looking weird here, huhu.
My hair, not Nay's. HAHA. #herhairalwaysonfleekkkk #waitthatsforeyebrows HAHA.

Arrived about 15 minutes before class. Only Adleen, Nay, Levy and Imran were there. And all the girls were sleeping. I went out for a smoke (I joke, I joke)  to make a phone call and walk around for a bit before going back to class. The class didn't really fill up till 8.20 a.m. Media Law had a lot of facts that we learned in Malaysian Studies (but couldn't remember much about..) Presentation skills has a lot of presentations. I'm stating the obvious here, but SERIOUSLY WHY. Every week, we have to speak publicly and prepare a topic. Not to mention our finals and assignments are all presentations as well. 

Moments like this are when I hate having a speech impediment. I cringe at the thought of slurring my words like I do when I speak too fast >.<  I actually did some research on it, I'm pretty sure it's because my uvula (the thing you have at the roof of your mouth, which kinda looks like a teardrop) isn't in the middle of my mouth, it's somewhere between the middle and the side. I was born without an uvula (o_o) which some people already know, and I had surgery as a baby to get one. At this point, I'm just thankful that I can talk at all. HAHA..not that I talk much. I kinda feel like I don't talk when it's not necessary because I'm ashamed of the way I speak even though most people don't seem to care about it at all. I made the text smaller so that people who knows it already, can just skip it. HAHAHA.

We sang happy birthday to Prahveen...twice. His expression was like "Omg guys stop, let me out of here, I cannot tahan this anymore." the first time, after our Media Law class when we were all surrounding him. And again in Presentation Skills, when he was introducing himself, someone said "Ehh birthday booyyy!" and everyone started singing happy birthday again. I pitied him because I figured he wanted to say his part and sit down immediately, but he was forced to stand when everyone started singing before he could finish his introduction. I still sang along though, I'm sorry, I'm mean, huhu.

Nicky introduced himself by saying "Hi, My name is *his full name*, people call me *nicknames*, I'm 16...." Miss Mary asked "Wait, why are you sixteen?" Nicky went "umm....I don't know." Everyone laughed really hard because the way he said it was hilarious. 

Went to have lunch with Nelly, Nicky, Prahveen, Yap and Quinton. I ate black pepper chicken rice, and couldn't finish it (.-.) Oops. Went home after that because the bus schedule is weird -_- 

Camp buddies, I freaking love her :P
Oh my God, do I really look 16? HAHA I'm almost NINETEEN.
I miss her though, we study in the same university but we hardly ever cross paths because culinary students are always in the kitchen -__-

Someone asked me if I blog everyday. I don't. Not really. I just remember bits and pieces of interesting events that happens in my life and write about it. I forget more things than what I've written though :( 

I was worried about being late for class today but I made it on timeeeeee. Walked into class and saw Aiman, Prahveen and Shern talking but they stopped for a moment when I opened the door and started talking again. I thought "Ohh, okay, there's definitely something going on."  And there was. (But I'd feel bad if I mentioned it here, so I won't..) Sat next to Prahveen who was sitting next to Aiman and Shern sat on my right side. Ken and Imran sat in front of us, and Shreena sat at the back.

Shern showed me his face toner with ginger bits in it. It looked so weird but it smells like tea. Aiman asked "WTF was that?" They started talking about cursing and yeahhh, they kinda use vulgar words a lot. HAHA. Personally, I don't use them because I used to teach/be in charge of teenagers and kids so I trained myself out of it (not that I ever really cursed in the first place). I'm not offended when people do say four-letter words, but I worry about picking up the habit subconsciously. 

Ms. Joethi asked one of us to photostat an article for the whole class. Prahveen and Aiman kept saying my name, I was like "Wtf (I mean, what the fish, btw HAHA) nooo, Prahveen you do it." So we switched to saying "Shern, you do it lah. Yeah, Shern, do it." instead. Ms, Joethi ended up choosing Prahveen to do it. Sorry Prahveen, you're the chosen one. HAHA. 

Our class ended an hour early. We were wondering what to do for the next three hours and if we should all eat lunch together since we're (kinda) from two/three separate groups in our main classes. We finally decided that we'll eat together every Wednesday after class. 

