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I honestly don't know why I'm coming up with all these weird blog titles, but I've just ran out of ideas. Keeping aligned with the previous post; I'm starting off with the last few days of March that I didn't have time to blog about. 

Wednesday (29.3.2017)
We shot the Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilege Collection at Skillet, Fraser Place today. Got to the office at 2.30 p.m. to prepare the equipment; cameras, SD cards, batteries, tripod, beholder, etc. I thought I'd just be doing the time lapses, but I finished doing that really fast. It was just one timelapse outside of the transition from evening to night, one on the stairs of the people at the event and one at the entrance outside to show people entering. The rest of the time, I was shooting with the 35mm, 55mm and 85mm lens, since I swapped lens with Shaun and Josh throughout the event.  

The decorations.

Setting up equipment.


I'm surprised at how friendly everyone was - from the photographers, clients, guests, bartenders and waiters. 

The guy who was making an orange juice + cognac mixture with dry ice, gave all of us a taste of it. 
It was stronger than the one with the lemon slice that the bartenders made. 

I drank two glasses of the lemon slice one and it made me feel very zen 😂

The alcohol is probably the reason why it was one of the easiest events to shoot when it came to people shots because everyone was smiling, laughing, dancing and generally having a good time. I think everyone there knew each other pretty well since they were all so excited to meet each other. 

The singer of the night; Nutserlar Lim.

I reviewed my footage and I took a lot of food shots. Josh did ask me to film the food prep, but I took more of the food than of the people. I got hungry editing it, and had to take a pretzel break :3 

When the event ended, it was just the photographers, videographers, waiters, bartenders and clients. Oh, and the DJ. He started mixing songs from the 90s and everyone got so excited. Some were dancing, everyone was singing along. Couldn't stop laughing at the comments Josh made when he referred to this or that song being the "it" song of his generation when he was in high school and at the way he, Jeremy and Shaun were singing so enthusiastically. 

Laughed even harder when I looked over at the bar and all the waiters were singing along with their eyes closed, and swaying from side to side while leaning against each other 😂 We talked about music from our respective generations on the way home. I said "We're not that young!" in an exasperated , joking way when they were shocked because we knew most of the music from their generation. 

We got to try some of the food..It was amaazzzinnggggg.

Friday (31.3.2017)
Finished editing 190 clips and Josh reviewed my footage. He said it's great that I managed to get a variety of shots and I'm more steady when I move the camera now, and suggested playing around with more movements for the next event I shoot. The shots I'm proudest of are the food shots I took when I hovered around the food preparation area. I managed to create some interesting movements without shaking or losing focus.

Sunday (2.4.2017)
My grandma passed away on Saturday (1st of April) and I miss her. I visited her in the hospital after work on Friday before she passed away, and I tried so hard not to cry but I did. She would have been 89 this year. I struggle so much with grief and regret because I wish I spent more time with her before she fell sick. There's so many things that I wish that I had done but I never got the chance to and I won't ever have it in this lifetime. 

The only thing that keeps me at peace is knowing that she isn't suffering or in pain anymore. I don't know if it's wrong or disrespectful to say this, but I was very upset at how her wake was handled. I felt like the pastors constructed the entire speech to be about God and heaven, and barely anything was said about Ama and the person who she was. I get that as Christians, our purpose is to witness to others. But they could have done that while still respecting the memory of who she was. 

There are other sentiments that I have about that, but I rather not share because I don't want to upset anyone. I held it together for the most part, until the day of the funeral when it was nearly possible not to cry after the final viewing. It's a different kind of heartbreak, knowing that someone is gone and you'll never see them again for the rest of your life. 

My maternal grandma was the only one of my grandparents that I've known for my whole life, up until now. I never knew my paternal grandmother because she passed away when my dad was 17. Both my grandfathers died on the same day, one year apart when I was about 4-6 years old. She was the only one that I clearly remember watching Chinese tv shows with, cooking for us grandchildren and doing the typical grandmother stuff that annoys you but makes you feel loved at the same time. All I can remember about my grandfathers was that they loved to drink, watch Chinese opera and taught us how to make paper birds.

