March Memories

A rose in a glass by the window in a cafe. 
<Shot with Pixel and edited with PopAGraph for monochrome effect>

Hey there!

It's the final month of my internship and I'll be going back to university soon. I feel sad but I hope that I'll have the chance to work with The Spacemen again in the future. I'm very grateful for the advice and guidance that everyone gave me (and Eunice). Not just about the industry and how to improve as a photographer/videographer, but for the personal advice about life; changing our views on our plans for the future and making me think about the distinction between who I am and who I want to be.

I haven't been keeping track of what I do everyday but I've taken a ton of photos when I remembered to, so there's still something I can write about :)

On a side note, for some reason, not all of my posts are showing up on my main blog pages so it's better to go through the archive if you're looking for older posts 😛

Monday (27.2.2017)

(Not in March, but in the same I went to university to submit my internship report since my internship is over (on paper - but I extended it for another month). Got to see most of my friends and hugged a whole bunch of people. I was surprised that they were relieved that their internships were over, cause I'd be pretty sad when I leave The Spacemen at the end of March.

Had a brief catching-up session with Nay, Shern and Eunice in Starbucks. One of them changed a lot, while the other one didn't change at all 😂 Shern spent most of the time judging people, while we judged him for judging other people (and us). He was like "Don't wear chokers, fitness trackers, etc. etc." and we said he was making us feel like wearing them more often just to annoy him.

Nay and I snuck away for a while to have our own private catch-up session that we didn't want Shern to overhear, it's great to have friends like her and Eunice that I can talk about anything with.

E and I went back to our office for a half day at work. We met up with Imran for dinner since we haven't seen him in a while. We went to Mikey's Pizza and it was soooooo freaking delicious. Imran belanja-ed us even tho we tried to sneak money into his wallet HAHA. I'm going broke from eating the ridiculously expensive yet delicious food in Bangsar, so thank you kawan baik.

I ordered spicy beef bolognese penne pasta cause I'm picky when it comes to pizza and I didn't want to regret getting something that I'd end up not liking.
The huge slices of pizza they got.
My dad was late in picking me up, so I went to Imran's place and we hung out by the pool. Just caught up on what we've been up to and discussing relationships, friendships, and our lives as introverts.

Tuesday (28.2.2017)
Chris, Josh, Fendi, MK and I went to shoot in KL for the SEA Games promo video. 
Managed to get this shot of the Twin Towers when we stopped by the mamak for breakfast. 
We got so many weird looks from people, especially when we were filming a scene where Rimau crosses the road. 

My job was managing audio and equipment, and assisting Rimau once in a while cause MK couldn't see anything at some places and I helped to carry his shoes  and head when he took them off. It was hot and we were running all over KL (okay, we were in an air-conditioned Alza for maybe 5 mins between locations - still mostly outside though) but it was fun and sometimes hilarious. 

Wednesday (1.3.2017)
The last day of shooting.We started off by having breakfast in Straits Food Company before going to the sports department in Menara KBS, Putrajaya to film a scene with KJ. I ordered nasi lemak with ayam. The rice was very flavorful but the chicken was hard and not very easy to eat. 

In the conference room. I had to rush to set up the lights as quickly and quietly as possible, with Eunice and Fendi's help. Then we went outside to get some drone shots. I went with Jeremy and MK to film the elevator scene while the others headed back to the office to set up the next scene.

One of the funniest scenes we filmed, cause MK did some pretty funny motions ^ and the rest of us were struggling not to laugh too hard.  
RELEASE THE SMOKE! This was insaneeeee. The guys were joking about how the neighbors would think that the room is on fire, so we went out on the balcony just in case to stop people from calling the bomba HAHA.

Wednesday (8.3.2017)
Shooting the Levi's Orange Tab Launch event in Pavilion Elite.  
 I was using the Sony action cam today. Josh complimented me for getting the right escalator and photo booth clips :D

I was supposed to wait until someone interesting was about to enter the booth, but there was a slight delay between pressing the button and the clip recording and I missed one person entering the booth. So I decided to just record in one video and separate and filter out each clip when editing instead. Guess it worked out cause I got the clips of the winners of most interesting photo competition. 

Holding the cameras. 
I love the blend of purple, pink and turquoise but I really just don't have the time to maintain it anymore :(

Friday (10.3.2017)
We had a brief celebration for Josh's birthday today! Ordered Mikey's Pizza through FoodPanda with Sam and Nat. Sam ordered a pizza that was super sour and he asked Shaun to try it. Shaun was like "Ugh, so sour.. like Eunice's and Maine's friendship." Cause Eunice went to Thailand with her family and I was the only girl in the office today. He's implying that she left me behind HAHA. I helped him build the shoe rack which wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be.

Tuesday (14.3.2017)
Shooting for a article on a rattan shop.
From across the street. 
The Spacemen shirt. 
Rattan shop. 
The outside spot downstairs where they worked with turpentine and other solvents that emitted fumes. 
The rattan baskets. 
A panorama of the exterior.
An absolutely vicious and playful kitten I met at VCR cafe. 
It seems like everyone who's into videography wears Nike sneakers these days. 
Camera and latte. 
From a different angle.

