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Hey there!

Sitting on the stairs and watching the skies.
Changed my hair color again.
Orange-brown and faded pink to purple (gone now) and dark pink.

I'm in my third semester now, and so far, it's been great but exhausting. Also picked up a job where I can work according to my own schedule. I've been joining a ton of SHINE events (Cross-cultural crew and internship talks), as well as other events like charity runs and festivals. Recently went for a trip to Penang for the Glo Walk In The Park with Nelly, Wern Ni, Lee Hui, Hui Ling and Yap and the Alliance Music Festival in Taylor's with Rina, Eunice, Prahveen and Emyr. 

Hui Ling, Lee Hui, Nelly and I did research into accommodation, transportation, food and other details. The hardest thing to do was confirming who will be going for the trip, cause most of them are like "I'll let you know later." and forget to follow up when we don't remind them. I'm still excited though. Nelly, Wern Ni and I went a little crazy with looking for events to join. One of us will be like "Eh eh, look at this one! It's an event for ......" Then the rest of us will be like " YES OKAY LET'S GO."

I went for the Bottled Hope Run 2016 with Nelly, Wern Ni, Eunice, Prahveen, Nicky and Yap on 23rd April 2016. The event was promoted in Taylor's, we walked past the booth a couple of times, and eventually decided to join in. This also meant that I had to train for it. And I have to continue this training until June cause I'm going to go for the Able Charity Run 2016 too. I might regret it but it will be worth the experience (a.k.a. torture) Update: WE WENT, IT WAS AWESOME... I got sick from the rain though.

A part of me misses those days when I just didn't care about anything (studies, extracurricular activities) besides sleeping and having fun. However, after writing my CV for an assignment, I realized how important it is to have a life outside of studying and sleeping. Events, workshops and conferences are fun (or at least I always learn something from it) but it's extremely time consuming. To be honest, I've always known that I had to be more active on campus eventually, but I kept delaying it when something else comes up and distracts me (ehem friends ehem).

I'm exhausted, but in a way, I'm okay with it.... having all the distractions and being so busy all the time, I don't think about things that make me sad so often anymore. I still feel a certain amount of sadness when I'm alone, but it's easier to forget now than it was before.

Talking to old high school friends makes me feel so nostalgic, and frankly, it makes me feel sad to remember that those days are long gone and there's no going back. It's different now,everyone's changed throughout the years but it doesn't stop us from holding on to the memories. Wana posted an old photo of some of the STM students on Twitter, and I replied to it. She was like "We have to have a reunion someday." and I was like "YASSS." We still have our old class group on Whatsapp, but texting and seeing each other in person are very different things.

Mystery books being sold by the book club.
Blog Design: 
I finally redesigned my blog after a long time. I liked the old one at first, but didn't bother to update it and finally got bored of it, so I changed it. I felt like I made a drastic change from my old blog (Banana Chocolate Maine) to the previous design. It went from being overly colorful to bland. So the current design is a compromise between the two.

Had to tweak the HTML code to edit the Pages bar on top. I was confused at first, but luckily I managed to figure it out.  I'm probably going to change the banner again soon. 

I notice a pattern that I adapted when I was working last year. I completely shut off from social media when I'm busy. I'm still waiting for the day when my friends finally get fed up for good, and set me on fire. I used to be the kind of person who didn't like interacting with people in person, and liked to text and hated calling. NOW I'M THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

Real life interactions means random hugs, seeing people laugh and smile in person. Calling means I get to hear my friend's voice, and have him make fun of how weird I sound. Sometimes when I'm texting people, I feel like I'm interacting with a stranger because it FEELS SO DIFFERENT. I can't tell how they feel when I text them, I'm more cautious about what I say as opposed to calling (when every random thought just slips out of my mouth without any filter) which limits the content and I'm lazy to type (also carpal tunnel syndrome, lol) I still really, really miss conversing with some people, but it's hard for me to get into texting again without feeling lazy or anxious about it.

Talked to a friend about it, and she said if I really care about the people I chat with, maybe I should think about putting more effort into replying. I know she's right, even if it's not easy for me, it's something I have to do.

I mention this every post, but it's something which has been going on for a long time and things have to change ._.

A lost dog was wandering around outside my house and dad was afraid that it would be caught by *ehem ehem* or killed by a car or something so he took it in. SO YEAH, we temporarily have a dog until we find out who the owners are. I think if no one claims it, my dad really wants to keep it. HAHA. My cats are freaking it out though. Fuzzy was literally stalking the dog until he started whining and yelping. He's (Dog) so SMALL AND CUTE, I CANNOT.