Someone suggested eating at SS15 since it's Shern's birthday but he didn't want to leave campus so we went to the mamak instead. Shern and Imran got Subway and joined us there. Shern said that he realized I eat really slowly. HAHA, that's not the first time someone commented on how slowly I eat (._.) Imran said he noticed that people who eat fast are usually fat, and people who eat slowly are usually slim. I said (jokingly) to Shern, "So does that mean you're fat?" because he ate really fast. He replied "YES. Oh god, I was fat." Oh crap, sorry for unintentionally insulting you HAHA. 

They started talking about dieting, and I kinda spaced off cause I love food and the thought of controlling myself is unfathomable. I'm kidding, haha. I'm just too lazy to count calories and keep track of what I eat. People always assume that I diet or I'm particular about my health. It's not really true. I do avoid fast food (I get sick of eating it), soft drinks (I don't like the fizz anymore), smoking, vaping, drugs, etc but the reason for that is: I'm cheap :3 #seriously #ihatewastingmoney #althoughIbuyclothesandmakeuphaha.  

After we were done, we headed to Starbucks. Bumped into Nelly and Nicholas on the way, so I accompanied them to lunch just to talk to them. Yap joined them later. The guys went to Starbucks to lepak. Nelly's hands were so freaking cold because she sat in the library for two hours with Nicholas. Kesian you PR students cause you have an 8 am class :l 

After they finished eating, we joined the guys (Aiman, Ken, Nicholas, JJ, Prahveen, Quinton) at the mamak again and chilled there till class started. Aiman dared us to drink tea (?) or something that I assume tasted horrible/bitter/weird. I said "Hell nooo." when he asked me. Quinton took a sip first and made a disgusted face like..
JUST KIDDING. It was more of a grimace. 

He passed the drink to Prahveen, who took a sip, made a face and started coughing. Seriously what the heck was that? .___. 

Went for our presentation skills class, and had to learn two chapters. We have to prepare a presentation for next week, Whyyyy, oh god, whyyyy. I'm scared. Sat with Nelly on the right side of the class, but Imran was too tall and I couldn't see the board, so we shifted to the left side, in front of the guys. Saved a seat for Nay because I knew she'd be late. Didn't realized she messaged me to save her a seat, so thankfully I did so anyway :) 

We went to the washroom during our break. Stopped for a while to talked to Eunice since we've kinda gone our separate ways for a while so far. Rina joined us and Nay came soon after. Rina was like "Wtf, why are we chatting in the toilet?" Oops, mah bad. HAHA. We were leaning against the washroom walls though, we weren't peeing or anything. I'm sorry guys, too much information maybe.

Wandered around with Nay, Nelly, Shern and Aiman on the Boardwalk for a while before we headed to the lakeside. We saw a helicopter landing *__* IT WAS SO NICE. And stalked the tortoises and fishes for a while. Aiman went home a while later. Nelly went up to Starbucks, and Imran appeared to talk to Shern then disappeared. Felt really hot and stuffy, Nay and I decided to go to Starbucks and said goodbye to Shern. Saw Wern Ni, Nelly, Lee Hui, Diana and Adleen sitting outside and talked to them for a while.

Nay and I went to find a place to sit in the SLC until our dance class starts. We saw Lin who invited us to sit with her and Aina, yayy. Nay wanted to sneak up on Aina, so we did and scared the life out of her. I think we almost made her fall down, haha we're so evil .__. She didn't recognize me at first because my hair is red now. 

Saw Amirah and she passed the ETC shirt to meeee. I like the shirt but I think it could be too big ;l I got hungry and went out to buy something to eat at 7-11. I chose Oreos. Bumped into Eunice and Rina, so I talked with them for a minute before heading back inside the SLC.

Talked to Aina (who's taking a degree in journalism now) about the difference between her intake and ours since she took DICM too but with a different structure since it was a couple of years ago. Talked about our lecturers, people in our course and she gave us some advice on our course. Seniors for the win, HAHA. 

