Unexpected Turns

Hey there!

Credits to Joy <3 #whohadtotahanmenottakingthisseriously HAHA.
I made the mistake of using coconut oil on my hair. I forgot how hard it is to wash out :(

I've been on a phone break for so long, I have about 700+ messages to read through. I should have put a PSA asking people to find me on FB if it's urgent. I've only been replying to three people, but infrequently, like once a day or every three days. I feel so bad now, because I made some people freak out ._. I'm so tired these days, I crash the moment I get home. Then I wake up to study. I kinda hate being rajin sometimes, but I don't regret studying hard after exams.

I have officially finished my last assignment and presentation for this week! YES. I was hugging everyone yesterday. We're all acting like we won't see each other again even though we'll meet next week during our finals. HAHA.

My Visual Comm assignment.
I don't really like the background but what to do :(

I had to trace three objects ._.
(Not including the symbols and logo which I had to trace also)
Most people had one main object as the focus..I wish I thought of that earlier. HAHA.

I'm actually impressed that the gradient turned out okay and the camera looks somewhat realistic.
The first time I tried to use the gradient effect to do that, it looked like crap.
The tracing is kinda crooked on these two because I was so tired, 
I forgot to adjust the pen tool thickness :(
Oh well, it's over and done with anyway.

This marks the end of the most exhausting semester I have ever experienced. It was better than the first semester, in the sense we're closer than we were last semester but the studies were wayyy too much. We had journalism, media law and visual communication tutorials every week, plus weekly presentations. Gahhh.

I stayed back on Tuesday for about 4-5 hours, to help everyone else finish their visual comm assignment after I finished mine. Actually wanted to practice my speech, but people kept calling me and asking for my input on their poster. .Is okay, guys. I like to help :3 I watched the guys trying to cut their boards (and failing miserably...) so I helped them cut it out. And proceeded to cut 7 more boards ._. My hand was so cramped after that, I couldn't move it. Then we went homeeeeeee.

I did my final presentation yesterday. Went to uni early, around 10.30 am to meet up with Nay so we studied in the SLC. We saw Aina and she cut her hurrrrr :D Talked to her for a while and hugged her goodbye. It's been so long since we've seen her and Lin. I miss dance class, haih. We went for lunch then went for class an hour early, so I could practice. I walked up and down the hallway outside class and just repeated my speech over and over again. Then I practiced in front of Nelly twice.

Aishah was wearing a Hogwarts sweater. I was like "OMG HOGWARTS!" She asked "What house are you in?" I said "Ravenclawwwww" She said "Me too! Did you take the quiz?" "YUP." Then we fived. Potterheads ftw.

Surprisingly wasn't nervous at all during my presentation ._. Maybe because the class wasn't completely full, or maybe because I practiced a lot. Shern, Prahveen and Wern Ni missed my presentation -_- WHY YOU GUYS SO BAD. The speech is still kinda stuck in my head now, aiyoh. But I'm proud of myself for improving. #asperasanasthatmaybe

Saw Diana, Hui Ling and Lee Hui in Starbucks. and chatted with them for a while before hugging them and wishing them good luck with studying. Then went to Chatime with Nelly, Nicky and Wern Ni to celebrate finishing our assignments.

Mine is obviously the peppermint chocolate smoo-tea.

Yeah..I dyed my hair dark brown for CNY.
That lasted for about a week before I got tempted by a tub of pink dye.
Anddddd...My hair is half pink now :)
I kinda shocked people on Friday, because everyone's used to me having red hair.

Me likes these shots *_* #joydamnprosial

Met up with Joy to help her out with her photoshoot.
I was not serious bout it at all ._.
I even did a silly dance at one point when she was adjusting the camera settings.


^ Now this wasn't embarrassing at all. #sarcasm 
The worst part is trying to ignore people staring when they walk past.

Smile, I cannots.

Boots and sneakers :3

Our specs are same same but different.


Throwback to when I met up with Meg during CNY.
To be honest, I liked having darker hair. I just got bored of it really quickly.

We look so different now ._. compared to when we were 17 (and referring to my old blog, 
Throwback to when I went out with DD after my birthday. I kinda forgot to post this. As much as I love my uni friends, I still miss my high school friends a lot :( I can't even drive past my old school without feeling sad and nostalgic 

I have awesome friends. 

When I bun it up.
I dyed it like that so the transition when it grows out wouldn't be so obvious.

I look weird af in photos lately.


I'm going to start studying now, so till next time!

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