I find it easier not to think about their passing and try remember the effect they had on my life. The way they loved me, and the way I loved them, despite the language barrier and the fact that they had over a dozen grandchildren to keep track of.  All I pray for is that they're happy in heaven and that I'll never lose my faith in God, so that I'll see them again one day.

Thursday (6.4.2017)
Eunice and I went to shoot the Zaloraya fashion show after class.I struggled a bit at first because I was still feeling quite down and distracted but managed to get the hang of it once I forced myself to focus. 
Really loved how they decorated the place. 
Took a lot of the roses HAHAHA. 
Roses, name tag, DSLR. 
Before the second show. 
With the people around. I was mostly backstage so I don't know how the audience is during the show. 
The lighting is spot on. 
 It was pretty great to see Josh, Ravin, Adrian and Nicholas, along with the All Is Amazing team.  
Almost night time. 
The photobooth.
I have two different bands for my Fitbit Alta. Been walking everywhere since I got it.

Friday (7.4.2017)
Did a mini photoshoot with Eunice and Nay on campus. 
Weird faces all around. 
When the wind won't stop messing with your hair and you just give up. 
Kinda an OOTD :)

Me when I'm photographing. 
I like this shot, even if it's mostly boobs HAHAHA.
Shoutout to Eunice and Nay for helping me out :) 
And to Maureen and Rina as well :)

I don't remember which day this was, but Prahveen invited me along to have lunch with our former journalism lecturer, Ms. Joethi. I already had lunch with the girls, so I just drank some mango-peach drink. She didn't recognize me because I had red hair and bangs when I was in her class 😂 I look completely different now. I complimented her hair, which used to be straightened but it's natural now. She gives off a motherly, friendly vibe. and it's easy to talk to her. Both of us teased Prahveen and he was legit blushing HAHAHA. She said she'd take us out for banana leaf one day. 

I know some of my coursemates aren't as fond of her because she didn't teach the most interesting subject in the most interesting way, but I see her as a person with a kind heart and I think that she does care about her students even if we were kinda lost at times in her class. I get quite annoyed with coursemates who are judgmental of lecturers and don't bother maintaining a relationship with them, and scorn those who do. I tend to defend the lecturers a lot even if I agree with their assessment that it wasn't the best class. 

We had our broadcasting production project class today and we grouped for our first assignment. I was sitting at the back with Eunice and Diana, and we were like "YA ONZ." for the three of us to group together. I had dinner with Eunice on campus and we bumped into Nelly, Nicky and Wern Ni who just got back from their community service project.  I started messing with Nicky's phone, and managed to unlock it on first try. 

He yelped and took the phone back, asking "How did you do that?!" while I'm laughing uncontrollably. Tbh, I was just pressing random numbers. Nelly said I should buy toto HAHAHA. I just said "I read your mind." Nelly drove Eunice home and Nicky dropped me off at the train station afterwards. 

Saturday (8.4.2017)
Eunice, Diana and I were on campus to discuss our idea for the 5-shot narrative sequence video. It was quite a challenge because it's only a 60-second video and the story has to be interesting and complete. We finally decided on a split-personality angle. The story is about a girl and her reflection turning into her dark side and possessing her. Title : Ellehcim (Michelle backwards). 

Eunice and I tried to scare Diana by sneaking up behind her but we got caught and she kept laughing at us -.- 
This particular area in block D, level 7/8 is amazing for taking OOTD shots with a nice view. 
As per my standard outfit, I'm wearing all black.
Monday (10.4.2017) 
Had lunch in Truffles with Imran, Nay and Eunice.
It's a bit fancier than Tangerine. 
Our server carving up the chicken. 
Appetizer: Salad 
Main course: Chicken, wedges, long beans, carrots and broccoli. 
Dessert: Pineapple flambe.

Friday (14.4.2017)
Went mamak with Wern Ni and Yap, later joined by Eunice, Prahveen and Nelly after class. Spent most of the time talking crap and joking around. Really funnnn and something that I've missed doing since we haven't been able to get together for 5 months. 

