Month of May

Hey there! 

This month's post will be all over the place. I haven't had time to keep track of when things happened because I had a ton of film assignments to work on and submit.. so this will be according to whatever I remember. It's the second last month of my final semester. I feel sad but my course-mates and I have a few trips and parties planned out for when we officially finish our exams, so I'm looking forward to that. I wish that I kept track of what happened but I barely even had time to sleep :( Anyway, here's what I can remember.

I ate lunch a couple of times with Lee Hui, Eunice, Hui Ling, Rina, Maureen and Aishah and one of Lee Hui's friends whose name I keep forgetting (but she's super nice, if quiet at times). It's so fun to sit and gossip with them, and even funnier to watch them point out attractive guys because of how excited they get. Aishah tells the wildest stories that are hilarious. 

I mistakenly thought it would be okay for me to drink when it was that time of the month, but it wasn't cause I didn't know my tolerance for alcohol would be severely low. I drank one Long Island Tea and basically I was drunk but I wasn't. I was still very clear-minded and I knew what I was doing, but I did dumb things like counting with my fingers, talking nonsense and laughing for no reason. My friend asked me when I was starting my degree and I said "Next week." (.-.) He was like "What even.." 

I was sitting in Starbucks with Shern and Eunice one day, but Eunice wandered off somewhere with Rina, so I was stuck with Shern. He started using me to make other girls jealous on Snapchat, while I sat there insulting him the whole time. He wanted to set me up with his friend, but I said "Tak apa, I okay, don't need." 

After I left with Eunice, we started talking about attractive people in our class, and she mentioned that people unanimously agreed that I was pretty in semester one, even Shern. He's called me pretty before but I always assumed he was being sarcastic cause we tend to insult each other a lot 😂. I didn't expect that but I feel like I never really thought about people's opinion of me before either. Personally, I think my class has a lot of pretty girls and we've all gotten much more confident about who we are. I also like how we're all so pro-feminism and we're all about supporting other women in their choices. I was talking to Maureen about how everyone has the right to make their own choices in life and that people shouldn't be judgmental about it.  

I went to campus earlier on an Friday, sometime early in May to work on my Shine reflections (I finished most of them) and watch some videos on filming. I had a lot of time to kill after eating breakfast, so I set up my tripod and took some OOTD shots on my own.

We had a presentation for our documentary idea and I think Mr. Justin gave us a lot of great feedback for us to improve on it.
Dunno why I look like this.
The Monyets at Trysts cafe. 
I wore heels to a football field because I forgot we were going to do recce that day.
Eunice and I messing around with the cameras after filming the interviews. 
Thanks to JJ and Quinton for coming to help us out! 
Filming the match. 
Eunice doing funny faces and I'm just like 😏

We filmed interviews with Daryl, Mahesh and Desmond that day. 
Special thanks to Roen Cian for allowing us to shoot in The New Camp! 
....We need to stop being weird. 
Doing self-OOTD shots when I was bored. 
Tested out Imran's 50mm lens and managed to get this shot. 
Don't judge the boob sweat. 

When we went out on location recce. 
Took a panorama of the field. 
When you tak pasti jika kawan kau racist atau stoned. 
We were at the Panasonic Sports Complex in Shah Alam. Had time to kill so we took a ton of photos.

I had an assignment discussion with Prahveen and Eunice when we were working on our documentary. We chose the topic of football and focused on players' passion for it. Hence, it was titled "Passion for Football." I was honestly very proud of it, because we had so much fun preparing and shooting the documentary and everyone had the opportunity to contribute their idea equally. We mostly had our discussions in Meteora cafe, Trysts cafe or Starbucks.

Something happened during the filming that might have affected our friendship, but we chose to look at it as something to laugh about and honestly, I think it only made our friendship stronger because we were able to joke about it. We met a lot of people when we were filming at The New Camp football field in Bandar Utama, and they still recognized me when I went there a few weeks later to take photos of my friends who were playing that day. Everyone was really friendly, and those who knew me kept joking about my friends having a professional photographer.