Fluffiness overload. People think I don't like dogs, but I do. It's just their tendency to lick, jump around excitedly and bark all the time which bothers me. But this dog does none of those things frequently. He's kinda like a terrified mouse (which is probably why I like him so much). We kept him for two days till his owners came by. I kinda miss him now :'(

Generally dogs (that I know/knew) are sweet, loyal and affectionate. They also need more attention and care than cats do, which means they're more needy. I usually don't have to worry about a dog trying to bite me or steal my food when I turn my back (or maybe I don't know that many dogs) Cats on the other hand, they are affectionate only when they feel like it.

Try to catch them and love them at any other time, they squirm out of my grasp and run away. They steal my food when I'm not looking, kick me out of my own bed to nap (not literally), sink their teeth and claws into me when I'm trying to love them and meow for attention at the most inappropriate time. I still prefer cats to dogs, I can identify with their sense of independence and selfishness. (^._.^)

Having the urge to get two more piercings. I REALLY WANT A DOUBLE HELIX. But I don't think it's the right time, cause newly-pierced ears tend to make it harder for me to sleep comfortably (and sleep is extremely necessary for me atm) and I have to be extra cautious not to irritate it and take care of it with ointment. Haih. Also not sure if I should use my money for it when I'm saving up for a DSLR. Oh well.

Childhood friends:
Met up with Esther over sem break and went to Acts for their Easter event. It was fun. Got to talk to Wee Kye, and some other really friendly people. Also went to my old church for Passover, and a few people recognized me and made some small talk. Dillion was like "Wah, going prom ah?" when he saw I was wearing a dress and had pink hair.

Poked Sam's shoulder and acted innocent. He said "I know it's you! Don't lie and act innocent all." I told Cmdr. Molly with a sad face, "Cmdr, why is Sam so mean to me?" She was like "SAM, stop disturbing her." and he was like "I didn't do anything!" I laughed cause I'm evil. Some things never change. I met him in Aeon when I was hanging out with Esther, we kinda picked on him for a while. He bought us ice cream tho. Thank youuu :3

Saw Joanne when she was helping Dad with a video project. Talked to her about some stuff which we write about, things we usually don't share with everyone, heh. We're gonna be filming a video/taking photos for a charity dinner next month. I hope we get paid *looks at Dad* or fed.

Moar Work?:
Dad wants me to be a part of the RR Communications team... to do stuff like newsletters, website, photography and videography. Basically my current job...except I won't get paid. HAHA. I could use more experience to put in my resume and all, so I'm probably going to do it. Just not now, cause I have to focus on studies, SHINE, and dance first.

University Life:
Went to Carl's Jr with Nay, Shern and Imran on the first or second week of our third sem. Barely had any appetite, and I figured out that I lost my taste for fast food ._. The only type of fast food which I enjoy eating now is McDs and even that, very rarely.

After class, I followed Wern Ni, Nelly, Eunice, Prahveen, Yap and Nicky to the mamak. We started the "Kepong/Klang/Sg. Buloh Gangsters" joke, along with Setia, Cameron and Jelutong being our sidekicks. We were talking about attacking each other's territory, who will be our allies and enemies.  

Went to Backofen with Nelly, Wern Ni and Lee Hui a few days later. Rach stopped by to say hi. I was teaching Wern Ni how to use Snapchat, and she started snapping me -.- Now I know how she felt when I used to do it to her. HAHA. Padan muka saya :( 

Lee Hui went back, but we started walking around campus and decided to go to the basketball court. There was a random ball lying on the ground, so we started playing. Prahveen was in the futsal court next door, and he asked us "Eh, what you guys doing here?" Then someone (Nelly?) said "Stalking you." Somehow this started a routine of playing basketball twice a week, with Nicky, Yap, Hui Ling and Lee Hui joining us.

Went to campus to meet up with Nelly and Wern Ni to play badminton. They were sitting in a classroom, with a few guys at the other side of the room discussing their assignment. Wern Ni wanted to ask them if she could take photo of the notes they wrote on the whiteboard, and we were making jokes, trying to convince her to do it. But she didn't do it till we left the room.

Since the weather's been getting so hot lately, I decided to cut my hair off. SO I DID. It's slightly below shoulder length now. I went to Chic and Dapper on campus. The lady suggested not cutting layers, I was doubtful but I trusted her and went with it. I guess it's okay, but I do kinda miss having layers.

