Happiness Again

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Guess what? I got my happy face back :3 My eyes aren't lifeless anymore and I'm not scowling. Damn mood swings made me a walking zombie and I cried about everything.

I dropped my bag accidentally once when I tripped on the cat after I came home one day. Instead of quickly checking to see if my laptop (and cat) was okay, I just sat down and cried for a few minutes, Felt so stupid afterwards ._. I'm usually a stoic, emotionless person but I was feeling shitty all week last week, even though nothing out of the ordinary happened. Haihh, life. I hate letting people see me cry. Ian asked me "What's wrong?" and I went full on drama queen "EVERYTHING. I HATE MY LIFE. Stupid bag, stupid cat, *mumble mumble*" I feel embarrassed now.

Proof of happy face.
Warning: Is creepy af.
In retrospect, I think I went from a walking zombie to a bobbing haunted doll.
What..is up with my mouth? :l

It did make me realize how irrational I was behaving, so I went to my room, listened to some Chinese song playlist on Spotify and went on Tumblr before I took a nap. Speaking of which, I love me some Chinese songs. Even if I don't understand it, I think the melody is beautiful. It's funny because I no likes people speaking in Mandarin, but I love the songs.

Somehow I can't bring myself to regret being a banana. I think I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I wasn't one. I'd probably stick to Mandarin-speaking people more and I wouldn't have gotten to know all the amazing people I know now because I was (somewhat) an outcast of sorts and was looking for a place to fit in.

Second week of 2016 has started! And it has been a lot more fun than I anticipated it to be. I had my midterms this week, and it was stressful because I needed to write out a ton of notes (my lecturers keep saying we don't need to take notes in class and they go through the slides too fast for me to scribble down my notes so I gave up.) But we celebrated two birthdays this week, and it was fun! :D

Forgot to post this one from last Friday.
Ugh, I'll never forget that spray mount -_-

1. That's William, preparing the cakes!
2. Nelly and Eunice being cute :3

Rach trying to attack Prahveen with the cream from the cake. (frosting? Ah well)
I was baffled when I saw the guys getting up from their chairs like they wanted to run away..until I saw Rachel eyeing them evilly and thought "Ah, that's why."

1. HAHAHA OMG I'M SORRY HUI LING. Whose fork is that?!
2. Diana making everyone eat cake .__. IT WAS GOOD THO.
3. Lee Hui and Levy. I was taking candid shots that day.
Story telling.
I took it because everyone was smiling.

1. Haihh, we almost nailed it but we failed :( 
..to be honest, I forgot who was sitting with me. I think it was Levy but I'm not sure. 
2. Hi birthday girl :)

Hui Ling, Lee Hui, Diana, Eunice, Nina
We're all from different groups in class, as in we don't team up for group work, but we're all here together! :D

Hey, Yi Min :)
That face she's making is the face we make when we happen to look at each other in class.

Yeahh..this is from the secret preparation on the opposite side of Starbucks.

I remember them asking me "Ehh? You didn't take video or Snapchat the moment?!" 
After we surprised Diana. 
I was like "Er..guys..I was carrying one of the cakes .___. I no hands weyh" 

I wanted to take a photo of the three cakes but I had to cross a river of feet to get a closeup.
So I just took it from a distance and accidentally caught Quinton being photogenic XD

Rachel, Wern Ni and Nelly in the backgroundddd.

Hasanal fetched Prahveen and I back (well, to the train station for me, hehe)
Thanksssss mannn.

I braided Lee Hui's hurrrrrr <3

Pre-celebration: After our exam finished, I walked around campus with Nay and Shern. We were crapping about this and that, as usual. Nay was heading back, so Shern went to Subway and I joined Adleen, Yazmin, Levy, Nina and Yi Min in Starbucks for a while. Nicky, Nelly and Wern Ni walked past and waved. I called Nelly and asked them where they were going. She said "Oh, going to eat lunch." Me: FOOD. YASSS. So I went to eat lunch with them.