Went shopping with Maureen, Rina and Eunice in Sunway Pyramid. We went nuts at Daiso and bought falsies - partly inspired by Hui Ling's eyelash extensions HAHA. Rina left early so the rest of us went to Nando's for dinner then Caffe Bene to have tea/latte/smoothie. We had a conversation about our classmates, dating life and opinions. It was pretty great since we're all like-minded people and I love deep conversations. 

Eunice and I went for the Good Friday service hosted by Kingdom City in the Sunway Convention Center cause we were invited by Nat, who we wanted to meet up with.
The music epic. 
The lights epic. 
The sermon was brief and got straight to the point. 
They played a video that made Eunice and I giggle a lot. 
We said hi to Jeremy and Ravin after the service ended. Then we finally met Nat, gave him a couple of hugs and caught up on what the current semester (he's a degree student in Taylor's) has been like for us. He invited us to a couple more church events, and I might go one day.

Saturday (15.4.2017) 
Filmed with Lyn, Diana and Eunice in Taylor's from 7 pm to 11.30 pm. The lights heated up so quickly, I wish we had kino lighting in Taylor's, ugh. I asked Ms. Leong about it when we went to the media hub to borrow equipment and saw her, she said we could suggest getting it but she doubt they would unless a lot of people requested it. She's a really nice person and it's easy to joke around with her, but I was quite confused in her class in the fourth semester ._. 

Thank you for helping us out, Lyn  <3 
I braided her hair and it is amazingly curly. 
Putting on makeup for the evil side of her. 
She looks so different from who she really is. 

I'm so glad that she was a dancer because the timing for the shots was important for this video and she nailed it perfectly. I haven't been in the dance club for a long time, but I'm still friends with a lot of them there because they (surprisingly) haven't forgotten me, even after I changed my look so many times HAHA.

Tuesday (19.4.2017)
The community service group for Kiwanis were discussing our painting plans for the following week but I already knew about what we planned because Nay, Yi Min, Hasanal and I visited the center we're volunteering at, a few days prior to discuss our plans with Mr. Michael and Ben so I kinda got into a long conversation with Nelly about our plans after graduating and the celebration parties we're gonna have cause I hardly ever get to talk to her in class. 

I feel like we're doing a lotttttt for our community service initiative class and it's crazy that both this class and our other MPU subject; Malaysian Indigenous Cultures takes up most of our time. The group for Kechara (a food bank) doesn't have to do as much work as we do. We're teaching lessons, doing clean up and painting the houses/buildings. We'll learn a lot from it, but so much time and effort is going to be put into it.

Wednesday (20.4.2017)
Brown hair was darker when I first dyed it but it's been fading.
I took a Grab from Taylor's Uni to Taylor's College and I tried so hard not to giggle at the driver who asked me what's the difference between the two places and if I'm studying at both the uni and college. I told her I was meeting a friend, which is technically true. Then I walked from Taylor's College in SS15 to the Subang train station, which took about 30 minutes. Would have been shorter, but I got damn confused at Google maps "Southwest, North" instructions and the constant rerouting and got a bit lost in the housing area.

I've walked about 7-8 km for a couple of days a week since I started this semester. I don't notice much weight difference but I feel a lot healthier. My friends groan every time I want to walk up 7-8 flights of stairs but I keep telling them that they don't have to follow me and they can take the lift, but they follow me anyway. I'm too impatient to wait for the lift and I don't like being in close quarters to people. 

I told Nay and Imran about walking from here to there and said it's only 30 minutes and a couple of kilometers, and they were like "ONLY?"  They've had to dissuade me from walking to places a couple of times when we took videos in KL 🤣

Thursday (21.4.2017) 

I'm teaching feature writing with Prahveen to some students from Myanmar who are now living in Malaysia. 

We walked to the house we're teaching in and met them. They (ages: 14-16) were shy at first and kept giving each other the "You talk to the teacher!" faces but I told them we're not that much older than them and to chill out. We want to make the lessons interesting for them, so we suggested activities like football and watching movies to write about since it's related to our course.. and all of us love football. 

