Fourth Semester: Midway


I was re-reading my old blog the other day (okay, just yesterday) to look back on my high school days. It was surprising to notice how different it was back then. Just compare the blog design of that blog and this one (and my review blog) and see how it contrasts. BananaChocolateMaine was colorful and bright, while my journal and review blog has a more minimalist design. 

I analysed the writing styles. On my old blog, I always sounded happy and drunk all the time, even when I wasn't. My current writing style is more serious and focused on various subjects, instead of being all over the place. Content-wise, I delve into my life in university in detail nowadays. It used to be about sleeping in class and joking around with my friends. 

Reading my old blog also made me feel nostalgic and miss my old school/church/tuition friends. I'm so glad I had the foresight to blog about my years in high school because I'd honestly forgotten about most of what happened, even the insignificant moments but those little things actually meant a lot to me, and still does..even years later. I'm sorry, I like to reminisce. 

Sometimes I wonder if some of those old friends who I used to be so close to (and still chat with, but rarely meet up with), would even recognize me now. Or if we'd still be as close as we used to be. We're all in different places, studying different courses and becoming very different people.  

Family trip to PD.
From left: Ian, Ryan, Mum, Dad, me.

Guess who's adopted? .... obviously it's Ryan. I still can't tell if I look more like Ian or Ryan. 
We definitely don't look anything like Charlene though. HAHA.

(3.9.16): Saturday:
Kinda lazy to write this post because I have to dig up all the photos from Google Drive. My photo album on my laptop has been hopelessly disorganized since I got it repaired. IT BOTHERS ME. Sigh. Planning to finish writing this by today or tomorrow. 

I think I'm becoming a snob when it comes to the quality of photos. I can't stand the grainy images that phones produce anymore. When I have free time, I want to go to Taman Cahaya (or is it Botani now?), cycle around and take photos. Have to get other people to come with me, cause I know I'd get lost alone. 

P.S. Happy birthday, DD! <3 a.k.a. Dapple, Unicorn, (and all your other numerous nicknames). Since high school, we've always talked about how much we love getting letters in the mail (and how it never happens) and I wanted to do it this year but I was so busy that it completely slipped my mind. Still writing that letter though. I'm horrible at giving gifts because I never know what people want, unless I know them really well. 

On a side note, I love handwritten letters so much.. I have a box full of ones that I've gotten for my birthday and Christmas. I kept a few letters in a folder but it went missing a few years ago :( I'd definitely take a letter and a hug over money or a gift any day. Also because I feel bad when people spend their money on me. HAHA. I still remember when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I said "Just a hug." and his expression was like "Bruh, are you hitting on me?" My reaction be like "No, I just like hugging, okay? Shut up." So he shut up and hugged me. HAHA. But seriously, hugs <3

(1.8.16): Monday
First day of my fourth semester! Rachel kept saying I'm glowing and I look so happy, and I'm like 'whut', cause I don't feel that happy. HAHA. I had lunch with Nelly and Nicky before class. Went to class, and went up to as many people as I could to hug them and catch up for a bit. After class, I walked with Nay and Imran to the hallways. I felt bad cause I sat with Rach for the first half of class, then with Nelly, instead of the NCIS. I got to class earlier than them, so I ended up in the opposite side of the class.

Nay was hugging me while walking backwards, I was laughing and saying "Girl, people be staring at you like.." Kim Yong was walking behind us and he said hi after staring bemusedly at us. Imran said my hair is like a rainbow, and I was like "Yayyy". He cut his hair and it actually suits him well. They had to settle their fees and go back early, so I said goodbye to them. Went to the mamak with the mamak gang. It's only the first day, and we're already planning out which events we want to attend during this semester, gosh. I wanna go for the LED night run! IT LOOKS SO GLOWY, I CANNOT RESIST. 

Nelly was in the crew for the Nick Vujicic event, and she met a lot of people. She showed us a group photo of them. Wern Ni pointed out one guy she thought was cute, and we trolled Prahveen and Yap into thinking that the guy we were talking about was Prahveen by swapping that photo with Prahveen's futsal interview photo. They didn't really believe us cause we were laughing so hard at that. Wern Ni was saying "Nooo, noo it's not you!" to Prahveen and saying "EH. Don't lah, you two!" to me and Nelly. Then Yap swiped the screen, and showed Prahveen's female doppelganger (Indira Gandhi). and said "No, this one is better looking." Everyone laughed so hard, tears were literally streaming down our faces. It's so fun to be back together and pick on each other. 