Then we decided to go up to Kepong to play badminton at the courts there. It was so fun, but so hot. Wern Ni and I kept accidentally hitting Nelly with the shuttlecock and she was like "YOU GUYS TRYING TO KILL ME AH?" I was laughing so hard at her -_- expression. It was so hot in the courts though... Drank a ton of water and it wasn't enough. Then we went to makan, and Nelly's uncle actually fetched me all the way back to Klang. I was like "No need, no need." but it was around 10 pm already, so they refused to let me take the KTM because it was dangerous.

When I was playing basketball (more like lazing around the court, taking videos of the others) with the usual group plus Diana, someone started talking about how to pronounce words. Nelly was saying "Noooo, that's not how you pronounce Asus." Yap was like "It's Acer with an S. Acers" We were like "Ehh, no lah. It's A-seeeussss" And the argument went on. "Nike or Naiii-keeee?" "Beh-na-na or Bah-na-na?" I tricked Yap by asking "Bendahari or Bendahara?" He said "Bendahari." I said "Nope, they're both words. HAHAHA."
Braided Nelly's hair.

The team.

Kesian him, his BAE sides us when it comes to the Penang issue. Nelly said "You're going to come back in horizontal form, not vertical." <- you can guess what that means, HAHA. Prahveen was like "Okay, okay, I'm on your side." to us after initially being on Yap's side. Then Yap tried to sweet talk him by saying "Remember when I helped you do your assignment? Remember when..." and Wern Ni, Nelly, Jun Weng, Nicky and I were laughing non-stop. Yap was like "You turned him against me lah, sweet talk him all." We were like "Ehh dude, we just say we're disappointed in him then he changed his mind, okay."

Met up with Meg to go running. Or more accurately, walking really fast. We were talking about cycling trips and camping. Also about how even though we miss those days, things have changed so much now, it's impossible to go back to that time and place and feel the same way we do now.
Went for the Bottled Hope Run and it was really fun! I got caught in the rain, came down with a flu and fever the next day -.- When we were in the van, we were making jokes about Prahveen sitting so far away from Yap (he was sitting at the back row with me, Yap was in the front seat with the driver) Nelly asked Prahveen, "Eh, where's my strawberries? From first sem until now, you still haven't brought back for me." He said something like "You want me or my strawberries?" Everyone was like "WTF HAHAHA" Backstory: He's from Cameron Highlands and goes home every week, but he no gives us strawberries :( 
The fishes.
Mine is the black with light blue shoelaces, on my left is Nelly. next to her is Wern Ni, Nicky, Jun, Yap then Prahveen.
Our feet unite! (Wish Eunice's here, but is not)
The medal :)
During the workshop.
The shirt!
The bottles.
The fishesssss again.

We went to Tangerine at one point, but I don't remember much about it. Lai was shocked though, it's the first time I went without letting him know about it. He was like "What you doing here?!" I said "Uhh..to eat? Surprise..? Heheh." This time with Nicky, Nelly, Wern Ni, Jun and Nay (macam biasa). To be honest, I'm not sure if I blogged about this or not.

Arabic salad topped with falafel. Tangerine has converted me to a salad eater ._.

Muttons with rice, potatoes and ladies fingers.

I wrote a more in-depth post about the food on my review blog.

Attended the Alliance Music Festival which was a collaboration event of students from Taylor's University, Monash University and Sunway University. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I arrived on campus around 7 pm, met Rina and Eunice then we went to makan nasi lemak in JC Pancakes after registration. I was worried that what I was wearing was too casual, but a lot of people had similar outfits, except they wore crop tops with shorts instead of jeggings. Ivery appeared after we finished eating, talked to her for a while then we hugged her goodbye because she wasn't going for the event. Prahveen showed up soon after, then Emyr a lot later. The music was dull at first, and Eunice said "I can't feel the vibe." I agreed. But after, we moved in front, the DJ changed, then the music was epic.

Rina's friend asked us to go clubbing, then he was like "But you put your makeup on all already, don't waste it loh, just come." when I said "I think I'm gonna go home, I need mah sleep." He tried to take my specs off and I dodged out of the way. HAHA. I met another one of her friends that I've seen around campus a lot too. He's a pretty nice guy, but kesian him cause I was deaf when I spoke to him and kept asking him "What?" ._. Prahveen fetched me home, yeah thanks mannn :D I felt bad for him cause he had to speed back to uni to play futsal. Haha, sorry ._.

Alliance ticket.
Ate nasi lemak at JC Pancakes and it was sooooo good!
The sky was beautiful that night.

I'm going for Camporama next month, and attending the A.B.L.E. run the day after I come home from camp. Confirmed exhausted and want to die. 

