First Week Of 2016

Hey there!

(I can't come up with creative titles anymore.)


With Diana.
Over-edited the first photo because it was too dark :(
This is us hanging out at Starbucks after class with Yaz, Cheese, Wern Ni, Aiman, Yap and JJ.
The others went to the library or went home.
Us girls were talking about how girls check out guys too, only we check out different body parts :3
It's natural. I just realized since last semester ended, I haven't checked out any guys at all. HAHA. 
I just look at guys and I'm like "Meh, you aite." 

We also talked about how we, as girls, check out other girls. It was funny because Diana and Yaz were saying stuff like "Yeah OMG, I'm like wow, girl, you've gotta nice what-and-what." 
I think girls compliment each other a lot more than guys do (to each other). We'd say "I love your hair/makeup" or "Omg girl, you got style!" or something similar to each other everyday. I don't notice the guys complimenting each other (they do bromance stuff tho) Except for that ONE guy who flatters himself. Yeah, we all know who that is. HAHAHA.

Monday (was it?)
The guys taking a selfie.

Before visual communication class.
Looking at the viewwww...

In the library. We were 'studying'. 
Nah, I was on Tumblr. Not sure what everyone else was doing.

I don't know why my hair looks so weird.
Our shirts ALMOST matched today! :D

I don't know why but I look dead inside when I take photos now.
There's no emotion in my eyes, and I can barely smile.
I've been feeling out of it lately.

I get pissed off at people really quickly, when they do or say something which I'd usually be able to laugh off or shrug off easily. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME. I think it's a good thing I don't snap at people or say sarcastic things when I'm mad anymore. I just ignore them or reply curtly. People don't even realize that I was pissed at them sometimes HAHA. Except for when it's really obvious or if they know me too well.  (I'm SORRY. It's me, not you. I'm awful when I'm in a bad mood.) 

Poor Wern Ni. HAHA.

Fishy gang!

Nelly made me Photoshop her out because. Just because. Sniff.

Hey guys.

I was laughing so hard at Shern and Imran during Visual Comm.
Actually took a funnier photo of Shern going "WTF IMRAN, YOUR HAIR STINKS" with a disgusted expression on his face and Imran just being like "Meh, deal with it." but Shern looks hilarious and he'll never forgive me if he knew I posted it here.
They have the weirdest bromance (love-hate) relationship in class. The other guys are just chill (kuruvi, mamak gang all) with each other..and then there's this two.

Geng bas sekolah.

I was excited because we got to do our presentation in a conference room in Block C Level 9 when our class was locked.

1: Talking to Shern about dogs and people. 
2: Andddd he's petting Nay. HAHAHA. 
(See how it correlates?)

I don't remember how the three of us ended up as a trio in class. 
I did not see this coming last semester.
We just click somehow (._.) or maybe it's due to me and Nay picking on Shern a lot. HAHA.
We always have really animated conversations about everything, so that's awesome.
To be honest, Nay is nice to him (she's always nice tho). I'm the one who makes sarcastic comments and laughs at him a lot. He's always like "Maine, why are you so mean to me?" Me: Because I can :3
(but she joins me in going "Really Shern? Really?" and rolling our eyes, when he says stuff like "Oh my god, I'm so hot.")

This is payback for hijacking my Instagram..TWICE. HAHA IN YOUR FACE, NICKY.


Saw Lee Hui, Diana and Hui Ling at Starbucks on Tuesday, went up to them, said hi (Eunice came along later) and I ended up almost being late for class because we started talking and I lost track of time.

Journalism presentation went well. It was one of the rare times when everyone was in class ._. I'm so glad it's over. Have to start studying for midterms this weekend. Ah well.

On Friday, we had a quiz. It was...hilariously sad. Those who took it knows why. After class, I accompanied Nelly to the library, before joining Prahveen, Quinton, Hasanal and Yap outside to help them with their posters. Hui Ling and Lee Hui needed to use the spray mount so I helped them spray their posters on the board. (Eurgh, my fingers got sticky) 

Then Nelly and I advised Hasanal to make changes on his poster and gave him pointers on how to do it. All the guys were joking about giving us 5% of their marks for helping them out.. IF ONLY haha. I had to go to Starbucks to pass the spray mount to the others. Bumped into Wern Ni and Nicky on the way, and helped them use the spray on their posters. Then went to Starbucks and gave the spray mount to Aiman. Joined the others outside the library again.