We spotted Aishah, Maureen, Shern, Rina and Eunice at Subway, so we went over to talk to them for a couple of minutes. Eunice and I were making plans to go shopping before dance class on Wednesdays cause we have no class on that day. I miss our dance friends and Maybelline. Hugged them goodbye before we left for the bus stop. We're all feeling tired and lazy after the long break we've had. Terry and his friends actually invited Nay and I to go to Langkawi with them this week, since they're on a month plus long semester break, but we just started classes :( NOOO. 

Ms. Judith is our lecturer again for the third semester (our of four) and she was like "Haiyahhh, I have to see your faces again." while we were all excited and teasing her by saying "Eh, Ms. Judith, last sem you said this will be the last time I see you, but now...?" Some of us even took last day photos when we submitted our research paper and hugged her last semester cause we thought "Well, this is goodbye" but it wasn't. YAY. SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER AS A LECTURER AGAIN. 

She taught us College Study Skills in the first semester, then Academic Writing in the third semester and now she's teaching us Communication Research Methods. I honestly think she's one of the best lecturers we have, because she really puts all her effort into making sure we understand the material and making it an interactive class (even though it's difficult to involve us in discussions). 
From left: Aishah, Me, Nay, Ms. J, Yap, Imran, Rach, Rina, Lee Hui.

Words can't describe how exhilarated I feel today. This was an amazing day.

I told a few people my results and I mentioned that I feel like I should have tried harder and done better. They said that they would have been extremely happy with my results, and it made me feel ashamed because I know I'm constantly insanely high goals for myself and not being satisfied with what I have achieved.

(2.8.16): Tuesday

Second day of classes! Only had Marketing today from 8-10 am. We already know our lecturer (Edward Koh) cause he's our programme director, so it wasn't awkward at all. He went into the introduction of marketing, and it was quite interesting. Stayed back after class to inquire about the internship process for next semester. Nay and I were catching up on this and that, and discussing a whole bunch of topics cause we weren't able to do that yesterday. Then we went to the academic office to collect our dean's list award letter (which I left in Rina's car later on..fml) with Nelly, Nicky, Yap, Wern Ni and we bumped into our other coursemates there. 

In the first semester, I think half to 70% of my class was on the Dean's List. Second semester, four of us (Nay, me, Imran, Maureen) and last semester, there's six of us (Nay, me, Imran, Maureen, Nelly, Rachel). I'm so proud of all of us :3 IMO, Communications is theoretically easy to grasp, but the practical work requires a ton of effort and creativity, it's not something which you can simply do and expect an A on. 

Eunice, Rina and Aishah invited me and Nay to watch a movie with them. Nay refused cause she's not a fan of horror movies, but I agreed.  I said goodbye to her, and the mamak gang. Rina drove the four of us to Sunway Pyramid. We went to eat breakfast at McDs first, then shoppingggg for a short while. 

The horror movie we watched was "Lights Out" and it was SO GOOD that it was bad. Cause it scared the crap out of us. We didn't finish our popcorn cause we all wanted our hands free to cover our faces during the scary parts (which was practically the whole movie). I was laughing so hard at Rina, who was sitting next to me because she kept freaking out and cussing. I'm usually not a fan of horror movies, but I find them very intriguing.  We talked about how our hearts were racing so fast after leaving the cinema.

Then we went shopping afterwards. All I can say is..I have more self-control when it comes to impulsive purchases than I thought. Rina and Aishah are insane about makeup. When we went into Sephora, it was nearly impossible to drag them out of there. HAHA. I'm not as much of a shopaholic as I thought I was. Rina had to leave early, so the rest of us went to eat at Pepper Lunch.The food there is deliciousssss. We were sharing stories about our life experiences and discussing our relationship with coursemates. (Namely, how our group of friends changed over the semesters) 

I went to the train station around 7 pm, and reached home at 8 pm. The moment I stepped out of the car, I had to jump into Jun Ann's car -.- with Ryan and Charlene. We (along with AA, AC, Mum) went to eat at Sakae Sushi. Then we had dessert in Ace of Queens. I think I saw someone from my primary school but I wasn't sure and I didn't dare to approach her cause it's been 7 years since I last saw her. HAHA. Charlene and I were doodling on a paper and disturbing Ann a lot. It was 12.30 am by the time we finally got back, and I was dead tired because I had been awake since 5 am. 