I completely redid my management assignment even though I did it the week before because I did it wrongly (or so I think). Our lecturer gave us two different assignment outlines and we didn't know which one to use. When one person asked him, he'll say "Oh, it's the first one." but then when someone asked him a different day, he said "Oh, it's the second one." What.  Nay and I finished our second Academic Writing assignment early, and we (along with Shern and Rach) have begun our research project for our third assignment. I think A3 will be interesting, since we're doing it on confession pages :D

Actually really enjoyed doing my Digital Graphics assignment. We had to make a magazine cover and spread. What was interesting was seeing how different everyone's assignments were. Admittedly, I procrastinated a lot on doing it cause I didn't have the inspiration to work on it. I started on and finished my spread in the library, two days before the submission date when I was late for Academic Writing and was too embarrassed to walk in late. I printed them out the next day and cut out my mounting board and Wern Ni's. Nay, Maureen, Imran and I got the spray mount and put everything on our boards before submitting it by 11 am on the submission date. 
Multiverse Magazine. I'm insanely proud of this one.

Nay and I met up with Shern to discuss our assignment in the library and Eunice happened to be there so we joined her. I stayed back until 3 pm to help the others out. Gave Eunice and Diana input on their covers and spreads, suggested a few things they could try out and helped Rina with measuring the boards for her to cut them and borrowed my pendrive to them. Decided not to go to the computer labs because I had to go back before 4 pm, and I knew I'd end up cutting boards on the floor like last semester HAHA.

Finished writing my Scriptwriting assignment - a ten page documentary. I sat at the same place for 5 hours straight to do it, and didn't even get up to eat lunch or pee. HAHA. It was hard to get started but I'm finally done. For some reason, scriptwriting is hard for me. I guess I'm just not used to the format or I'm not creative enough to visualize a scene and write it out. Actually, I do visualize scenes in my mind, but it seems so ridiculous or uninspired that I feel ashamed writing it ._. I submitted it a day early, cause I was lazy to go up to campus on Friday.

Nay, Imran and I finished our first audio production assignment. I LOVE audio production classes. Mr. Sara is more laidback and hilarious than he was in IIT, and he lets us do crazy things like doing karaoke ridiculously and dancing around the recording studio.
Actually more complicated to use than we expected.
Nina in the studio!
iLead Conference.
The speakers were great. The one in the picture was hilarious and really Malaysian in the way he spoke.
in After Black.
Pan grilled lemon thyme salmon. SO DELICIOUS.

Saying goodbye to this hair color. At least for now till it fades again.
Mini Rant: 
(complains a bit..okay. a lot.) LIFE IS SO BUSY, I CANNOT. 

I get frustrated and grumpy sometimes. I had to give up on doing a lot of things: messaging, music, reading leisurely, blogging and meeting up with old friends because I just don't have the time for it anymore. Even when I have the time, I don't have the mood and I'm afraid of being sarcastic or rude to people, so I end up avoiding them. Haih. 

My biggest issue is not having enough sleep. I have 8 am classes four days straight, which means waking up at 5 am everyday. My eyebags disappeared during semester break, but it came back after two weeks of the new schedule. I usually come home around 5.30 pm - 8 pm, but that's my fault because I choose to stay back to do my coursework or workload in uni, or just stay back to hangout with my friends. My work is also assignment-based, I have to finish it within a certain time frame. The pay is good enough and I enjoy the work so I have no complaints besides being upset about not having free time when it was my own decision to work, haha. 

But I NEED a DSLR next semester if I  want to do assignments conveniently for the rest of my diploma and degree courses. Even entry-level DSLRs are so freaking expensive here in Malaysia, which means months of saving up until I get enough to buy one. Even a secondhand one would be roughly 1.5 to 2 thousand ringgit. I want to buy from KL DSLR though. My friend recommended it to me, and it seems pretty decent. I'm aiming for the Canon 750D with 55-135mm lens kit.

Ry and I were having one of those deep conversations where he kept trying to get me to open up about things and I be like "Never gonna tell, never gonna say anything." but inevitably do anyway when he complains that I'm too secretive and I should trust him -.- . Basically, one of the sessions we have when we rant about things and share our opinions on it. I don't mind telling him about things, but he teases me a lot -_- Kinda realized how different we are. He cares more about people's feelings more than I do. I can be VERY self-centered and sometimes I don't take the feelings of others into consideration. He wants someone to lean on (lol, ah noe), I'm always trying to be independent and not rely on anyone. I should probably try to be more like him. HAHA. 

Anyway, till next time! 

P.S. Penang trip photos will be in a separate post cause there's just too many,

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