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I know this is posted in July, but it's actually for events which occurred in June! I have a lot more to write, I just need to find the time and motivation to do it.

Yeah, so I suck at posing, HAHA.

Studies Be Like:
3 June 2016

Feeling stressed out (strangely excited too) right now. I have 4 assignments due before finals; Academic Writing's research paper (thankfully group work), Audio Production's 30 minute radio show (also group work), Digital Graphics's website building (Individual) and Scriptwriting's screenplay (Individual). All the assignments carries a ton of marks. 

For Academic Writing, my group's progress is fairly decently-paced. Nay was saying that I'm the one who's good at obtaining information and Shern is the one who knows how to come up with really clever ways to write a sentence and make it sound really professional and academic. I added that she's the one who manages to put it all together. 

I think the three of us work well as a team; even though we occasionally have slight disagreements about how to phrase things or what our points should be. Rachel is in our group for this assignment, and she contributes as well. I helped her with editing her PR assignment after we were done (half of it anyway) with the research paper and we talked about our personal lives and campus (food) while I was doing it. 

I'm incredibly proud of my Audio Production group: Nay, Imran, Eunice, Levy, Wyman and Yap. We get our assignments done damn fast. Like Mr. Sara assigned our A2 on a Monday, we were done with recording two or three days later and editing within the same week. He assigned our A3 last week, and we're almost done with recording everything (except for my segment and the prank call)

I was trying to write my script for my segment and it was hard as hell to make it sound natural and interesting. I don't want it to be too scripted and unnatural, and I'm definitely going to allow the 'guest' to ad lib his lines as much as he wants to, as long as the meaning stays the same. Our theme for our segments is secrets. We got the secrets from a "Secrets" podcast and made scripts from them. I changed the story I got slightly. Mine is about a guy on a dating website for married people, but the twist is his wife knows that he's a user of the site. The original story is based on the same premise, but the guy's wife found out about the affair and somehow it saved their marriage.

Nay and I did the PSA for Levy and Eunice today. It's on animal cruelty. It was fun because four of us girls were joking around between takes. Imran, Nay and I recorded the intro earlier this week, so phew, don't have to worry about that anymore. Our group really wanted to do "fake" news like on the Powerpuff Girls (cause someone did the theme song for the news) but Mr. Sara was like "Nawww, it kennot be fake." Imran and Nay finished recording their segments today, but I haven't. For one, I wasn't done with my script then. And I didn't have anyone to voice the guy. Tbh, I'm glad we didn't because if I had to ask Imran or Yap, I would have to change the script ._. Levy and I did the Snapchat face swap and it's SO FUNNY. We look so ridiculous but it was hilarious. I might post that on Instagram.

Building a website for Digital Graphics is fun but Dreamweaver is such a pain to use! The rulers don't stick to where they're supposed to. Mr. Edward approved of my template design, so I'm going to start on the homepage, references and stories tomorrow. My friends think I'm insane cause I wrote out a whole to-do list on what I have to do on the website. I'm afraid that I'll forget something and then gone lah my marks. 

The assignment that I'm anxious about is scriptwriting. I have no idea what my character should be like, or my story's plot or format or anything. And we'll be having another workshop once we've all done our drafts. Constructive criticism is useful, but it doesn't change the fact that it's hard to listen to people telling you what you did wrong and being receptive to fixing the mistakes you make. I do feel like I learn a lot from my mistakes though. I never want to be the kind of writer who thinks that everything she writes is perfect and everyone else is stupid if they think otherwise.

Like the current writers of Arrow who destroyed what used to be one of my favorite shows. HAHA. Comparing Arrow to Person of Interest, both killed off a main character I love. I stopped watching Arrow after that episode. I'm still planning to watch the rest of PoI's final season. PoI did the death right, and it actually meant something. Arrow's death was a "WTF, are you kidding me?" moment for me.

Sometime before finals:
We had our scriptwriting workshop! The only suggestion I got was to extend the narration parts; I managed to get the storyline and format right :D THANK YOU MISS SHANA. I love the workshops because the narrations are usually hilarious, and it's interesting to see what type of storylines we come up with.

I went to uni on a Thursday to assist the other Audio Production group with recording from 10 am to 2 pm. Levy, Yap and Adleen were there too. They needed assignment coversheets at one point, which I had so I went to take it out of my bag for them. I forgot to end the recording, then Yap and Aiman were inside and wondering when I would tell them we're done. HAHA.