Dance class today was intense. Warm ups and exercises went on forever O_o. I missed the last two weeks of classes when they were learning "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande. I had to learn the whole dance in one class, which they learned most parts of in 3 classes and I was like "Urghhhh noooooo, whyyyy? Much regret." Thankfully, Nay showed me the steps and coached me through them a bit before class started. I still danced like shit though, HAHA. Maybelline was moving really fast since 4 out of 7 of us already learned it, and I had trouble picking up the moves while moving at that pace. Saw Lai through the window, and waved. He looked like he was shocked for some reason HAHA. Gosh, I miss my camp buddies. 

[Random Thoughts]
I'm going for the Big Bad Wolf sale! :D I want to pick up some non-fiction books and maybe graphic novels for a change. 

I'm not a Justin Bieber fan but I have to admit that "Love Yourself" is a really good song. It's co-written by Ed Sheeran and I love his music, so that could explain why I love this song.

I woke up at 5 am. I thought that I would feel grumpy and irritated all day, but I actually felt a sense of serenity. Ask anyone who's ever had to deal with me when I lack enough sleep, I'm a complete beeeaacchhh. 

Reached class around 7.30 am with Levy who I met in the hallways. Walked in and Nay was thereeeee. She gave me biscuits to eat :3 Yay, thanks Nay. We talked about our plans for the day till class started. 

Our 4-hour class lasted for less than two hours. We came out, and didn't want to head home so early, so we (Nay, me, Nelly, Eunice, Rina, Nicky, Prahveen, Yap and Aiman) went as a group to Empire to eat :3 Bumped into A for a moment, but I was kinda oblivious and didn't really realize she was talking to me (or who she was) until after she walked away. HAHA. Eunice was like "Oh hai, Maine's friend." 

We split into two groups, first group went in Nay's car (me, Nelly and Eunice) and the rest went with Aiman. They overtook us on the road because we got stuck behind a bus, but we reached there first. *slow clap* Nay and I were singing oldies in the car, I was Snapchatting (as usual) and we were all talking about being excited about hanging out together and planning trips in the future.

Met them at Starbucks and we headed to the Teh Tarik Place to eat. I don't know why, but we always end up eating at a place that sells Malaysian food, like Nasi Lemak and Roti this or that. Which I'm okay with, since I usually eat different types of food at home. I hardly eat roti something or nasi something at home, cause I tend to stick with my favorite dishes, no matter which restaurant I eat at in Klang. 

Our breakfasty-lunch was freaking hilarious. We waited quite some time for our food, so we started Snapchatting and making fun of each other. Prahveen and Nicky were like "Milo Ais again huhh." to me, then Nay started singing the "Milo Ais, Butterfly..." song which almost all students from a Malay government school (SK) know. That started a conversation about games we played in primary school , like throwing rocks and Pepsi Cola (1,2,3). I think that growing up in a time before technology was integrated into the lives of younger teens and kids was awesome. The games we played, and the memories we made are unforgettable :3 #nowiwannagobacktoprimaryschool

OH SORRY, back to Friday.
Shitty quality, but the effort to even get this shot was INSANE.
Going to ajak more people for next week's hangout :3

Rina and Nicky started playing with the kacang and pretending to throw it in the direction of the other guys. I was laughing and saying "Omg guys, seriously?" Nay was saying "Eh, don't play play ah. We not little kids anymore." jokingly. 

Aiman and Yap were bromancing, Yap told Aiman that he likes his dahi (forehead, lol) and Nay said "Hey, maybe you should call him your dahi, instead of your darling." Everyone started laughing like we were high on oxygen HAHA. I'm pretty sure someone said "Be my dahi darling" 

Our reactions literally the moment when the dahi thing happened.
(Taken from Snapchat)

Nicky pretended to take food from Prahveen's plate. I said "Eat lah, I dare you." (quietly) He looked at me, then looked at Prahveen and silently pulled the plate away from Prahveen. I was laughing soundlessly when I looked at Prahveen because he didn't even turn to look in Nicky's direction. Nicky got the plate and ate a bit of the roti. The guys finally noticed what happened and I couldn't stop laughing at them. I like it when people are more oblivious than I am. HAHA.