(4.8.16): Thursday 

My laptop's hard drive crashed a few weeks ago, but luckily my warranty has Dell's on-site repair service (which coincidentally ends this month) and I had it repaired for free today. Thankfully I'm quite consistent in backing up all my assignments, photos, videos and other documents to Google Drive and I did that just a few days prior to the hard drive failure. I did lose all my notes, programs and music. 

I don't care so much about the notes because I remember most of the important things I noted down and I can always download the programs and music again. The sad part is I lost most of my PD trip photos that I took for the first two days of the trip because I ignored my instinct to back them up. I'm not sure if I'll be able to recover them. I FEEL SO UPSET RIGHT NOW. URGHHHH. I'm going to be more diligent in backing up all my data from now on. It's so infuriating to lose data and not be able to recover it. I've already backed up all of the photos and videos from my phone and iPod recently, just in case anything happens. 

(7.8.16): Sunday
Went out with Ann, Charlene, Viv and Mich to Mid Valley. Ended up watching Suicide Squad even though I wasn't planning to.. I have a weird aversion to the latest DC movies. My opinion on the movie? (SPOILER ALERT) I liked Deadshot and Harley Quinn but I feel like the rest of the characters lacked screentime or were too two-dimensional. I was not a fan of the adaptation of Joker because they turned him from a psychopath into a lovesick maniac. The plot was underwhelming and the villains weren't convincing enough for me. What I did like were the funny one-liners and the visual/sound effects were amazing, but I don't think it's worth watching again. (END SPOILER) 

We went shopping and I bought things which I kinda regret buying but I know that I'll need to use eventually. One of the things I purchased is a plain black clutch purse from Forever 21. Ann purchased the exact same one, and we were saying that now we have matching black leather backpacks and clutch purses. The purse costed RM69, which is insane for me. I bought a handbag a while ago which only costed RM40 or so.

(8.8.16): Monday
I got huggggsssss. Yeah, that's the highlight of my day. I was so tired today, I skipped having lunch with the others to sleep in for a while. Nelly, Wern Ni and I were discussing some guys that they (not me!) were 'stalking' and joking about whether the girls in the photos with them were their girlfriends or not ("No lah, that's confirmed his sister! <- said about a photo with the caption: Happy anniversary and I love you.") We're obviously joking. Diana wasn't here last week, so she came over to give me a hug. I was sitting down, and before I could warn her, she hugged me really tight and my lipstick ended up on her shirt. HAHA. I was trying to say "Not too tight! Lipstick" but all she heard was "Mmmfrmmm rmmmm, rrrrrr" Eunice gave me a hug too, heheh. (Yes, I'm seriously documenting every hug I get) 

(9.8.16): Tuesday
We had a four-hour break in between classes, so Nay suggested going for lunch off-campus. Imran drove us the place she recommended: Spice Road in USJ 11. I ordered the tandoori chicken set with naan, and it was so good.  Okay, I don't remember anything after that besides going to class and feeling really full. I vaguely remember going out that night but I forgot what I did, HAHA. (Yeah, my memory's that bad) ... I think I ate pizza. Maybe. 

Tandoori chicken set.
Lime juice and soup that came with the set.

Spice Road

They found out about my blog. (Was that today? I think it was.) HEY GUYS. I hope you're ready to die from second-hand embarrassment from reading what I write. (Update: 16.8.16. We were Skyping last night to discuss our research paper and Imran did a dramatic recital of my blog...Now I'm embarrassed for him cause he had to read all that crap. HAHAHA. Just kidding, YOU SUCK IMRAN.)

