Nineteen At Last

Hey there!

Well I just turned nineteen today. Yay :D #annandIwerenotthesameageforaday

Anyways.... I didn't celebrate my birthday today. Cause me don't like being at the center of attention. Y'all know that awkward moment when you're standing there in front of everyone and they're singing happy birthday. And you're just wondering what the heck you're supposed to do besides smile awkwardly and clap along. I loved the private birthday wishes, hugs and just being around my friends though :D

These past two weeks have been rough. I'm trying to keep a positive perspective, because good things have happened as well, but to be honest, I've been crying a lot and struggling to deal with everything. I'm grateful for the few friends I can confide in, who provide me with emotional support and make me laugh by saying/doing stupid things. 

Us journalism students have to retake our midterms paper because our lecturer isn't satisfied with our results. In a way, I'm grateful, because it's a chance to do better but it's also stressful. Not to mention our broadcasting assignment is due next week. I've been stressed out and worried as hell about everything. Update: So I did well for my midterms paper. Yayyy :3

I've been thinking about how lucky I am to end up where I am, and to have amazing people around me. Another lesson I've learned is: as much as other people contribute to my happiness, I have to learn how to be happy being alone and to love myself as well. I've always known that I've never been truly happy being myself and I'm always comparing myself to my friends.

It's tough being surrounding by smart, talented people who are incredibly likable, funny and unique. I constantly feel inferior, because I judge myself more harshly than I judge anyone else. A promise to myself: A year from now, I'll love myself more than I do today.

Honestly, being a year older than I was before, doesn't change anything. I'm still the same person I was, the day before my birthday. My birthday does make me reflect on my life so far...and how much I've changed as a person.
On a positive note, fun things have happened this week.
I've gotten into the habit of braiding my hair again, instead of bunning.

Lai invited The Duoes gang to Tangerine...
Unfortunately only me, Hazel and Yu Xuan could make it.
So he asked me to invite some of my friends too.

The restaurant was so fancy. Damn.
I feel jealous of all my culinary friends :(

Table decorations.
We stuck together since last semester <3 
Nay and Cheese: some of the most genuinely nice people I know.

Smiling with teeth :D

Going a little crazy here.

Started with the appetizer: Seafood Kerabu
I didn't expect to like this very much, because I rarely eat raw vegetables..but I was pleasantly surprised. THIS WAS GOOD. There's chili padi in it, which was unexpected.

I forgot what the mocktail consisted of, but it was sort of sourly and fizzy. Me likes it.

Main course:White rice with ayam percik and a side of vegetables and salad.
It was so delicious, I cannot *__*
Nay couldn't finish hers so I ate a portion of her plate.

Yet another unexpected dish I liked.
This dessert consisted of a chocolate (brownie?) bottom, cream filling in between with jelly (?) and a top layer of peach jelly. This was scrumptious.

Had the option of getting tea or coffee.
I got tea :)

Thank you to Lai Xie Vern for the invitation! *wipes tear from eye* It was a great experience.
Oh guess how much it was overall? RM 20. Seriously. Only RM 20. It would have been RM 15.90 without the mocktail (RM 4). 10/10 will dine there again! :D (Upsides of having friends in culinary arts) Shu Wei just asked our group for us to go again next week, and I definitely want to :3

The attentive servers did make me feel a little awkward. I'm not used to fine dining, where they really pay attention to the customers .__.

Nay wanted to go home, and it was rainingggg. 
She dropped me and Eunice off at Sunway Pyramid, and we hung out for 2-3 hours.
Spent most of the time talking and discussing about this and that, while shopping :3

We had our first assignment presentation on Wednesday.
Everyone was nervous as heck, but I think we did pretty well, compared to our first presentation.

You guys :3
Too many people to name everyone, so yeah...

My adorably petite friend who's a Nay :D
She wore a saree, it was ...unexpected to say the least. HAHA.
I love the dress I'm wearing :3
Thank you, Nichii sales.

Making funny faces in class after our presentation :3
Me likes the lipstick color on my face :D I couldn't resist buying it.
Ry took me go makan sushiiiii.
Sushi Mentai is awesome. And surprisingly affordable .__.
TRY IT OUT, GUYS. #nonsponsoredpost
It's located in Bukit Tinggi.

Crabstick. Yummm.
I also ate other types, but didn't take a photo because I forgot.

Teriyaki salmon rice.
I always eat sushi with my brothers, because they eat my leftovers (._.)

I received an email today, that I wrote to myself last year through Dear Future Me.

Dear FutureMe,
By the time you read this, you'll have just turned 19. I can only imagine the things which have changed since I wrote this letter. You might have a boyfriend (which I'm skeptical about, because as of now, you haven't found anyone who suits you) You might be studying in university or college. You might not even have pimples anymore! (Wishful thinking). You'll probably be more or less the same person you used to be. 

Some people who used to be your friends, you won't even think about anymore because things changed to the point you had to leave or stay out of their lives forever. Several names come to mind when I think of the people that could be. I would be astounded if you were still friends in 2016.

What was your life like in the year 2014/2015? You met amazing new people who became your closest friends. You learned new things and found out that some things aren't just fighting for. You realized it's not important to have boyfriend and that it's better to be alone, than to be with someone you don't care for. You loved your senior year in high school. You cried when you graduated.

You realized your life would constantly change. Friends will come and go. The only person you can depend on is yourself.
Remember to hold on to the things that matter.
And forget about the things that don't.
Your past self,

^ Oh my gosh. This was actually fairly accurate, although unexpected things did happen as well. I'm actually still friends with people who I thought I wouldn't be friends with anymore >.< SORRY GUYS. Still..I never could have predicted what happened in 2015. 

Eurgh, I have an 8 am to 12 pm class tomorrow. And midterms right

Till next time! :)

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