The guys (Aiman, Prahveen, Yap) belanja us makan today :O WHY YOU SO KIND, we feel bad now. #thefoodnotcheapyouknowaiyoh. Next one's on us girls.. and Nicky. (I don't think he paid, I dunno. But he adik so I guess we gonna manja him?) HAHA. To be honest, I was trying to calculate how much it would cost, when Prahveen came up to me and gave me a RM 5 note. I was like "Huh? This..not my money?" and passed it to Rina, LOL. Then later on, someone (Eunice? Nay?) said "Oh gosh, you guys paying? Seriously?" and I was like "OHHHH." Moment of clarity. I'm sorry guys, I don't pay attention to my surroundings (._.) which is how people sneak up on me so easily.

[iPhone ah? Noooooo...]
For the past week, I've been holding my iPod touch (which I admit, looks like a very flat iPhone 5) and my phone because the blasted Snapchat won't work on my phone anymore, so I use my iPod for Snapchatting. Everyone who notices will say "Wahh, so rich ah, got two phones!" I'm not rich at all, I'm freaking broke. HAHA. It's an iPod touch 5, guys. I'm not that rich, I can't afford an iPhone especially since I pay (fully or partially) for most of the devices I own :( I also prefer the Android interface for most things (Google Play Store ftw) so yeahhh. 

We couldn't decide who goes in whose car afterwards, since half of us were going to the KTM or Subang area and the rest had to head back to campus. And everyone from Aiman's car left their bags in the car. Initial plan was to meet at the KTM, but we got distracted at the pet store. The dogs and cats WERE SO CUTE. I cannot. My favorite was the Bengal cat and the Siberian Husky *__* [Cats and Dogs] People always assume I dislike dogs since I'm a cat person, but that's not true. I prefer cats, but I'm fond of dogs. If only I wasn't so ticklish when they lick me, I'll be fine. Also, when I was younger, my friend's dog chased us all over the house for fun. My friend was laughing hysterically and I was screaming like a maniac till she got scared too. HAHA. #neveragain.

Okay, back to Friday again. (I get sidetracked a lot) We walked to Aiman's car, said and waved goodbye, hugged Aiman goodbye, then Nelly and Nay joined it so yeayyy, group hug :D Nay, Nelly, Nicky, Prahveen and I went to Nay's car. On the way to the KTM, we started talking about planning a trip to Ipoh during our next semester break with everyone from our class (who want to come lah). Discussed about how we were going to transport (?) everyone there, and (I think lah) Prahveen said "It's okay la, we can cycle there." The rest of us said "OH OKAY, CAN no problem. You cycle, then the rest of us sit at the back in a box." (Like a trishaw, HAHA..wait, I don't think we said box, something else but I forgot the word) 

Nelly, Nicky and I were dropped off at the KTM, and said goodbye to Nay. (If you're wondering where Prahveen went, he was dropped off further up the road so he can walk home. Just in case you assume we left him somewhere on the highway, HAHA) Nicky followed me to the Klang station so I kinda picked on him a lot. This is why I'm a horrible sister :3 He said I wanted to be Miley Cyrus because I stuck my tongue out when I filmed him talking to his mum on the phone and me making weird faces beside him. Hehhh, noooo. On the train, it was funny because he kept staring out the window, excited. Macam tak pernah naik keretapi (I forgot how to spell train in Malay...kereta api? or keretapi?)

We waited for about 20 minutes before we could go back once we reached Klang, huhu. Talked about random things and I asked him about his experience with going to an international school. I was curious since I've only experienced going to a typical Malay school (I loved school even though it wasn't perfect in terms of studying and ridiculous rules) 

[Related: If you had the chance, would you go back and change anything you did in the past which you regret?]

Personally, I wouldn't. Yes, I screwed up a lot. I hurt a lot of people. I haven't always been the nicest person I could be. Additionally, I used to be extremely self-centered (still am, a bit) and insecure. I got hurt caring too much about people who didn't care about me and falling in love with the wrong people. I destroyed a lot of friendships, lost people I cared about and still regret it to this day.

But I still wouldn't change a thing. Every action I took, every thought I had which makes me cringe now, made me the person I am today. You'd say that I could turn back time, and make myself a better person, but what about all the lessons I learned from those negative experiences? Those will be gone. I wouldn't understand or empathize with people who have been through what I have. I might have reverted to being the person who will never understand herself or learn not to be a complete *beep*. 