Had a long getting-to-know-you session where we asked about their names, lives, interests, ambitions and shared our own as well. It was much easier for them to talk to us after we did that. I saw Eunice at the entrance, and I quietly said "Hey guys, that's our friend, Eunice, so how about we say "Hi Eunice!" when she walks in?" I didn't expected them to do it tbh, but they did 😂 They're quite cheeky and playful kids. She looked so shocked and happy before saying "Hey hey, hi everyone!" I told her later that I put them up to it and we couldn't stop laughing about it. 

I'm a horrible teacher because I'm way too lenient and honest with them, but Prahveen and I want the class to be fun for them too, since they're studying all the time and writing isn't fun for everyone. We went back to the center. Yazmin, Nina and Levy got back from their class and we started talking about our students. We're lucky that our students are quite friendly and talkative. 

Prahveen fetched me and Eunice to Bangsar because we wanted to pick up our footage from the work we did at the Spacemen for our portfolios. Sam was the only one in the office so we spoke to him about his work and told him about being back in university. We showed him the video that we made and he liked it. Then he showed us a film he made in university and we were impressed at the level of creativity he had as a university student.

We headed to Bar Shack to a glass of margarita after having dinner in Antipodean cafe since it's free drinks for ladies night. Didn't drink too much because we didn't want to get drunk and we were honestly quite sleepy since we've been awake since 5-6 am. I sleep amazingly well after I drink alcohol. 

Friday (22.4.2017) 
I stayed back on campus to have dinner with Eunice, and I went to La Bodega with Prahveen afterwards to catch up on what's been going on for our assignments and in life. 
I've been wearing crop tops and shorts more often these days. It's so freaking hot, and I guess I kinda got tired of covering up all the time.

Saturday (22.4.2017)
I feel like this brown color suits me. I still feel tempted to throw pink dye over it sometimes tho.

We had to re-shoot one scene for our video, so we met up on campus to do it. I had breakfast at Aspresso after finding Eunice, and we had to lug the lighting equipment around.

Aina (another dance bbz) saw us waiting for Lyn, so she came up to say hi and give us a hug. She's graduating at the same time I am, but from the degree programme in broadcasting. 

There was a lot of activities going on at campus and after two unsuspecting high schoolers walked into the washroom, we put out the "Cleaning in Progress" sign. 

Lyn, Eunice and I went to the Fish Bowl in Sunway because they wanted to eat poke. I don't usually eat that kind of food, so I didn't try it. 

It looks delicious though..I might try it someday.

We went to After Black for drinks and I had pasta and a min chocolate drink.
Dirty green tea latte with coffee - courtesy of Eunice.
Lyn and Eunice shared a slice of Oreo cheesecake.

Monday (24.4.2017)
The whole Kiwanis group; Nay, me, Eunice, Prahveen, Imran, Shern, Hasanal, Levy, Nina, Adleen, Yap, Yazmin, Jessica, Yi Min and Diana went to paint the houses and buildings today. Prahveen, Hasanal and Yap were painting at the staircase at one building, while the rest of us were painting inside and outside the house. 

Eunice was supposed to do the photos and videos but she came late, so I did it for her. It was quite a rush, because I would be scrapping or painting, then I had to put the tools down and run to get my DSLR and get a few photos and videos before going back to work. 

The teens very really helpful and excited about painting. It was so hot when we were scrapping, we jumped into Carlos' car for the aircond HAHAHA. 

From left: Jessica, Yi Min, me, Yazmin, Adleen, Nay.

Funniest moments:

1. When Diana, Levy and I got oil-based black paint on our hands and had to use thinner to get rid of it but we used too much so our hands were burning. We used ice to stop it from hurting afterwards... which lead to everyone putting ice down each other's shirts 😂 

2. Diana chased Imran and smacked paint all over his shirt and butt. 

3. Nay swiped paint on my face, as well as Eunice, Shern and Imran. I told her to mark herself with paint and she did HAHA.

4. Tried to encouraged Johnny to play the piano and got everyone in the house chanting his name over and over till we couldn't take it anymore and started laughing because he was blushing. 

5. In the car with Carlos, Diana, Shern, Imran and Nay. We all started picking on Shern and making jokes about him. 

6. Shern complained about my hairless arms, and I got back at him by teasing about about how painful it will be to get the paint off his leg and arm hair. Is it really that weird to have invisible body hair? ._. 