They booked the room for 4-6pm too, but somehow I got roped into helping Eunice, Rina, Marisa and Aishah with Digital Graphics in the computer lab instead. I did check with them to see if they need help, but they said they didn't.. so phew.

First paper was academic writing. We had to write an argumentative essay in our third section. The statement was "Music without words is meaningless" and I disagreed with it. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Next paper was audio production. I forgot some parts, but overall, I think I'll do fine. Our scriptwriting exam was in the lab; we had to write a treatment and 4 scenes of a script. I finished early, and waited for the rest to come out. Most of us chose the writing prompt about a man receiving a parcel in the mail from his brother who has been dead for 17 years. I started mine off by introducing a couple who seemed very ordinary but later revealed that they have a sadistic side. (The man ends up murdering the wife and child of his brother's killer)

Everyone was freaking out about our management paper, because we had a ton of chapters to study. I think I'll pass, but I probably won't get an A for it. Our last paper was digital graphics, and it wasn't as hard as I anticipated it to be.

Most of us stayed back after our last exam, to take photos and say goodbye. I had to leave early with Nay, Shern and Imran (we the NCIS) because we planned to watch a movie. Nelly asked me to wait a moment to take a photo with her and Wern Ni, so I did. Then Aishah came to give me a hug and to thank me for helping her with her assignment. Eunice came up and we started chatting about hanging out over the holidays; I saw NIS looking at me from where they were waiting for the elevator, so I quickly hugged her and said goodbye ._. I regretted the fact we had to leave early, because I didn't get to say goodbye to a lot of people :(
With Nay! 
I don't know why I have that weird dimple in my cheek ._.
The background is hilarious though, with Nelly, Diana, Rach.

Acting cool.
Yeah, so...this is what Taylorians are like. HAHA.
We were supposed to wear black, but these guys wore white (and it was unplanned)
They look like a boy band. (Just pretend Rach isn't there HAHA)

This isn't even all of us..but I like it.
Some of the sweetest and nicest people in my class.
(My Sister Stole My Man Cause My B***** Left)
We came up with this acronym to remember the magazine elements for digital graphics and the sad part is the question didn't even come out -.-
Our Scriptwriting class (some of us anyway) with Ms. Shana.
Our last selfie on campus.

(I don't like my face in this photo, HAHA)

This was us, studying for our finals.

We watched Finding Dory, and it was funny and touching for the most part. We had dinner at Kenny Rogers afterwards. It was so funny because Shern kept complaining about everyone picking on him when we were just calling him out for saying ridiculous things. Then there was the immortal fly the guys kept trying to kill but it wouldn't die. Nay asked them to try not to swear for the rest of the night, not even one second later, Shern was like "What the f***, there's a goddamn fly!" Nay and I looked at each other and shook our heads.

We had ice cream at McDs, Nay, Imran and I got chocolate sundaes while Shern got two Chocotops. He bit one before we took a photo of the ice cream -_-
The next day, I went to watch the Conjuring 2 with Nelly, Wern Ni, Prahveen, Yap and Laith. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. There were some parts when Wern Ni and I were squeezing hands and saying "Oh my gosh!" A couple of guys behind us were damn noisy and kept commenting on the movie. GOD. PEOPLE, we're in the cinema, please don't talk so loudly -_- So annoying.
Throwback to when I slept over at Nay's house.
Most members of our Mamak gang.
Prahveen, Wern Ni, Me, Nelly. Yap
I didn't realize we're all almost the same height ._. 
Fishes <3
Here's to all those times we went for runs together, got sunburned at the beach, tried out new places to eat, watched movies, played badminton and dared each other to do embarrassing things :D
Also to the time when they stole my bag and expected me to chase after them, but I just chilled with the guys until they came back. HAHA.
Damn boss lah these guys.

When we stayed back to have dinner together and take photos.

Diana, Hui Ling, Rina and Lee Hui.

I wasn't supposed to look at the camera, hehe.

Making faces.
What I look like when I go to university.
Sometimes I wear a dress or skirt..when I'm not too lazy.
When you want to take a selfie together but there's just too many of you.

I can't believe our first year has ended so fast. On some days, it still feels like it hasn't even been a year. I'm SO glad that we'll be sticking together for another year before we start our degree. I'll miss them so much after we graduate. I feel unbelievably lucky that I ended up in Taylor's, and met people who I get along with despite having different life experiences.