(10.8.16): Wednesday
Charlene came over to my house when I was having my lunch. I convinced her to try eating some fried pan mee. She asked me "What are you eating?" I said "Mee Hoon Kueh." at first. She said "Hah? What's that?" So I told her, "It's something like pan mee." She just gave me a blank stare. I said "It's made of flour." She said "Whattt? Is that even nice?" 

She said it tasted like pasta and I was like "Whatttt? Got meh?" Ann took us out to the mall so we could go shopping and just hangout. We started teaching Charlene all the Malaysian and Chinese phrases we knew. She kept insisting that we were pronouncing words wrongly but we told her we were just saying it the Malaysian way which was not wrong because we're in Malaysia, therefore we speak like Malaysians do. 

We planned to buy contact lenses. We took forever to decide which one to get. I settled on blue contact lens from Freshkon, which they eventually chose as well. So now we've all got the same one. I hope the contact lens won't look too fake though. To be honest, I like wearing specs because I push them up when I get nervous as a habit and it makes me anxious when it's not on my face ._. 

Ann turned to me and asked "Sooo, how's your boyfriend?" I countered with "What boyfriend? How's yours?" She just gave me her signature "Maine, why you so annoying? Why you not answering my question? Don't make me kill you" look. I'm serious, she's been giving me this look since we were babies. We started talking about relationships and old friends for a while, I asked Charlene if she'd ever tell aunt one, aunt two and her mum if she was dating someone. She shook her head frantically and said "NOOOOO. I won't." I asked Ann and she reacted the same way. We all agreed that we wouldn't introduce our SO to our family until we decide to get married. "Ma, I got engaged!" "Hah, you got boyfriend meh?!" I don't think people will understand why we plan to do this, if they don't know our family. 

Our parents share the opinion that there is a certain type of the "ideal guy" for us to marry. And so far, neither Ann or me has fallen in love with that kind of guy (Charlene is fourteen, so she has plenty of time to get one, heheh). My mum used to tell me that I should marry/date Christian guys, preferably Chinese (but it's okay if he's not), rich (I think she was joking, but with my mum, you can never tell) and (she hasn't said this, but implied it) is a perfect gentleman. It probably disappoints her that the guys I go for are usually non-Christians, not Chinese and not exactly rich. Oh, and I really like guys who are sometimes jackasses (keyword: sometimes).  In the "making fun of me and annoying the hell out of me" sense, not the abusive, condescending type. 

My biggest concern would be the religious aspect since I'm quite firm in my faith and I know that X is quite devoted to his religion as well. Ann was asking me if I would ask him to convert to Christianity, and I said no. I think that religion is a choice, and I don't want anyone to convert for me. People should convert to another religion if they genuinely believe in the teachings of it and in that particular God.  

Ann was/is worried about future kids. I mentioned how growing up in a Christian family doesn't always mean that your faith is real and how sometimes kids feel like they're pressured to be a Christian. I was born and raised in a Christian family, but I never truly felt like one until after I went for a training camp and felt God's presence there during worship and prayer. The funny thing is I started being less involved in church after that, and my relationship with God started being the only thing that mattered to me (over the obligations, social interactions, people's perception of me). Again, it leads back to choice and experience. I would encourage my children (if I have any) to go to church and everything, but I want them to make their own choices. (whoops, went off topic there)

(11.8.16): Thursday
We wore matching shirts :3

So...I don't remember much about today. 

The highlight of my day: Taking a long nap in the theatrette after lunch. Nelly and Wern Ni napped too. We all slept on the beanbags. It was so comfy. I went for class and Levy gave me a hug, and said I looked really sleepy. HAHA. 

A friend from high school asked me why I don't send voice messages anymore. (I was constantly sending them to everyone back in 2013 and 2014, because I was too lazy to type.) My reason being, I hardly use Whatsapp these days and I don't think I'll ever use it on a daily basis. If I received a voice message, and reply days later instead of immediately, I'll definitely forget everything that we were discussing or crapping about (._.) Another slightly more embarrassing reason is I always sound like I'm high when I send voice messages. I'm completely incapable of being serious (unless if I'm crying or pissed off about something) and I have no filter at all. At least that's how I used to be. I've realized that it's getting harder for me to be that person I was in high school. Not because I'm not that person anymore, but because I'm a lot more wary about what I say and do. 