Joined the others at Starbucks, because a couple of us were planning a surprise birthday celebration for Diana. William, Lee Hui, Hui Ling, Eunice, Nelly, Rachel, Wern Ni and I got the cakes and light them up. Walked up to her, singing happy birthday. She was like "OMG, IS CAKE. YOU GUYS."

We hung around, chattering and eating cake for a couple of hours. Nelly, Wern Ni and Nicky decided to go back earlier, so I stayed back for another hour, talking to Eunice for a while, then to Yi Min (for a really long time) about high school and the courses we're taking next semester. Went to the bus stop, but before I got on the bus, Prahveen called and asked if I wanted to join him and Hasanal, because Hasanal was taking him home, so I said okay...I don't know why, but I keep  assuming that people are butt dialing me when they're not. <- Kena too many times already.

Celebrating Nelly's birthday with Eunice, Nicky, Wern Ni, Prahveen, Quinton, Hasanal, Aiman, Yap, and Jordan.
I took more snaps than photos, so...yeah... *facepalm*

I saw Eunice and Wern Ni eating pan mee. I already ate at Aspresso with Nelly earlier, but I LOVE pan mee...so I did the only logical thing I could think of: I ate their leftovers. HAHAHA. So worth it.
Nelly was feeding everyone cake, and it was so romantic. 

Prahveen kept disturbing me when I was trying to Snapchat everything, so I kept putting my phone near his face :3

I accidentally called Wern Ni by Nelly's name, and couldn't stop laughing. So we switched names for the day. Nelly was me, I was Wern Ni, and Wern Ni was Nelly :3 Everyone else was Confused.

I was so irritated with my bangs that day. I had to keep pushing it out of my eyes.
Finally couldn't stand it anymore, so I took the scissors and chopped it off on Thursday.

Haven't been using Snapchat as often as I used to.
I kinda miss it, but I don't .-.
Someone asked me why I've been inactive lately, I didn't really know what to say.
The truth is, I'm lazy af. 
I can only devote a portion of my time to one aspect of social media on a daily basis.
Since I'm spending most of my time, texting people, Snapchat has been "meh" for me lately.
I do check out people's snaps on occasion, but I don't really care anymore bout being updated there.
I'm fickle in that sense. The only thing I'm somewhat consistent at, is blogging ._.

I look hideous here, but oh well.
(See what I mean by irritating bangs? URGH)


Our Broadcasting midterms paper was... probably the worst paper we had. Most of us felt like we haven't learned anything besides the history, so we didn't remember the parts we didn't learn ._. which was 20 marks in Section A. 50% of the overall paper. Oh well... life goes on.

On left:Me, Wern Ni, Nelly, Yap
Middle: Rach
On right: Nay, Adleen, Nina, Levy

A fairly odd bunch.

Nay eating with all of us! FINALLY.
Cannot get over how pretty my friends are. HAHAHA. #nolesbo #youguysareprettyfosho

We did invite Prahveen, when he was walking with us, but he choose to join Aiman :P
Nicky also another one. He cabut before we took the photo, now saying we bojio. HAHA.
You guys didn't invite yourself, so padan muka. HAHAHA.
Wow, I'm mean. Sorry sorry.

Aspresso. One of the best breakfast places on campus :)

They ignore me.

Oh hai guys.

Yerrr, my face. HAHA.

See, my eyes aren't so dead anymore.
My neck looks broken though,

Nay and Adleen watching a video.

Waving goodbye to Nelly, Wern Ni and Yap. They went to the library.

Nelly's huurrrrrr...

I went to join them in the library. Nicky and Prahveen showed up too. We planned to work on our assignment but ended up...not doing it at all. I showed them Eden Ang's parody of Our Times. Laughed so hard until we cried. It was stupidly hilarious. Hahhhh. Prahveen left first, fistbumped him and said "See you next week!" Nicky saw a bunch of selfies Ry took on my phone and said "Wahh, your brother very handsome weyh!" I told him to go pikat my brother. HAHAHA. I showed Wern Ni and Nelly some old high school photos, since Nelly was showing us hers. They were like "Woah, so handsome." when they saw a photo of one guy. HAHA.  They were also pretty shocked at how long my hair was back then ._.