Nelly and I joined the BBC (Best Buddies Connect) programme which is for being friends to international students and I have a feeling it's going to be fun! We get the opportunity to go on trips to KL and to organize events for international students, as well as making friends with them.

We saw DK L'atour (a building near Taylor's under construction) on fire when we went for the BBC workshop and it was insane. The fire spread down a couple of floors too. It's a good thing no one is living there.

I'm feeling restless during this break, even though I've been working and I did volunteer photography work for two events recently. I miss the intellectual stimulation and studying ._. Thinking about taking some online courses but I feel kinda lazy -.- and it'd mess with my plans to meet up with friends.

I still have to work on my SHINE reflections and photography. I went out a couple of times and it was fun, but I want to do something meaningful so badly. Ry suggested part-time modeling but I am so awkward at it.

Them Feels Tho:
I recently started opening up about my feelings and thoughts to someone about a situation I'm in, and I'm surprised at how good it feels to let it all out, and what a relief it is not to pretend to be okay when I'm not. I also asked a few questions that I was afraid to know the answers to; but desperately wanted to know them and the answers weren't what I expected..which is great. That someone also opened up to me, and I feel like we're closer and understand each other a lot better now than we did before.

It strikes me as ironic that I'm a communications student, and yet I'm so bad at communicating effectively about things that matter. But I'm learning, and hopefully getting better at it. My only regret is not doing it months ago.

In a way, I still think that sometimes it's better not to say anything in some situations. I had an unpleasant experience yesterday with someone who I considered a friend and his friend, and I was absolutely disgusted with his behavior.

I was so close to sarcastically saying hurtful things back to him but I stopped myself from doing it. Even though I think he deserved to have some harsh words flung back in his face, I would never have forgiven myself for stooping to his level and being so vile and hurtful. I'm cutting contact with him until... I don't know.. something changes, I guess.

It's funny how you can know someone for so long and never really know them. It's also strange that feelings and situations can change so much over the years and you end up somewhere you never thought you'd be.

Do you ever wonder about what sets you apart from everyone else? People have told me that they can always recognize me anywhere, even if I change my hair color + style, don't wear makeup or wear comfy clothes (hoodie + leggings instead of body fitting clothes) and I can't figure out why.

I kinda think it's because I have a stuck up vibe that not many people have, HAHA. I have a certain posture and facial expression which a lot of friends have said made them think I was lansi (like since forever, people have told me that) In a way, I much rather have people assuming that I'm arrogant and intimidating, instead of insecure and shy (like I really am..kinda) because people are too afraid to take advantage of me or hit on me.

Most of the people I know either have the "friendly and approachable", "awkward and likable", "cute and fluffy" or "cool and chill" vibe. I wish I could be like that sometimes. Overall, I'm okay with being the way I am. It just makes it hard for me to get people to warm up to me based on their first impression of me.

I hate it when people make snide remarks about my makeup. I know I'm no makeup guru and I don't exactly have the best skills but it's so rude when people just outright insult me to my face. I don't mind constructive criticism, like if a friend points out that my eyeliner is smudged or my eyebrows are off but I can't stand it when people mock me.

You think I don't realize that my eyeliner is thick and slightly uneven? You try doing eye makeup on monolids and see how easy it is. And you have no *bleep*ing idea how hard it is to have identical cat liner, especially with my limited eyesight.

I struggle with a hot temper. When situations like that arise, I feel the fury inside of me boiling up and I feel like stabbing them with a fork. Over the years, I've learned to control myself and I haven't had any outbursts for years, but sometimes I feel like it would have been so satisfying to tear into them and criticize every aspect of their character. 

It's mostly about the intention, honestly. I know when friends are trying to help and I appreciate that even if it's kinda embarrassing. Snide comments like that are made with the intention of stabbing at someone's self-confidence to hurt them and make them feel embarrassed about their imperfections, which is just malicious. Maybe I'm blowing things out of proportion but I believe my feelings are valid. People who intentionally insult others just to feel better about themselves can just fork right off. I have no desire to be friends with people who think their behavior is justified.

I try not to let it bother me, and it helps that I don't associate with people who behave like that in my daily life but it helps to rant about it, HAHA. I have a habit of holding grudges, sadly.

I'm been enjoying semester break so far. I'm kinda worried because my sleeping habits are out of whack and I feel lazy these days even though I'm working part-time. I have to buy new swimwear; I'm going on a 5-day trip to the beach next week.

Anyway, till next time!

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