(11.8.16): Friday:
We had to do a short presentation on one type of show from the 60s in pairs. Ours was on variety shows, and we chose the Ed Sullivan to talk about. We showed a short clip of The Beatles performance on the show, then Imran gave an intro on what the show is about. I talked about the controversial issues related to the show (the civil rights movement and mental health issues) in like less than five sentences. HAHA. I don't know why I suddenly felt so apprehensive :( Public speaking scares me crap out of me still, I guess. 

TV Genre class ended early, so Eunice, Levy and I went downstairs to grab something to eat and talk. We discussed a couple of movies we watched recently and other more personal issues. Poor Yap and Imran had to stay in class to take care of our belongings. *evil laugh* (nah, just kidding. Thanks guys)

In our TV production class, we had to do a long take video (no editing). Ms. Leong guided us on how to use the camcorder, everyone was saying "WOWWWW" when we got to see the projection of the video on the floor. Imran came up with a spy-themed idea. It starts off with Levy, Diana (as the 'Boss'), Nina as Team One in the elevator. I was hiding in the corner to press the button to keep the elevator open. They walk out, and start searching for Team Two (Imran, Eunice, me). I hid with Eunice. Diana's talking on the phone like a gangster boss. Imran circles twice around her and swaps the camera with Levy. The three of us run to a spot behind her and pose. We did a couple of rehearsals beforehand, and shot the take three times to get the perfect one. I couldn't stop laughing at how Levy moved when she was doing the search. It was fun. 

Eunice, Imran, Yap and I went to eat at Miso because Yap was craving Korean food. All of us were asking each other "What you wanna eat?" and answering "Anything." when asked. #Malaysians. I ordered the BBQ chicken rice...annnddd I couldn't finish it so they helped me out. #thanksguys

(16.8.16): Tuesday
Someone thought I dating a friend in our course because we went everywhere together during one semester. I kinda noticed over the years, that the guys I'm usually the closest to are the ones who I have no romantic attraction to at all. It sounds weird but it's true. I feel more comfortable and secure in friendships when I know that the guy isn't someone I'll ever fall for. 

Shern was gloating about how we were suffering without him. Ms. Judith said we MUST have four in a group, but Shern is not in our Communication Research Methods class (we'd make sure he's in our group if he was) so we have to choose someone from the Kuruvi group cause they have five peeps. We wanted Prahveen but he doesn't want to abandon his friends (cause he's sorta the leader for them when it comes to assignments). No idea what we're going to do now. It's hard for us to get members in our group besides our usual N.C.I.S. when it comes to groups of 4 because people in our class have the perception that we're intensely serious when it comes to assignments and like to have everything done quickly. It's somewhat true, but not very accurate :( 

We went to Dapur (formerly Chic-a-licious) for lunch. We had a discussion about personality types, and convinced Shern to take the test. He was grumbling about how the test was bull-sheet the whole time but he did it anyway. I read up on his personality type afterwards and I wanted to laugh because it accurately describes him. He even admitted that it sounded like him. 

(17.8.16): Wednesday
Eunice, me, Imran, Nay.

In the car.

Polaroid photo.

Walking around the Uni Square.
My favorite new leather bag, which sadly I can't fit an A4 sized folder or laptop into.
My baju kebaya design.

We made plans to meet up at Nay's house before we left. Eunice and I reached early, tried to call Nay but she didn't answer so we talked to each other for about 10 minutes. I said "Eh, wait, should we try calling her again?" Eunice replied "Oh yeah ah, I forgot about that." We had breakfast and got to try drinking the Australian Milo. It's quite nice but so different from the Malaysian one. Imran arrived, and we were on our way to MMU soon after. We spotted Yap and Prahveen the moment we stepped out of the car. Then we went to the registration area, where we saw Ms. Shana, Ms. Leong and Levy. Nina arrived later.

