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Hey there!

Currently on semester break. Surprisingly, it hasn't been boring at all. I've started on some writing challenges (and reading) which keeps me preoccupied when I'm at home, some side projects and meeting up with friends (or running into them unexpectedly) a lot. I feel like I might regret not taking advantage of the precious time I have to sleep in, but I'm afraid that I might fall into the habit of being lazy and not being able to wake up on time when uni starts again. Planning to go for a walk/jog/run in the park soon, but I need to convince one or two guy friends (or my brother) to be my bodyguards cause my parents are going to be worried about my safety if I go alone ._.

I wanted to work on going through my messages and replying them. So far, I've replied to almost every message on Snapchat and Facebook, but when I look at my Whatsapp messages, I kinda panic and run away. I'm still struggling to understand how people can be so efficient at replying to their messages on time and learning how to do it myself.

I used to be one of those people who got offended when someone took a long time to reply to my messages, and now I'm the one who replies once every day, or once every few hours for some people. And sometimes I don't reply for weeks or months. But when I was upset about slow replies, I replied to my messages quickly. Now that I don't give a crap anymore (okay, usually) about people replying slowly or not at all, I'm turning into the insensitive one. And I can tell that it bothers people because I keep getting annoyed messages about it HAHA. I'm sorry, I really am.

I wish I could promise that I'll reply faster (say, once every hour, heh), but I can't. I've gotten into the habit of completely focusing on the project I'm working on or not overusing my phone when I'm out with friends (and sometimes not bringing my phone out at all). Being aware that my phone distracts me, and disrupts my productivity level, resulted in better work/time management and horrible messaging skills >.<

19.3.2016: Currently on Whatsapp, but only having regular conversations with three people. And I'm sending them voice messages because I'm too tired to type. HAHA.

Y.U.No.Blog.Anymore: I miss the days when my friends blogged. Everyday or every week. I went from posting at least 2-3 times a week, to about 2-3 posts a month too. But my friends blog like once every 2-3 months -_- or not at all. My stalker side not happy.

Rants: I enjoy reading rants. Even if it's sometimes offensive or controversial. Rants are interesting, they show me what the writer is thinking and gives some insight into his/her perception of the world. I might not agree with their train of thought, but it enlightens me on how differently people interprets things.

Blog page: I'm still working on my Goodbye page, but it's on hold because I keep making my letters sound more dark and emo than it should be ._.

Future Plans:
For this week, meeting up and going out with high school friends who are on semester break or having holidays!

Looking forward to attending the iLEAD Conference in May and to get more involved in the Shine programme. I haven't done much at all since the Shine Camp :( I'm excited about dance classes too! I'm not going this month, cause transportation problems -_- (Also lazy, and kinda out of shape now HAHA)

Someone asked me to go for Camporama 2016. A part of me REALLY wants to go. Cause nostalgia. I loved Camporama 2012. Got my GMA on stage, awesome night rallies and performances, fun activities, Dikir Barat (Ewa Bule Teraju Tigo) performance us ER girls did and sleeping in the dorms with friends. Things have changed since then. I think I might visit, but I won't go for all 4D3N cause I might have classes during that time.

Exam Results? (16.3.16) It's coming out in 5 days. I'm scared af. I know my GPA will have dropped a lot because last semester was tough. I'm not looking forward to finding out, but the anticipation is killing me.

(21.3.16) Just checked my results. As I predicted, my GPA dropped considerably. I expected that to happen because Visual Comm, Presentation Skills and Media Law was hard, and Broadcasting was horrible. I got an A for Journalism and A- for VC, PS and ML :D (bright side right?), B- for Broadcasting and I'm still on the Dean's List, so I guess that isn't so bad. I'm planning to try harder next semester, and put more effort into studying.

Talking to a couple of my friends about our results. All of us had our GPA dropping. Warning to future DICM students, second semester is hell (but fun also lah). So don't do your work last minute, always pay attention in class and blah blah. I'm just grateful that we won't have to take those subjects when we do our degree. There's an additional course called Malaysian Food Culture which sounds interesting, but we have 10 classes already :( I won't have time for another.

When PMS Strikes: 19.3.2016. It makes me wish I wasn't a girl. I feel weak and exhausted. I can't walk without getting dizzy or having my knees go weak. I only ate a small portion of my dinner, and that's all I ate today. Struggling with dark thoughts, and it scares me because my mental health doesn't seem very stable. I keep falling asleep, but I still feel so tired when I wake up. Aiyoh, someone save me pls.

Camera? Planning to get a DSLR. I've been wanting one for a while but I kept putting it off because them DSLRs are expensive. I think my fourth semester is when we'll start having video/photography assignments. (Broadcasting students at least)

I didn't think about getting one at first, because I thought I can always just rent it from the SOC's equipment center but after those video projects we had, when we could only rent them for a limited period of time, it's just too much trouble. We had to borrow Michael's (more high tech) equipment. We could extend the time we rent the equipment, but that would mean having to get another letter signed by our lecturer again after the first deadline is up, and there's the problem of the equipment we want not being available anymore.