Monday (20.3.2017)
Currently sitting on a bench in Sunway Pyramid, typing this. Off day tomorrow, and I'm planning to dye my hair back to a normal color because I don't have the time to maintain my hair color anymore. I asked Eunice for her input and she said something purplish might be fun for me to try, so I bought the Revlon dye in deep burgundy. I have to bleach out the green hair, which sucks cause I've been trying to avoid damaging my hair too much. Oh well.

Went out to eat banana leaf rice with Josh, Shaun and Eunice. Somehow, we started talking about Christianity and Buddhism, and how our faith has changed over the years based on our experience. Also talked about politics and our hometowns.

Then Josh went for a meeting, so the three of us went to APW Bangsar cause Shaun had to do something. Eunice and I went for coffee while we waited for him. Shaun invited us to go to Hope City KL. Apparently a lot of my ex-church members are there. Honestly I'm not sure if I want to be in church again (or anymore) but I might go there just to see what it's like.

I had dinner in a Korean restaurant. Fried rice with chicken and egg. Didn't have much appetite because of lunch.

I keep trying to resist buying things when I'm in a shopping mall, but I can't help myself. Recently started getting more into Asian beauty skincare and I've been trying out a ton of new products from Hada Labo, Innisfree, etc. I started getting laser treatments three weeks back, and my face condition is pretty good when it's not purging (which it is now -.-).

I joined an Asian beauty group chat based in Malaysia on Telegram that I found on the subreddit. And it's been fun for the past few hours I've been a member :D Got a lot of friendly welcomes and compliments. Only downside is they're tempting me to buy more products and I have to save up as much money as I can before I leave to backpack somewhere in Europe or elsewhere in August 😔

Tuesday (21.3.2017)
I've dyed my hair back to brown! Had to bleach out the green first but it didn't really help. Then I used a ton of conditioner to compensate for the damage from bleaching and dyeing. I missed a small area .. that's what happens when you dye without wearing contacts or specs. I quite like it the way it is now. I can exercise, wash my hair and do stuff without worrying about how fast my hair color is gonna fade.

Wednesday (22.3.2017)
I went for a meeting in Coffea Coffee in Bangsar with prospective clients (for freelance writing) and I brought Eunice along. Ended up, they offered her a job as a photographer as well when they found out we did photography and videography 😂 Eunice and I were joking about how I always end up getting her a job without planning to when we had dinner later. We'll be having another meeting to discuss the payments and everything in April. I'm pretty excited about it, even more so that I have someone to work with :D 

We had dinner at one of our usual favorites; Antipodean cafe. Decorations and atmosphere-wise, it's very romantic and quiet. Great place for a date 😂, I think.. besides the fact it's expensive.
Iced coffee and strawberry juice. 
Our meals - this is taken from E's perspective.
Went to collect the Pixel from the seller I'm buying from after the Levi's Orange Tab Launch event. I chose the 128 GB version in Quite Black. Don't really need that much storage since the Pixel has unlimited photo/video storage but I wanted it just in case I decide to use Daydream apps in the future. I immediately applied a screen protector and put it in a Ringke Fusion case. It's so beauttiiffullllll. I wasn't sure how to feel about the design at first, but I've come to love it. 

I'm keeping it and iPod Touch 5 in a Levi's pencil case that the event organizers gave to us :D (Yayyy, thank you Levi's!) I also made a box to keep the phone in when it's charging at home.

Showed Nat my phone and he was like "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm holding a real live Pixel in my hands!" Imran saw my phone when four of us (him, Nay, Eunice and I) were having dinner and he said "Wtf is that a Pixel?" He was pretty shocked that I bought it for RM 2850, which is way cheaper than what other sellers are selling it for (ranging from RM 3-4k).

I was having lunch with Sam and Nat since Eunice wasn't around, and Nat told Sam "Hey, guess what new phone she got.. a Blackberry." and trolled him into thinking that my iPod Touch 5 was an iPhone. I took the Pixel out and showed him. He asked me if it's real HAHA. Then he said "Good choice, I'm proud of you." and he said he wished his Nexus 6P will spoil faster so he can get the Pixel. When Shaun saw it, he just kept saying "Wah you liar lah you." like he couldn't believe it. We're all stock Android fans, so the Pixel is kinda like our dream phone, being the premium Google phone.

I've only been using the phone for a few days, but I'm so excited that I'm finally using a stock Android phone again (RIP Moto G First Gen). I'm still in the process of exploring all the features of the phone and setting it up, but so far I'm loving it. The live wallpapers, fast performance and clean UI actually makes me feel like using my phone more often.

I customized the UI with Nova Launcher Pro and Chronus Pro widgets for the functionality and to make the icons smaller. I don't mind paying for personalization apps cause I can use them on any Android device I have. Most of the time, I want to use them anyway, so I'm happy to support the app developers by purchasing it instead of downloading apks from other sources.
A dark wallpaper for my lock screen to make the overall look more cohesive. The Pixel launcher is nice, but I didn't want a white card app drawer since I prefer dark themes and the icons were too big for my liking. I couldn't get used to swiping up for the app drawer so I used an app icon for that. I also changed the app icons.