I'm sorry guys, I like to do self-reflections a lot. HAHA. My opinion is that if we don't reflect internally when something goes wrong, and blame everything or everyone else, we don't learn much. We don't change or realize and break out from our bad habits. 

Okay okay, back to Friday again. SORRY.

I wanted to sleep when I got home, but ended up blogging for an hour after getting into my comfy clothes. (A.k.a. donut pants and a VBS shirt which is still way too big for me) Then I bounced all over the house and cuddled cats. #crazycatladyskills. Ry popped out and asked me to teman him to Tesco. I kinda whined about it and said "But I pakai my lazy clothes already, huhuhu." He looked at me, exasperated and said "Then go mandi and get ready laahhh." So I did. 

We didn't even buy anything at Tesco besides a chocolate mint drink from Chatime which we shared, because I can never finish my drinks when it comes from Starbucks or Chatime (.-.) We went to the MIECC in The Mines for the Big Bad Wolf Sale. The jam on the way there was horrible. We spent more than an hour in the traffic jam, so we listened to music, talked about college (since we go to different ones), friends and relationships. 

[Opinion on Dating...and Parents]
Ryan is a lot more open about his relationships and love interests with our parents, then I am. Mostly cause I think my parents are a lot more protective of me (girl problems -.-) then they are of him. Also I'm not sure how long my relationships will last, so I kinda don't talk about them until they're over. My parents will think "WTF?" if I go "Here's my boyfriend.." then *three weeks later* "Oh, we broke up already." So yeah, I wouldn't introduce until the relationship has gone past the two year mark. HAHA. Tak pernah jadi before though, huhu. 

The downside is they think every guy I spend one-on-one time with is my boyfriend and tease me about it. Oh gosh, MUM DON'T SO SIAO, CAN AH? How many boyfriends do you think I have? (.-.) Your daughter is NOT a player. Don't ruin my cookieships, fruitships, cuddleships and whateverships :'( 

I'm also usually not attracted to Chinese guys which makes my mum go "Whyyyy you don't want? That boy is cute, what."  I SWEAR, I'm not being racist. I guess, years of feeling excluded from Chinese speaking groups, turned off my attraction to them. I still find some Chinese guys are attractive (because they are) but I would never not date them. Thankfully, my parents are quite liberal about me dating other races so.. I don't have to worry about racism from them HAHA.

Whenever I hear the song "Lucky Guy" by David Choi, it still makes me feel sad because that one guy always comes to mind. It's also why I'm reluctant to get involved with friends because I'm terrified of losing yet another friendship. Which sucks because I usually fall for friends. HAHA, don't get scared okay, I think you'd know if I fall for you. Don't encourage me and I'll get over it..eventually. It hasn't happened yet because I'm not open to having relationships now since I'm stuck in a complicated situation and I don't know what to do about it.

Oh, I'm not saying I fall for all my friends all the time. It's only happened once in my lifetime... I mean, it's more likely for me to fall for someone I know and like; then a random person who I meet at an event or something. There are some friends which I would never fall for. Those guys are the ones in the adik-zone (okay, I hate that word but it's applicable here)  and those guys that I'm completely baffled by, in terms of the way they act and think. HAHA. 

I realized that every time I try to date (or kinda date) someone I didn't really know beforehand or wasn't very close to, it fails every single time. It's hard to start off a romantic relationship without the foundation of a friendship. In my case at least. I end up not caring enough or not having the right feelings. 

Am I jealous of my friends who are in happy relationships? Hell yes, I am. But I much rather be single and somewhat content with that, than to be in the wrong relationship. I feel bad for people who like me (not that there's much, hehh) because I know my weaknesses when it comes to relationships. I don't know how to girlfriend properly. 

I also kinda want my boyfriend treating me like an equal, or a friend that he cuddles and does relationship stuff with, instead of treating me like I'm a princess, which most guys don't get -.- So yeah, maybe I have wonky standards :l 

"If you put someone on a pedestal, they have no choice but to look down on you." <- Unknown. From Reddit? Tumblr? I'm not sure. Credit to the original quote-r though.

Anyways I've rambled on enough, till next time! :)

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