We filmed at The New Camp and guys from one of the football teams kept teasing me cause I was the only girl there (with Prahveen and JJ). One of the club owners, Kenny was joking with them and he pointed at one of them and told me "He's part-time." I asked "Part time what?" kinda hesitantly. He said "Part-time escort." and I started laughing.

We were interviewing their captain and we wanted to ask "What do you think of your teammates?" The team overheard and said "Oh, ini mesti tengok." to each other. Aiman (captain) said they were like family to him. The moment we ended filming his part, the guys went "OHHHH" and started running around, yelling. 

One of the guys tried flirting with me jokingly, but I just smiled and didn't say anything. The other guy said "Eh, jangan pikat la, mungkin dia ada boyfriend dah." Another guy said "Yeah, maybe dia sudah kahwin doh!" And they started with the "OHHHH" again. Damn funny la, I cannot.

Took this shot of Nay when we were in the moot court with my DSLR.
My first few shots were blurry, but I figured out that increasing the shutter speed and shooting on burst mode helps a lot. 
When your friend wants to pretend that he's rajin. 
He asked me to take professional photos of him in the library. Nelly and I were saying "Ish posing saja." when he took a book and pretended to be studious. 
Bought my first Colourpop haul!

I'm loving the lipsticks so far because they last forever and a day.
I bought Kween (metallic), November and Lyin' King (satin) and another from Carousell which is Echo Park (satin).
I wear these nearly everyday. 
Also purchased a few Supershock eyeshadows.
Porter (purple), Mooning (brown) and Roulette (black)  
Got one free mini lipstick, "Frick n Frack" which is a darker version of Echo Park.

Went out with Eunice, Nay and Prahveen for dinner after assignment discussion a few weeks later and we had Chinese food. We made racist jokes about each other and kinda shared stories that we haven't shared before. 

When Eunice was setting up the photo slideshow in front. 

With the whole Kiwanis group and Mr. Michael. 
1. Prahveen and I with Lily.
2. Prahveen (looks like I photoshop him here), Nyam Nyam and me.
3. Lily saying goodbye to Eunice (she was in our class a lot)

Those from our Kiwanis group who were present. 
(Left + Front) Nina, Adleen, Nay, Eunice, Yazmin, Yi Min, Imran, me, Yap, Prahveen.

Trying not to cry after saying goodbye to the Kiwanis teenagers that we've gotten to know over the past month. I hugged the girls and shook hands with the guys. They performed three songs for us and it was so touching that we struggled with keeping our composure. I was the photographer because Eunice was focusing on the showing the videos and photos that we've taken over our time there. 

I bought a 50mm lens and I'm loving it so far. It's extremely sharp compared to my kit lens. I'm planning to pick up a 24mm lens soon. I also bought a new camera backpack so that it'll be easier when we go filming and once I start working freelance officially. It's small, but it fits a lot and it's quite comfortable to use. Thanks to Imran for letting me try out his lens!

We did a hilarious skit for our tutorial class with Mr. Justin, 
Everyone damn happy. 
We took turns to direct and work the camera, I was with Nay. Gonna upload the video when I have time.

Stayed back on campus to hang out with Nay, Diana and Eunice. I was bored after finishing my reflection presentation slides so I braided Diana's hair. We were making a lot of jokes and making fun of each other. 

Got randomly selected to be in a group with Nay, Prahveen and Imran. I was, and am not very enthusiastic about it because I foresaw how Imran and I are going to go head to head on every part of the film, but I'm just gonna work with what we have. I looked at Nay after we found out and said "Well, I guess some things never change." Then we started laughing and hugged each other for moral support.

We took group photos in a room in D3 and it turned out pretty well.  We're naming ourselves PINC based on our initials.

Wish Wern Ni was here. 
Damn boss. 
See la this guy.
Group selfie. 
To the Kepong boss and fellow monyet, banyak terima kasih untuk persahabatan awak.