Toggles and notifications. I love how there's a quick reply option for Telegram and Whatsapp.

I'll be finishing my diploma in June/July. Honestly quite sad about it because I know most of us are going separate ways when we start working or studying. I initially planned to continue with my degree immediately in August, but lately I've been thinking about starting next year in January instead.

It might sound cliche, but I want to travel for a while and gain a different perspective. I want to travel alone. I love Malaysia, I love my home. But over the past two years, I've just felt so stuck here. Same faces, same places and same routine. I've gone through some experiences that made me feel like I'm stagnant at this point, not going anywhere and not changing.

I have a clearer idea of what I want to do in my career after experiencing an internship but I have no clue what I plan to do with my life and I'm hoping that traveling will give me some insight into that. I'm thinking about traveling for at least 3-4 months, then finding a job or internship that has something to do with writing, photography or videography. Also considering freelance work as well if no other options are viable. I was offered a job as a freelance content writer recently, to write about fashion, arts and lifestyle. Most likely that I'll take the job, but I'm going to meet up with the company soon and discuss it with them first.

I was going through some job listings online, and so many of them ask for at least two years of experience ._. I've been working on and off since 2015, but it hasn't always been relevant to writing, photography or videography. Hope that volunteering as a photographer here and there will help though. Thinking about asking a photographer if I can be his/her second shooter for events.

From what I've learned through my time in The Spacemen, you can never underestimate the value of experience. I have some experience, but I still feel like I don't have enough. I was going through my diploma work and trying to assess it without bias. I think it's good for a student/amateur, but nowhere near professional standards. I'd want to use my degree work in my portfolio but I don't think that it will be good enough because I'm not experienced enough to produce high quality work yet.

Wanting to travel means that I have to start saving money now. I'll save my internship pay, part-time job pay and whatever I get from freelance writing. The hard part is preventing myself from buying things I don't need 😔 and eating cheaper food <- damn hard when working in Bangsar and studying in SJ.

I've started using an expenses tracker again to see where my money goes and comes from. I've been researching ways to save up money as well. I feel like I could be determined (and lucky) enough to save up enough money if I can be more self-controlled and think about long-term plans instead of instant gratification.

I much rather go to picturesque places in nature and see places with ancient architecture. I would love to cycle in cities or small towns, visit the small shops, cafes and restaurants and write about them. I prefer to backpack, since it's more affordable and it's a great way to meet other travelers in hostels and at events. 

I don't mind graduating from university later, since I'll be building up my writing/photography/videography portfolios during my break and getting some much needed work experience as well. 

Currently in the process of revamping my Instagram cause I need it as a mini photography portfolio. I have to construct my photography + videography portfolio on an actual website platform too, but I asked a couple of people who do photography and they said that Instagram is the best for a quick glance/introduction into the kind of work you do, since more people are likely to search you up there than go to your website the first time.

I use PopAGraph (I wish this was on Android) to get a monochrome effect while still having color in the part of the image I want to highlight. I use either Photoshop or iPiccy for editing everything else. I know how some people like to maintain a certain theme to keep their feed cohesive, but I want my feed to reflect who I am so I'll post whatever photos I take that I think suits my style and are good photos in general.

Most of the photos aren't recent. By that, I mean I don't post it immediately after taking it. I wait a couple of weeks and analyse it to make sure it's not something that I'd get bored of after a while. I find that my perspective changes very quickly over time, as well as my opinion. I deleted almost half of photos from my Instagram when I was re-evaluating my profile a few months ago. I would have deleted everything but I kept some for the comments and memories. If you read this blog, you've probably already seen most of the photos before I posted them on Instagram 😅

I don't really care about what people think about what I post on social media anymore. It only matters that I like it 😁 Which sounds very self-centered, but I don't careeeee.  

I'm getting a Fitbit Alta to replace my Mi Band 2. Not sure why but a recent firmware update made my Mi Band's display stop working. It still vibrates, but what's the point when you don't know why it's vibrating? I chose the Fitbit Alta because it's not bulky and has customization options for the band. I hope I can rely on Fitbit to make sure their devices work fine, since Xiaomi hasn't been doing anything to solve the display issue. 

I need something to alert me to calls and messages since my phone is usually always on silent mode and I don't use it all the time. It's only been about a week or two since my Mi Band stopped functioning and I've missed a ton of calls :l


I'm working on setting up my photography portfolio. It's not very cohesive and I'm still figuring it out, but at least it exists. Made me realize that I need to take a lot more photos and think about them more thoroughly. I had a ton more that I didn't want to use because it had the wrong exposure, composition or an uninteresting subject. Or wasn't clear enough because I used my old phone's camera in low light :(  It's still in development, so I guess I just have to get out more often at the golden hours and take more shots when I can. 

Anyway, till next time! :)

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