The Planet Radio event wasn't exactly what I expected it to be, but it was okay. I don't think it was a waste of time, but I feel like most of what they said, I've already heard from JJ (formerly from when he spoke at the iLead Conference. The atmosphere made me feel so sleepy. On the bright side, I finally got to see what MMU looks like (most of my cousins chose to study there), sit on the grass to talk with friends and we got free stuff. Eunice and I were freaking out because Dennis Yin literally stood right next to us when we were buying fried chicken. I don't even know why I got so excited, I'm not exactly a huge fan ._.  We saw Ryan from and HE HAD BLONDE HAIR. Like what even.

After the event, we went back to Nay's house. Listened to music, had conversations about this and that and even napped a bit before we changed our clothes to get ready for the International Night event. The performances were good. Some were unusual (the Indonesian dance), confusing (the fashion walk) and interesting (Jynn Lim playing the harmonica). We went to Baskin' Robbins for ice cream later that night. 

(18.8.16): Thursday
I vaguely remember Nay, Imran and I going to an X-Space to discuss our assignment but we ended up snoozing a bit. We had lunch with Shern, and tried to make him hit on a girl but he was too ayam to do it. Then again, it would be hypocritical for me to judge him since I've never hit on a guy before because I too chicken also HAHA. Honestly, if you'd told me that Nay and I would be friends with Shern and Imran in the first semester, I wouldn't have believed you. Then again, my perception of them was very different in the previous semesters compared to now. I don't mean it in a bad way, I guess we kinda saw them as part of the huge group of "cool kids" (ah noe rite) who were unapproachable but once we got to know them, it was like "Hmmmmmm...okay, not what we expected at all." 

(20.8.16): Saturday
Nay, Imran and I attended the TEDxKL event in Calvary Convention Centre. 
Resonance was the theme of the event.

They gave us a bag of brochures and stuff...

We changed seats several times during our breaks.This was taken during the last session.
Alena Murang was one of the best speakers in my opinion. She sang a few Kenyah and Kelabit songs (first acapella, then with a sape) while the audience watched and listened, enthralled. 
Besides her, the speeches by Rajeev (heard him speak at the iLead conference earlier this year) and Saidah Rastam (she gave a really patriotic speech about Malaysia and music, it was inspiring) stood out in my mind. 
When the lights are out. 
We sat quite close to the stage on the left side of the convention centre.  
I didn't know I was this much shorter than Imran -.- 
A not very flattering photo of me Nay took.

With Nay. 
This was a somewhat candid shot on Nay's part..Imran kinda shocked her when he suddenly struck that pose.
We all wore black shirts without planning to, so yayyy.
I brought my DSLR but I asked the event organizers for permission to do so.

I watched the finals in the airport. Everyone was making disappointed sounds and saying "DAMN!" when Chong Wei lost the finals. I heard a couple of people sarcastically saying "Fuyoh, Malaysia boleh!" and "See lah, I told you not to watch the match right (followed by grumbling in Cantonese)" I just stood there for a while and stared at the screen before sighing and walking away. I saw a guy with his head in his hands, mumbling something incoherent. He looked up, looking so defeated, it made me feel sadder. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I'm just proud that Malaysian athletes made it that far. 

A.C. and Charlene went back to Netherlands. Most of the Lim family were at the airport to say goodbye. This time was a lot more subdued and casual than the previous years. I think I was too tired to really feel anything. It's possible that being so connected online through Facebook and Snapchat or whatever made us feel like we don't really feel the distance anymore. Hoping to visit them next year after I graduate from my course. 

Bye Charlene and A.C. (Aunt Chris) <3 

(Didn't write much or at all for some days because I have trouble remember what happened)

(22.8.16): Monday
Eunice had to stay at a hotel for reasons, and I didn't think it was safe for her to stay alone so I offered to teman her. We wanted to stay at Ruemz, but it was fully booked so we ended up staying at Mixx Hotel. We went to Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid before that, and filmed there. We got one of the workers to act as a waiter for us, and it was so funny because he kept grinning excitedly.  

(24.8.16): Wednesday
Stayed over at Nay's house at night cause we knew we were gonna be busy and had an early class the next day. Filmed in Imran's place all day, with a ton of Oreo breaks and cat-petting breaks. Cooked Malaysian style pasta. I spent most of the time filming them do it. HAHA. 
Perfect timing.

Malaysian style pasta! 
Chili, tomato, white onion, garlic and bunga kantan. 
That pose tho!

