February Days


Hey there! 

This year, I've decided to post a blog post once a month. Hope I have the time and willpower to stick with it. I wanted to post daily updates but honestly, I just can't keep track of what I do everyday so I'm just going to blog about what I remember. I have a couple of Dayre posts that I wrote while on the go though.

Currently binge watching The Mentalist, one of the few TV shows that I've consistently liked over the years. There's a lot of TV shows and movies that I like 'at that time' but don't after a certain period of time. 

The company I'm interning at, The Spacemen moved to a shared house with All Is Amazing in Bangsar a few weeks ago, which is a nice change from the office space we were in prior. One thing though, we keep having visitors appear randomly. Shaun said that it's like we're in a zoo HAHA. 

Eunice and I were watching a couple of videos that In A Nutshell (the wedding videography company that Shaun, Sam and Nat are a part of) did and I actually like the idea of filming weddings. It looks so fun and happy HAHA. Shaun also showed us the different wedding video styles from different production companies, and they all give completely different vibes.

One thing about experiencing this internship is I find that my perspective on filmmaking has changed drastically. In college, we used to hear about "student film projects" and I always knew that there's a difference between the work that students and professionals do but could never really pinpoint what is was, besides the obvious lack of budget and resources that students have to deal with. 

But I've figured out that it's because our lack of experience meant a very basic perspective on filmmaking in terms of composition, framing and concept. Eunice and I have asked the guys about it, and they said it takes experience and observing what professionals do to figure it out for ourselves.

Monochromatic outfit.

Most of the clothes I wear these days are black..

Experimenting with overlays.

Eunice and I went to uni for discussion and ended up having a small photoshoot.

Still not sure if it's weird to wear sneakers with a skirt.

Eunice managed to get this candid shot HAHA.

Posing because reasons.
Office space.

Saturday (11.2.2017)

We had a videoshoot for Buro 24/7 today. Went to the studio at 10 a.m. to do the final setup arrangements, and started the shoot at 11 a.m. and we finished around 6.30 p.m. One fun thing I did? Stand on a foot ladder and dropped a very expensive iPhone 7+ from the top for someone to catch. The owner of the phone said he didn't care if it breaks and I was like O_O. 


The Spacemen logo.

Audio equipment.


After dinner, I took an Uber to KL Sentral, and the driver was really friendly. I talked to him during the whole ride and asked him about his life as a driver. Plus, the ride was free because I had a promo code for RM 5 free rides/discount for five rides from a survey Uber sent out.

Saturday (18.2.2017)

We covered a Shiseido event on Wednesday. Had to be at the venue by 7 a.m. and we ended just before midnight. As for the team, Nate was there for the morning rehearsal but he didn't come later because he went for his father's birthday party and Shaun injured his leg so he couldn't come..so it was just Josh, Jeremy, Sam, Ravin, Eunice and me for the evening event. We had all access passes😍. (I'm actually not 100% sure about who was there because of how bad my memory is when I don't deliberately keep track of things..)

We filmed the rehearsal in the morning, went for lunch and back to our office for a couple of hours before the evening event. Josh went through our footage and gave us tips on what and how to film, because we were honestly a bit clueless about what we were supposed to film. I also thought more about the framing and composition of a scene before filming something.

All Access Pass.

Using a Sony mirrorless system.

It's kinda scary to have your supervisor evaluate your work and give feedback but we do learn a lot from what he says about it and we have a better understanding on how to improve. Kinda makes me cringe when I see some of the crappier footage I took πŸ˜– but I figured out what my strengths are too.

Eunice and I decided to get more static and tracking shots because they're more usable in post-production and we're less likely to make mistakes when shooting them. We also talked about how student film projects tend to be a certain way (due to our lack of experience, foresight & equipment, non-existent budget) and asked advice on how to break out of that mold.

Styling the hair.

Putting on makeup.

One of the dancers practicing.

We went back to KLCC, and started filming the behind the scenes in the backstage prep area. Got to see all the models with their makeup and costumes on, and it was so fun to watch the dancers rehearsing, and seeing how some of the models struggled to walk properly cause their costumes were so inconvenient, HAHA. 

Then we went to another hall for the pre-event; where they had a red carpet, awards ceremony, food and drinks, and everyone was dressed to the nines, in evening dress and suits (I stuck to The Spacemen dress code; I wore literally all black from head to toe to remain inconspicuous.) 