I saw Chahana and Nabila at Level 2 before going downstairs, so I went over and said hi. SHINE and OMG buddies yo. Went with the peeps (plus Aiman, minus Nicky) to the secret printing place to print out the posters. Helped them cut out their mounting boards and spray their posters and papers onnnn. My fingers RIP liao. Laughed maniacally when I (intentionally) sprayed the spray on Aiman's hand because he was jokingly bossing me around.

Prahveen and Yap went to send in the posters (and joined us for lunch later), Quinton left earlier because he was heading back to JB, and the rest of us went to Selera Penang. I was moody for a while. I guess it was pretty obvious because I was quiet and frowning quite a bit. Then the weird stuff started happening.

Nelly and Hasanal started joking about him being her boyfriend for the day, and Prahveen and Aiman said "Okay lah, if you take her, we take Wern Ni and Maine, okay? Yap? HE'S ALONE, hahaha." Then Yap sad "Never mind, I got my jagung drink to date" and started crapping about it. More weird stuff like "Only until 12 am, then we switch again."

Aiman asked Wern Ni to be his second 'girlfriend' and she was like "Errrrrrr..." Prahveen said "Oi! Fine lah, you take her, then me and Maine together." Aiman said "No no no, they're both for me." I was laughing so hard at how ridiculous the conversation was getting.

It's all in jest tho, some of us are already in relationships. We're just kidding around ._. #boy/girlfrienddontjealouspls

Prahveen went with us girls to the bus, and the others were like "Eh, don't steal my girl ah. I'm watching you!" WTF GUYS. Me laughs. Waved goodbye and we went to the bus stop. I sat with Prahveen on the bus. Cause we journalism buddies.Wern Ni looked at us suspiciously, I just grinned and said "Don't worry, I won't steal him from you, I swear! See, see we not sitting too close together" and all of us started laughing. Then I asked her if she wanted to switch seats, but she didn't. (Kesian him, heheh)

When we got off the bus and said goodbye to him, he told Wern Ni "Don't switch off your phone ah, make sure it's fully charged, so I can contact you." HAHAHA. Went to the train station with me fishes. Waved goodbye at them so excitedly before I got on the train, everyone at the platform stared at us.

Incoherent Thoughts: 
I've been thinking about people in class who I'm friendly with or indifferent to, but who I don't talk to at all. WE HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. I should be bothered by it, but I'm not ._. I've just kinda accepted it since I figured I can always talk to other people instead. I just don't give a sheet (of paper) anymore. HAHA. Also, I'm not really the type of person who MUST talk everyone. I would prefer it, but if it doesn't happen, I'm okay with it. IS OKAY GUYS, I STILL LIKE YOU even if I don't say anything to you. HAHAHA. 

Me thinks the difference between me and Nay is, she's friendly with people right off the bat, but I don't bother trying to be friendly until I feel comfortable around them. People are always asking me why I don't smile and look arrogant all the time. Well..I'm a happy person inside. Really.
Its called the Bitch Face Curse and it sucks:
Pro: People are scared of me.
Con: People are scared of me. 
*rolls around on bed laughing, because laughing on the floor is too mainstream*

It sucks when I want to make friends and people are like "You look like a bitch tho." (But I always weasel my way into their heart somehow once I open up to them <- just being perasan here.) but it's lovely when people try to take advantage of me or insult me, and all I have to do is scowl at them without saying a word, before they shut up. HAHA.

And then, there's the people I never thought I'd be able to walk up to and strike a conversation about nothing in particular. But I do it quite often these days. Adleen, Lee Hui, Hui Ling, Jessica, Yi Min, etc. YES YOU GUYS. It's funny how things have changed since last semester.

Why lah, haiyoh: I'm lacking enthusiasm, and I've felt this way since the 2016 started. I attribute it to the mountain of assignments I've got to deal with for the next two months, the constant flashbacks to the past that I thought I've gotten over a long time ago and feeling like I've lost myself again.

I still feel happy at times. make stupid jokes and laugh, hop around excitedly, but I STILL FEEL DEAD INSIDE. It's like a cloud of sadness is hanging over me. I keep feeling like crying when I laugh, or I can't muster up a smile when I'm thinking happy thoughts.

I hate feeling like I don't know who I am and disconnecting from reality, but it happens a lot. It's mostly bearable except for when I'm moody at the same time, then it's a pain to smack myself out of it. I feel myself coming back though, so yay!

Till next time!

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