(26.7.16): Friday
We filmed more scenes today. Nay and I were acting as Imran's hallucinations standing over his shoulder and whispering to him. We freaked out when we watched the video. We looked so damn creepy. We went out and ate nasi kukus. It costed RM 7. 
Nasi kukus.

Snoozing on the floor.

(27.8.16): Saturday
We cooked and ate asam laksa. AND WE FINISHED FILMING. We did a scene where we ran from the carpark, then up the staircase, burst into the front door, run through the hallway then into the washroom. 
It was good.
Our expressions. So attractive.

(28.7.16): Sunday 
We stayed over at Nay's house. Imran did the editing while Nay did the storyboard and I worked on the documentation.

(29.7.16): Monday
We woke up damn early and got back to work on what we were doing the night before. Finally submitted our assignment and felt so relieved about it. We still have to submit it for the competition though. We had to go back to Nay's house to pick up the camera to return to the media hub, so we stopped by McDs to takeaway our lunch. Entered Ms. Judith's class late but she didn't mind (thankfully). 

(30.7.16): Tuesday
Eunice was sitting behind me in the computer lab with Yap. I turned around and took the hand that she held out to me. She squeezed back and we were saying hi when Yap interrupted and said "I didn't believe you (Eunice) when you told me, but oh my God, it's true. You're lesbians." I gasped, paused and said "Oh my did you know?" Eunice and I started laughing really hard at Yap's expression. Just to clarify, I'm not a lesbian, I just like to hold hands with and hug girls. We're close okay, HAHA. 

We were doing a Foley exercise in TV Production class in pairs. Eunice wanted to confide in me about something but I felt like we were whispering really loudly, so we left the class for about 10-15 minutes to talk about it in the stairwell. When we got back to class, everyone was like "Where have you been?" but we just joked about needing privacy. We're kinda going through similar situations right now, so we understand what the other is going through since we feel the exact same way. 

(31.7.16): Wednesday 
We went to Nay's house to work on our research paper. So many assignments, ughhh. Banyak stress. We did manage to have fun. 
(I think it was on this day) Nay's mum fried us some chicken, and it was so yums.
I look so chubby here, ughh. And my hair looks so green. 
We played around with the photo app on Imran's MacBook.
N.C.I. no S. 

(1.9.16): Thursday
We watched Sherlock (the British TV series)'s pilot episode in Television Genre today. Surprised that I liked it more than I did the first time I watched one of its episodes. I think it's because the subtitles helped me understand what they were saying. I remember squinting at the TV and being completely clueless when I watched it on BBC the first time. I like how British humor is sly and subtle. I've never been fond of slapstick humor, it's too exaggerated for me. Hung out at Starbucks for a while with some friends before we went to have dinner. 

(2.9.16): Friday
We had another Foley exercise and modifying music with Garageband exercise. Prahveen, Eunice, Yap, Imran, Nay, Rina, Nelly and I went to watch "Don't Breathe". It wasn't a horror movie, but it was pretty twisted and sick. 

(7.9.16): Wednesday 
I'm at home, resting on the couch where I've been since I got home last night. I felt sick the whole day in uni yesterday, but just tahan only. I was at Starbucks with Eunice, Prahveen and Yap after our last class, when we helped Ms. Leong dismantle the equipment and return it to the media hub. They were thanking me because I helped them edit their synopsis for the third assignment and they managed to get shortlisted, but I felt kinda embarrassed and told them they didn't have to thank me for anything. (Still onz for the bah kut teh lunch one day tho) Was supposed to take the train home, but I talked to my parents on the phone, when they found out I felt sick, they told me to stay on campus and they'd fetch me back. They didn't come till around 8.30 pm, so I just accompanied the rest while they did their assignments. 

My parents took me to the doctor, and he prescribed a whole bunch of medicine to me. I can't eat rice or fried food, only porridge, kuey teow, pan mee, etc because my throat hurts like hell. Reached home around 10 pm, took a quick shower and changed before crashing on the sofa until 3 am. I woke up for about half an hour, listened to music and snuggled a cat for a while before going back to sleep. Woke up at 12 pm, stayed awake for two hours, slept for another two hours and here I am now.