Nicky and I crazy already.


I don't know what I was doing.

Nicky and I went to Subang Parade. 
Went to eat because we was hungry.
He ate asam laksa and I ate pan mee :3

Cakes at Secret Recipe! <3

I bought two cakes from Secret Recipe because I'm nuts. Then we went to Rotiboy. I was joking about blaming him if I get fat. "See, I go out with you alone one time and I non-stop eating already." The cakes are amazing though. Me cannot resist.
Finalized my subject registration the day it opened. Most of my friends are conflicted and still debating on which elective to choose, but I thought about it for a few days and finally chose Broadcasting instead of Journalism. Why? I initially thought that journalism was a definite yes for me, since I love writing and journalism this past semester has been a lot more interesting than broadcasting (which I felt like I haven't learned much from because our class always falls on a holiday, among other reasons)

I thought about what I wanted to do in the future. I've always been interested in videography and other aspects of broadcasting. I wondered if I would regret not choosing to learn about it in university while I still could. Also, my degree is in Broadcasting anyway..so I'm planning to minor in journalism.

Writing is my first and foremost passion, but I also want to explore more fields. Also, Journalism is more focused on the news and serious issues, I'm more interested in the creative aspect of writing. From all the essay tutorials given to us journalism students this semester, it made me realize how easy it is to get burned out. I feel as demotivated as I was when I had to write karangans in school last time and I hate that feeling. It's weird when I like writing, but I hate what I'm writing about because it doesn't interest me.

Nay told me she's considering broadcasting, and I was like "YASSS." We were pretty bummed about not being in the same 2 classes next semester, since she thought she was *confirmed* taking Advertising and I was more or less sure that I was going to take Journalism. I'm not going to get my hopes up tho XD

I don't think anyone in my journalism class will be taking it next semester. As far as I know, me, Prahveen, Aiman, Imran, Ken and Shreena are choosing broadcasting and Shern is going to PR. I asked (almost) everyone what they wanted to choose, most of them said broadcasting or PR.

We have audio production and scriptwriting for broadcasting next semester. It sounds exciting ._. (I hope next semester will be more fun, less stress) I showed Kyle the subjects I registered for, and he said "Wow, you have 5 subjects?! I only have 2." I was like "WTF, IS THAT WHY YOU'RE SO FREE ALL THE TIME?" Is not fair :( I like going to class and all, but it's so stressful to have so many assignments and tutorials to do.

Whenever I discuss things I do in my life with my friends, I feel like I'm a really boring person. I'm not into 'cool' stuff like drinking, partying, clubbing (same diff?), and whatever. Sometimes I wish I was, but I know that it's just not who I am.

My idea of a great day:
1. Hanging out with my friends.. anywhere. everywhere.
2. Reading a book at a cafe, alone. Or watching a movie or TV show.
3. Learning to play a piano piece and mastering it.
4. Cycling in Taman Cahaya, regretting every minute while I'm cycling but loving it when it's over.
5. Camping in the woods.
6. Beacchhhhhh, pls.
7. Road trip. For food and adventure.
8. Watching acoustic performances.
9. Trying out interesting food establishments.
10. Sleeping without interruption.

Mostly, the reason why I avoid clubbing, big parties and places with a shit ton of people, is I feel like I'm out of my element there. And I'm exhausted when it's over. Sometimes, when I go out a couple of days in a row, I end up napping for hours the day after,because I can't function anymore.

Either that, or mentally I'm still a kid and it doesn't interest me ._. I'm itching to go bungee jumping, on a roller coaster, bumper cars, and other similar activities :D ....yeap, I'm definitely 11 going on 19.

Till next time!

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