I prefer Canon to Nikon, because I'm more familiar with it, having tried the EOS 600/650/700D before. Also, my digital camera is Canon :3 I've only used a Nikon and Sony once ._. when I pinjam-ed from my friends. Is okay, but I cannot biasakan myself to it. I dunno if it's just that one camera, but when I borrowed the 600D from the tech hub (tak ingat nama tempat tu haha), the shutter was kinda slow and unresponsive. 

I'll probably get a secondhand one. Have to ask my cousin to find one for me, since he's in the broadcasting field and has a lot of friends who do photography. I like the Canon EOS 750D (T6i) *_* But if I buy it with the 18-135mm lenses, it'll be out of my budget. I asked a few friends who do photography, they said the lenses are more important and I can always upgrade the body later on anyway. Also planning to get an external mic for video filming eventually.

It's times like this when I feel jealous of people who don't have to save up for what they want, or whose parents' just gets them whatever they want. But I feel like it's rewarding to get something with my own money which I worked hard for too. Haihh. I want to be financially independent so badly, but it's hard to get a job, with all the activities I'm involved in and while focusing on my studies at the same time.

Friday: Photoshoot with Joy and Meg (feat. Teacher Ho)
Selfie I took with Meg in the car when we were waiting for Joy at the KTM station.

The shameless OOTD I took.
I love this halter top. I want moreeeee.

Selfie I took for the lols.

Dunno why my hair so weird.
Some people are saying Meg looks really different now, compared to 3-4 years ago.
But she looks the same to me and Joy ._.

Things we do in the car ._.

Sunlight making Joy glow like an angel HAHA

Our hair lengths relate to our position: 
Joy: short
Me: medium

Cause we derped around when Joy had to set up the backdrop ._.

Meg looks like she's trying to kiss the camera. HAHA.

Behind the scenes.

Meg and I took turns, so I took lots of photos in my free time.

Meg took this!
One of my favorite shots.

In the kitchen. LOL MEG.

I had to take my specs off :( 
Which meant I couldn't even see where the camera was.

We took some photos together, all three of us too. 

Monday: Painting Day

Went to the Tower of Incense to paint the hall. Indy showed us (Joy, Fabian, me) photos of what we were supposed to do. Joy and I were like "We have no idea how to do that." It's a galaxy themed ceiling, with stars and a globe.

I was scared about climbing up on the chair that was placed on top of a table, but I did it, cause yolo. And thank God, I didn't fall and die. My fear of heights is more like fear of falling ._. 

Regretted not eating breakfast, cause not two (?) hours into painting, I got the I-have-no-energy-cause-I'm-hungry-af feeling and had to rest. Indy was outside at that time, Joy and Fabian working (HAHA sorry) before they went to chill in the office, and I took a lovely nap with four pillows on the floor. Woke up after dunno how long, and joined the other two in the office before lunch arrived *_* DAS FOOD.

I've had this purple shirt since I was 15, but I never wore it until this day.

I like how my hair and shirt matches tho.

Joy got paint splattered all over her ._.

Fabian poking the ceiling with a brush tied on a stick, and I tried really hard not to laugh at him but I failed. He poked the ceiling once when I was observing, and he looked so pleased with himself, I snorted and laughed. He looked at me and asked "What?" I said "You know that's only one dot right?" Then he snorted at me. HAHAHA. 

 He says I still make weird sound effects and said weird things like I used to in sleepovers, but I didn't realized I did weird stuff till 2014 :l I forgot how Fabian has a habit of accidentally saying things that can be interpreted really wrong, and had a lot of WTF? moments.

I like this shot too.

Okay, maybe our smiles are kinda similar D:

Official Photoshoot Photos by Joy and T.H.
Meg, me, Joy.


Joy no let me smile. 
Which is a good thing, cause the shots of me laughing were WTF? HAHA.
And yes, I did edit the photos ._.

Bald spots :(
Me like me hair tho. The color anyways.


The awkward hand pose :3

Me when my mum tells me not to slouch in the chair.

Promoting my phone.

Sitting somewhat normally.

I like this pose.
I remember I almost fell out of the chair after this one.

My bangs are long ._.

This is such a weird pose HAHAHA.

Monday (20.3.2016)

Went to uni with Nay to watch the TUIDC's final debate championship. We went because SHINE POINTS. No regrets though, it was interesting

With Nay!

That embarrassing moment when you realize that some of the debate teams are from high school and they speak more eloquently than you .__.

Announcing the best speakers and winners.

In a different lecturer theater where they announced the semi-final winners 
...and assigned the last two teams the final topic.

The winners and runner ups. 

I was really impressed with the confident way they delivered their points and their tone of voice. #PublicSpeakingGoals. 

Well, till next time! :)

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