Prahveen signed up for the film festival ETC Magazine organized which I invited him to. He asked me to go so I signed up online. They're screening Ola Bola and The Journey, and inviting people from the film industry to speak at the forum, which I think would be a great learning experience for broadcasting students. 

Nay and Imran wanted to meet up today to work on our research paper or go to KL to scout for places to film, but I was reluctant because I suspected that I'd feel worse today. Even if I didn't feel as sickly, I'd definitely be very irritable and difficult to work with. I was thinking about our group yesterday and I feel like Imran and I disagree a lot when it comes to assignments because we almost always have conflicting opinions on how and what we should do, while Nay is just the neutral one. I feel bad about it sometimes because I dislike disagreements, but I'm not a person who just goes along with what someone says if I disagree with it. I wouldn't want to be that person either. I still think we work well as a team, it's just not perfect.

On blogging: 
When I was reading posts on some blogs, and I realized something. When I started blogging back in 2008 (the first blog I ever had was deleted because no one wants to be reminded of what they wrote when they were 11-14), people generally blogged about their life. Things they did, places they went, their rants or gushing about people in their lives. It was so entertaining to have an insight into someone's life (okay, that sounds stalkerish but I swear I don't mean it that way) and know that you're not the only one who feels a certain way. It was also a lot more genuine and relatable compared to now. 

It's honestly hard to find a blog which isn't about reviews, pseudo-reviews (advertisements disguised as reviews) or opinions on movies, books or something else. When did everything become so impersonal? It's that way on almost every platform. Instagram is about showcasing the highlights in your life . Facebook is about reposting viral videos or photos from other pages. Twitter's tweet limit drives me crazy because (as you can tell from my blog), I don't know how to limit myself to one or two sentences. I'd probably like Snapchat a lot more if it didn't have awful photo quality and lag issues on my devices.  

Something that makes me sad: Friends who used to blog (somewhat) often, now post barely once or twice a year...sometimes, not at all. (C'mon guys, lemme stalk and laugh at you pls... No pressure) Everyone's so busy these days. Haih. The worst is when you miss each other and want to meet up, but your schedules conflict and you're stuck with sending dumb selfies of yourself to them on Snapchat but never seeing them in person for months. 

On life: 
Things have changed a lot over the past year. When we went to watch movies and everyone pulled out their student IDs, I was comparing our photos from July 2015 to now (September 2016) and I was in disbelief at how different some of us looked back then, It also made me think about how different everything is: friend groups, us and how we used to spend our free time in the first semester compared to now. 

To be honest, sometimes I miss how things used to be. But I also know that my life, as it is, is much better now. I used to be close to just Nay, and didn't really make the effort to talk to other people in our class because I was too damn socially inept in the first semester. I got closer to other people in class by staying back on campus, being "onz" when they invite me out for activities or lunch, talking to other people in class about their weekends or assignments (cause I'm a busybody), helping people with assignments (when I felt sorry for them for having crappy group mates or when I was bored) and trying to pretend that I'm not socially awkward and quiet. I think it worked out pretty well. I genuinely have an interest in knowing what happens in other people's lives. I just don't act like I do, when I'm not comfortable with that particular person. 

There's a line in The Fray's Never Say Never which goes "Some things we don't talk about, rather do without and just hold the smile" which I can relate to (although it's not what it means in the song) when I write out how I feel, instead of saying it out loud. I cringe internally when I open up to someone, and my speech impediment noticeably worsens because I get emotional. Even if they're not judgmental about it. I'm always worrying about potentially slurring my speech till I'm beyond comprehension. Sometimes I think I overcompensate by using fancy words on my blogs, which I can never say out loud because I always have to keep my speech simple so I don't screw up by saying things weirdly. 

On a side note, I kinda figured out that I'm a very rojak person, in the sense that my taste in everything varies and it's hard for me to choose a favorite song/type of food/best friend/whatever. The upside is I get along with most people because I like something of everything which means I generally tend to have at least one thing in common with them. I was writing my music assignment the other day... The types of songs I like the most are ballads and acoustic songs, followed by songs from almost every other genre except for heavy metal and rap. 

Anyways, till next time! 

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