What is up with my hair. Hey Nelly baeeee.

I took group photos with some of the mamak gang, Nelly, Nicky, Prahveen and Yap. Prahveen pretended to push Nelly into the lake, so we tried to carry him together and throw him in. Then I went with Prahveen for group discussion with Nay and Imran. 

Went to the mamak with Eunice, and she wanted to tell me something but I guessed what it was before she did. Her eyes got really big and she asked "How did you know?!" I said that I knew her too well already and I can read her mind 😂 It's not the first time that it's happened because I've predicted what she was gonna say before. 

(Front, left) Maureen, me, Nay, Diana, Rina, Eunice.

I took some photos outside of Starbucks with Nay, Eunice, Diana, Maureen and Rina. Saja saja only. It was so funny cause we kept adjusting and talking about what kind of poses we could do, and Carlos was standing there, sighing. 

I attended two SHINE events on the 27th (Saturday). One was the Professional Immersion Programme, and I went without Nay. Last time, I would have been like "Aiyoh, I'm alone, I cannot." but I decided to just go with the flow and talk to some people there, like Andrea who ended up in my group. Both of us were sort of leading our group cause everyone was too shy. 

They had a paperplane factory activity. To simplify it, one person will be the flight technician, another the salesperson and the rest will be the factory workers. I was the salesperson for the first round. Then it starts with producing a certain number of planes in a certain way within the given time frame. If we accomplish that, we move on to the next round, which is the flight test. The technician will throw it and if it goes beyond 3 meters, we proceed to the next round which is the sales pitch. 

I planned out my sales pitch while everyone else were working on the planes based on what I knew about advertising and tried to keep it brief. The first representative from one group didn't get to finish her pitch cause the organizer said that she shouldn't stall because in the real world, we have limited time to convince someone to buy something. I was like "Oh crap.." and quickly restructured my pitch before stepping forward and bullshitting all the points I had with a straight face while thanking Prahveen for teaching me how to bullshit so well. 

The organizer smiled and said "That sounds like a great product, how about we get some coffee and you tell me more about it?" which meant that I passed. I wasn't nervous at all, which was weird because I didn't know anyone in the room. She asked the room what I did differently from everyone else, and Andrea said that I went straight to the point and didn't beat around the bush. I was the flight technician for the next round and it flew far enough, so we managed to finish that round as well since Andrea gave a good sales pitch.

She was giving out prizes for the most efficient factory and best sales pitch, and I won the latter. I was so happy cause she gave me M&Ms (that I shared with the rest of my group). One of the girls told me "Congrats, you deserve it." and I said thanks. I thought about how it showed how much I've grown over the past few years because if I had to do a sales pitch in high school, I would have ponteng class already. 

I ate quickly and changed my clothes before getting some snacks from 7E before meeting Nay. The second event was the cross-cultural engagement workshop. We were talking about how it's been so long since we attended an official SHINE event. 

We were separated into two different groups for the Kiki Lala simulation. I was in the Kiki country and she was in Lala Land. We both played completely different games based on cards and spoke different languages, so when Nay (as a visitor from the other country) came over to play our game, we couldn't understand each other at all. I died laughing with my group when her group kept saying "Ha ha ha?" when it was actually "Ho ho ho" for Hearts. One guy from my group, Oliver came back from her country and said that they stole all his money (marbles). 

Here we go. 
Lights and wooden trees. 
The skies were amazing. 
Selfie while P on the phone, 

I went to Yellow Brick Road with Eunice and Prahveen towards the end of May. We spent some time in Subang Parade before that in Al-Ikhsan because P wanted to check the price of shoes for Quinton. Eunice and I were looking around and ended up buying shirts ourselves. I bought a black Nike shirt and she bought a blue Puma (I think) one.

Prepping for the match. 
On the field. 
Makan afterwards.