Me, Nay and Eunice being all cute and stuff.
Another highlight: Diana asked me to take a photo of her on the road, but Shern photobombed and completely ruined it. Was SO annoyed but it was funny.
Then we all sat on the road in a row, waiting for Carlos to show up. He drove past with a "What? expression on his face and he said we were worse than hitchhikers HAHAHA
Team Kiwanis! 
With the amazing teenagers who helped us out so willingly and cheerfully.

Tuesday (25.4.2017)
Movie day.

We did the usual thing and carried the couch to the front to sit down on. All of us have eyebags heheh. We watched Memento. I tried watching it before but I fell asleep halfway HAHA. It's quite a mindf***. We discussed the movie on Thursday and everyone had a ton of questions about it. I like the way Ms Shana constructs her class because it feels like we actually learn something. 

Wednesday (26.4.2017) 
Stayed back in class to work on assignment with Nay, Eunice and Diana. We had to burn the CD and edit some documentation so it took a while. I took some photos while Nay was going through photos on her phone and we decided to recreate some from 2015. 

Went to makan nasi lemak at JC Pancakes with Eunice and Rina. Mostly gossiping and staring at people HAHA. Then I teman Prahveen when he went to eat at Trysts Cafe because we wanted to discuss something. I wore high heels and it was such a pain. I don't know how people can take it because I can't. 

Left: Pretty sure we took this in the second semester because of our hairstyles.
Right: April 2017. Sixth semester. 

me, Nay, Eunice, Diana
One with Imran before he left. 

Thursday (28.4.2017)
We screened Beauty and the Beast for the students and they were sooo into it. I was kinda bored because I'm not much a fan of musicals so I marked the homework I assigned them last week. We bought the snacks and water with our own money. Kinda hard cause we didn't know what sort they like, but they said they were okay with anything so we just got them the generic potato chips and twisties. Planning to start class 1/2 an hour earlier next week so we have more time to show the films. 

Johnny wrote about me based on my Facebook profile (that I haven't updated in maybe over a year) and it was pretty hilarious. Eunice and Nay read it and thought it was damn funny. I wrote in my feedback for him to write about Prahveen (a.k.a. Deyh) because I wanted to see what he would write HAHA. 

Eunice, Prahveen and I went to watch Fate of the Furious in Midvalley. It's not the best F&F film, but I thought it was quite okay plot-wise if a bit hollow. I don't remember every film from the franchise but all have been pretty enjoyable in my vague recollection.

Friday (29.4.2017)
Had our briefing for the second assignment for our final year project which is a documentary. I'm quite excited about it, but then again, I'm not because I have to host it. There was some confusion about who was in whose group, but eventually settled on Prahveen with Eunice and I, and Diana with Imran and Nay. I made it pretty clear that I couldn't group with Imran because I have PTSD now about the three of us grouping together 😂 But he's still my friend lah, we just don't work well together since we think so differently. 

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Eunice after class and I bought three crop tops (black, grey, white) from Terranova because they're having a sale. I already have a teal crop top in the same cutting, and I love it so much, I got moreeee. It was only RM 16 per top cause it was buy 2 free 1. And I always feel like I need more clothes, so what the heck, might as well. 

People are quite surprised at how quickly I reply on Telegram, but it's linked to Chrome, my iPod and Pixel so I end up seeing messages from there most of the time. Most of my group chats for assignments are on Telegram now, as opposed to Messenger when I kept forgetting to check them. 

I bought an eyelash perm kit from Lazada that I researched beforehand. It seems safe and effective, but I'm gonna try and see how it goes. It's good for about 6 perm sessions and one session lasts for about 1-3 months, which I guess is quite worth it since I only paid about Rm 25 for it. If you wanna perm your lashes, just let me know :P 

I'm practicing my photography and videography since I have time on my hands (Labor Day holiday, yayyy). Trying to create a 60 second video but I haven't gotten an interesting focus yet. We have to do a vlog for film studies class soon. I asked Prahveen and Eunice if we could help each other film, since I feel kinda awkward sitting in a room and talking to myself. 

Anyway, till next time!

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