Really happy that I managed to get hands-on experience with different types of lens; 55 mm (closeup) and 35 mm (wide angle) prime lens. We usually use prime lens at work, which is quite different from when we were filming for university assignments and just used our basic kit lens. 

One guy started talking to me when I was filming people walk down the red carpet, and I started chatting with him and his friend for a while. I told them I'm from The Spacemen, and they were like "Ohh, we heard of that." I asked them where they were from too, and they told me they were shooting for Shiseido. 

I was going to ask them if they were college students freelancing cause they looked about my age, or younger but then I had to go closer to the stage to film. I talked to them again when Eunice and I were looking for a place to charge our camera batteries (we all had spare batteries). I wanted to laugh because Eunice looked so confused when they started talking to us like we all already know each other but she just met them πŸ˜‚. They were really friendly though.  

While shooting the on-stage event, I was assigned to the side of the stage right next to the crane. I had to bend down most of the time to avoid getting hit. I dropped my phone and didn't realize, but someone was nice enough to give it back to me (thank you so much!). 

I was filming some scenes in the backstage, and these two guys in freaking scary costumes came up close to me and said in creepy voices while staring at me "Hey, what you doin' back there, huh?" "Yeah. what ya doin'?." I didn't say anything because I didn't know whether to laugh or run away screaming. So I just went "Err..." and smiled. 

Then they laughed and walked away. One of them came up to me later, and said he was sorry for scaring me, but I actually found it pretty funny. He talked to me and Eunice, and said his name was Mozart. She took a photo of him.

I saw him onstage after that, he was part of the performance with the aerial dancers.

They locked the doors towards the end. One model who was done and wanted to go home, approached me and asked me if I knew a way to get out. So I guided her to the very hidden door backstage that the staff (usually security and videographers) used. There was also a time when I was taking a break from filming because the crane was in the way, and people kept coming up to me to ask where the very hidden-by-curtains toilet (that was only a few feet away from where we were standing) was. I just pointed and smiled. I should have been an usher HAHA. 

After the event ended, and all the guests left, we took photos with the Shiseido team before we went back. I was exhausted, but mostly because I woke up at 4.30 a.m. that day, and partially from not being fit enough to hold up a camera and keep it still for hours on end πŸ˜… I definitely have to do more workouts for strengthening my arms. 

Went to work after lunch the next day. Jeremy said I was lucky because I got to use the desktop with the huge screen. We started on editing the clips we want to keep. Eunice had 400 clips, and I had around 370.. so yeah. Shaun was giving us tips on how to organize our footage properly and what clips to keep, so we learned something new πŸ˜‚

Josh came over to where we were working and asked to see our footage. I heard what he said but my mind wasn't working properly, so it took a moment of silence before I said "Ohh, you meant me first." Eunice went "Pffttt" and I swear Josh was mentally facepalming himself. Shaun said "Oh oh, did something happen again?" 

I was embarrassed but my sense of humor kept me from banging my head on the desk and asking myself why I'm such a dunderhead. As for Shaun's comment, he's referring to when we were still in the old office, and I was so hyper-focused on editing, that I didn't notice all the people talking to me and trying to catch my attention until they waved their hands in my face.. and that happened twice in the same day. They couldn't stop laughing at me when it happened. Yeah.. I wish I was a little less oblivious. 

Dinner at Antipodean Cafe.

Had a cookie after cause I was still hungry.

Eunice ordered avacado bun with bacon and mushrooms.. it looks so gooddd. 

We've been using FoodPanda a lot over the past few weeks.

Thursday (23.2.2017)

We've been helping Chris with the preparation for the SEA Games promo video and we went to a costume shop, Aron Nawi to rent the outfits. The guy was a former wardrobe and makeup stylist for Astro so he gave us a lot of tips on what to get. 

We asked him how to wrap the Laos outfit and he ended up making me a mannequin πŸ˜‚ 
Eunice and Chris experienced it too, but not as elaborately as I did. 

We were at the shop for longer than expected, and I didn't have breakfast. Only got to eat at 4 pm, but Chris paid for most of it :D We had plenty of leftovers that we let the guys have when they got back from shooting in KL.