Eunice had to leave, so I went to The New Camp with Prahveen and Quinton to test out my new 50mm lens. Bernard saw me and said hi. He joked about P and Q having a professional photographer on their first day playing there. I managed to get a ton of good shots and created Telegram stickers of the weird faces P made that I happened to capture. Planning to create sticker packs of all of us (Nay, me, Eunice as well) :D

On the 29th (Monday), I had lunch with Nay, Shern and Imran. I tend to avoid eating with the guys because Shern kills my brain cells every time I spend time with him so I kinda forgot what it was like to listen to him merepek.

Shern recently shaved his head. Diana told me in class that he looks like a giant baby. A girl made a weird noise in the booth behind us and Shern said "That's what an orgasm sounds like." I made a face at him and said "It's weird to hear a giant baby talking about orgasms."  He looked so shocked, I couldn't help laughing. Then he kept talking about girls' leaving hair ties at his place. I told him they're subtly hinting to him that they want him to grow out his hair. And he told me to shut up HAHAHA. He asked me why I kept roasting him and I said I was nice before I met him. He said it's true, so ya.

Ferris wheel. 
Bumper cars.

Headed to iCity with Nay, Prahveen and Imran for location recce. There was a ride similar to the 360 degree ride in Sunway Lagoon but it doesn't go all the way. The guys asked the workers how much it costs and they said it's free, so we hopped down. I was very reluctant to get on it and I complained (jokingly) the whole time, but it was damn fun. 

The next day we went for location recce in Taman Cahaya Shah Alam. We got on the open air bus and went around. The driver told P that he liked his style because he was wearing a thick sweatshirt. I told P not to hold his phone out cause the monkeys would grab it and he thought I was lying to him about monkeys existing.

Went back to campus and joined the rest of our broadcasting classmates along with Adleen. I signed up for the PR event's workshop. I was talking to Diana about Telegram stickers and I taught her how to make one. She made one of her boyfriend and sent it to him. He wouldn't check his phone because he was talking to friends so we called him. He looked at the phone and said "wtf?!" and asked us "Is this what you've been doing the whole time?!" while we just kept laughing. I had dinner with the monyets in Prestige Cafe, we spent most of the time talking crap and picking on each other. 

It's the last day of May. We had a revision class for our finals for Malaysian Indigenous Culture and did some work for extra credit. I was worried because I wanted to practice for my presentation again but I didn't have time. I was the first person to present for this week for the Broadcast Production Project reflective presentation.

I think my presentation lasted about 25 minutes. I remembered most of what I wanted to say, and I showed the Sea Games promo video and the Shiseido BIA 17 event video. For the parts I forgot to mention, like why I chose to join the video/photography industry and how was my internship experience but I managed to answer that off the top of my head.

I constructed my presentation two weeks ago, based on this article and relating it to how I used to want to be a writer but now I use my passion for storytelling in a different form. I'm really proud because Mr. Justin gave pretty positive feedback on it overall. He said my article was relevant, I seemed to know what I want to do in life, that I gave good examples and I explained the reasons for my career choice quite thoroughly.

He also said that he thinks that I've had a positive experience working at the Spacemen and that they seemed to have taught me a lot. He also mentioned that I'm being quite proactive in reaching my career goal by doing freelance and volunteer photography work :D Glad that we have him as a lecturer because he's nice and inspiring. He told me that it's important to be active on social media. I was like "Ummm..." while all my friends were like "Yeah cannot one." I guess I will once I feel like it ._.

I was telling Eunice in class that Maureen looks like Mulan and she told her after class. Spotted them in Starbucks with Nelly, Wern Ni, and the others after lunch so I went in to hi. She asked me if she really looks like Mulan and everyone was like "yeah that's what we've been thinking since sem 1." She said no one has ever told her that before and I couldn't believe it.

It's been a hectic month but I had an amazing time. There hasn't been much time for me to do anything else and I'm so damn tired sometimes, but I've been trying to spend time with my friends because it'll be so hard to meet up once we officially finish our course.

Anyway, till next time! :) 

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