Friday (24.2.2017)

Woke up at 4.30 a.m. because I was scared of being late since GreenCow Studios is pretty far from where I live. Ended up being the first to reach.. even before the studio staff were there. First time seeing a huge green screen. We set up the lighting and green screen, along with all the props, equipment and wardrobe area. I was assigned to help Josh note down the shots and manage the lighting, ,while Eunice dealt with the talents and props.

The mascot outfit.



Example of what it looks like.

We had to come up with different actions after he received the flag and this was one of the funniest.

Melody wearing the Laos outfit the way it's supposed to be worn. Funny thing is Chris shared the photo of me wearing it to the group and Jeremy (who is my cousin) said "Didn't know you had an Indian cousin" and now his sister's wearing it HAHAHA.

Fendy messing around with the mascot head. Freaking hilarious.

One of the funniest shoots that we've ever done. Nat had to brush down the fur to make it look smooth. The first time, the mascot guy was like "Dei, what you doing?" Josh was saying he thought that Nat was simply petting him for no reason, but we had to explain that he needed to smooth out the fur. So every time he did it, everyone was trying to contain their laughter.

Eunice played the role of the Vietnamese ambassador. So proud of her and I feel bad because I accidentally poked her with a pin while helping her with her outfit. This is why it's a good thing I wasn't in charge of wardrobe HAHA.

Writing down shots.

Being a director's assistant is actually pretty fun.

Solo OOTD shot.

My faded hair.

Wearing The Spacemen 'uniform': Black tops with dark jeans.

Been taking Uber and Grabcar a lot these days. A couple of drivers cancelled on us because of the rain and jam. I told Eunice that I would pay the driver who shows up RM 10 (Fee was RM 4) and I did. I think I confused him when I said "Please keep the change" but he was so happy and he kept saying thank you HAHA. Sadly the cafe we were at ran out of food and drinks damn early, so we had to go to McDs instead. The Uber driver was friendly so we joked with him about how the cafe didn't have food and we were damn hungry even though we ate twice that day πŸ˜‚

Went to Eunice's house after we had dinner to wait for my dad. I had to send the shot list to Sam, so I did it on her laptop since I didn't bring mine and send it to him on Telegram. I sent it through her account and wrote "^ from Maine" and he replied with "Thanks - ^ From Sam" from his own account HAHA. 

Spent some time talking to her parents about our internship and what we did that day. Her mom kept trying to get me to eat and I kinda wanted to but I was really full from dinner :l So cute to watch how Eunice and her sisters interact and how different it is from having brothers πŸ˜‚Her mom was saying how her sisters treated her like a baby and I cannot tahan my laughter.


I stumbled across the song, "Que Sera Sera - Whatever Will Be, Will Be". I learned this song on the piano many years ago, when I was about 6 or 7, and back then, it was just a catchy tune with a funny title to me. 

It made me think about how I've spent the last few years of my life worrying about what will happen in the future, about things that I can't control. My struggle with the unpredictable, and leaving everything to fate. Along with not being able to let go of my past and break free from things that hold me back because I'm afraid of the unknown. 

I feel like subconsciously, I'm always trying to be cool like everyone else and hiding my dorkiness because I'm afraid of people judging me for being someone they don't expect me to be. But that's who I am, my social ineptness is an inherent part of me. As well as being quiet, studious, oblivious and whatever the heck I am. 

I don't want to be afraid of being myself anymore, on my blog and in real life. Sometimes I read the posts I've written and thought back to old conversations, and it freaks me out that I don't recognize the people who wrote and said those things. It feels like I hid who I am so much, I lost my sense of self. 

There's so many photos in this post, and not a single selfie HAHA. I keep telling myself I should take them more often, but it's something I have to think about doing and I usually don't.

The guys said that the most important lesson about the media industry is we never stop learning and we constantly have to be aware of the latest techniques and trends when it comes to filmmaking. 

I think that while we've learned a lot in university, it's incomparable to what we learn through hands-on experience and observing the way professionals work. Pretty glad that I took diploma because I can apply the insight I've gained to my final project and degree in the future.

I feel conflicted sometimes. I love working at The Spacemen, but I kinda miss university life: studying, extracurricular activities and everything else about it sometimes. One month left of internship, and I feel like I'll miss it a lot. 

Anyway, till next time!

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