The June Finale

Hey there!

It's the last month of this semester and the end of my diploma course. I was working on assignments non-stop since we literally had more than one due every week and barely had time for anything else. There's a certain sense of conclusion that I'm feeling - throughout the past two years I spent in Taylor's, I've grown a lot as a person and changed in ways I never imagined that I would. It made me realize how some things were never right for me, even though I wanted it to be, How some unexpected friendships leads to broadening my perspective about the way people are. 

"Tired but inspired" describes how I felt throughout these last three months. Lack of sleep and free time but feeling motivated to work hard and do my best. Which I hope I did. I slept for maybe 4 hours a night while the finals were going on, woke up at 3-4 am to go to campus and study for a 10 am paper. And woke up at 5 am to study for Psychology - the exam was at 2 pm. One thing that I can say about my uni studies is that I don't have any regrets because I tried not to do anything halfheartedly, even if I hated it. 

In a way, I feel like I've lost myself so many times in things that were wrong for me, but through that, I get one step closer to finding out who I'm supposed to be. I've always been very quiet, unapproachable and I used to never be able to smile widely because it always felt so forced but now I find myself grinning all the time, even through the tears. I find myself speaking to people I barely know and feeling genuinely interested to know who they are and where they come from. I feel people are much more inclined to initiate conversations with me now. I feel a certain sense of peace and positivity that I never had before. I speak up a lot more and my sense of humor has evolved to something that feels like me. I found my sense of leadership, and I don't feel anxious about guiding people anymore. Most of all, I feel like I'm finally who I've always wanted - or was supposed to be, and it happened naturally. 

I've been thinking about it and I believe that this is the time that I start experimenting with things and being in different situations that I haven't been in before because I honestly have limited myself by thinking "It's not me." But no one stays the same forever. I haven't done anything for myself in a while and I really want to. We find out more about ourselves everyday through any experience, good or bad. 

Front: Nicky, Adleen, Yi Min, Shern, Imran, Yap
Middle: Aishah, Rachel, Jessica, Levy, Nina, Nay
Back: Me, Diana, Wern Ni, Nelly, Maureen, Rina, Hui Ling, Eunice, Lee Hui, Prahveen, Hasanal

The DICM Family.

I'm grateful for every single person in my course, no matter the duration of our friendship. I can't think of a single person who I won't miss. And I hope that we'll never become strangers even while we go our separate ways. We took our (second) last class photos by the white walls as per tradition after our exams. Unfortunately some of my coursemates aren't there but we took photos with them during the dinner. 

Front: Jessica, Nina, Adleen, Nay, Levy, Lee Hui, Eunice, Rina, Hui Ling
Middle; Rachel, Yi Min, Diana, Nicky
Back: Me, Nelly, Prahveen Quinton, Yap, Shern, Imran

As usual, shoutout to Nay; my closest friend since the first day of orientation till now. 
For the puns, laughter, deep conversations and everything that we've been through together <3
I cannot imagine how lonely it would have been without you.
To Eunice, we only got close in our fourth semester although we've known each other since the beginning of this course but thank you for the months that we did assignments and our internship together, for inspiring me to the kind of person you are (kind, caring, generous) and for your constantly positive outlook in life <3

To Diana, I honestly don't remember when or how we became friends. But I do remember meowing at each other in class and knowing that I can talk to you about almost anything. You're extremely dedicated and capable, friendly and chill and I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate having you in my life <3

Black and denim. 
I love you guys <3

To the two fishes that I met through hanging out at the mamak, playing basketball/badminton together, picking on the guys and we got to do our final psychology debate together in the same team. Wern Ni, Nelly, my friendship with you guys isn't like the ones I have with the others but it means just as much. Our group has a different sense of humor and interests (okay la, we bullshit a lot) but it is still awesome. And I love you guys too <3

To the mamak gang, many of us have left and come back over these two years and we don't always eat together but it's always hilarious when we do.

(Case in point ^ we're laughing)

This describes my friendships with Eunice and Nay perfectly, 
Nay is doing something weird.
Eunice is looking at her and trying to figure her out...
while I'm just looking away because I don't even notice the weird crap she does HAHAHA.
We the three cats.

Life Update:

Had an exam for Malaysian Indigenous Cultures on a Saturday and I only studied for the essay part because it was nearly impossible to memorize all the facts about 16 tribes. Prahveen told me I got the highest marks for MIC (pre-exam) and I thought he was bullshitting me but I actually did. Mostly thanks to my group since we had consistently good presentations (18-18-16-17 over 20 per week) and our marks for the report was good enough. I got a 10/10 for my reflective essay :D But I'm so screwed for my exam HAHAHA. 

Finished a presentation for my film analysis. Only the Platano (Eunice, Prahveen, me) group and Nay/Imran presented. It was optional but N/I and me are overachievers and I paksa my team to do it for the extra marks cause I too am an overachiever too. We took photos with Ms Shana and said goodbye :( She's definitely my favorite lecturer. I can't think of an area she falls short in - she always prepares her notes really well, gives video examples, explains everything thoroughly and gives us assignments and tutorials that actually help us understand everything better. I'm gonna miss her so much. 

me with Ms Shana.

Legit we all love her. 
One happy family. 
We went crazy :D
Really refreshing wine.. Not much a fan of the taste, but I like the effect. 
I bought two sets of contact lens for RM 84 when Alcon came to promote at Taylor's. Now I have to get used to wearing contact lens ._.
When I went to campus at 5 am to study for film studies. Family Mart is godsend when it comes to eating.
Nay and I in a Polaroid photo. 
In our very last class :)

Followed Nay, Ari, Prahveen, Imran and Yap when they went to McDs and Texas Chicken to compare them for their debate. The McDs chicken is top notch. They're on team McDs. Their debate with the other team was the most antagonistic one compared to the rest of us. Everyone was literally spitting fire while the rest of us watched on in horror and fascination. I whispered to my group to ask everyone to not do that cause I didn't want our debate to be as heated. 

Deanna, Amir, me, Nelly, Yi Min, Wern Ni.
We pakat to wear black and white, hehe.

We were KLCC vs Pavillion. The debate was crazy for me because I was the team leader and everyone on my team were telling me the counterarguments at the same time while I had to focus on what the other team was saying. Not sure who won, but it was the friendliest debate because we both mentioned what we liked about the other team during the Q&A. 

I braided Rina's hair during the PR booth promotion. And it looked amazingggggg. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, but I did what felt natural to my hands. I braided a lot of people's hair this year HAHAHA,, It kinda made me think about my former plan to get into hairstyling and honestly, I wouldn't mind doing it as a side job. Thinking about taking a course in it but ughh, I dunno if I should do that or stick to going to work as a photographer. 

When I braided Eunice's hair in the library.

When I braided Nay's hair at Level 2.

What these fellas do during filming.

Alex - lead actor for our project "Bittersweet" 
Ros - lead actress.
The face you can barely see is Imran. 
We all hyped up already. 

I sat in a wheelchair and P pushed me to get tracking shots of the actors on their bicycles. Had to hold my hands steady and tell him to make sure I didn't fall off. Damn fun though. 

I ate at Dapur with Rina, Yazmin, Eunice and Nina. We talked about our internship experiences and life after finishing our diploma. I honestly never really spoke to Yaz as much since we're in different majors and I hardly saw her around, but she's damn funny and interesting to talk to. Nina and I have known each other since orientation but entered different friend groups and only started getting close over this past semester since we spend a lot of time together in our major. She's really sweet and I feel like I always shock her with the things that I say sometimes. But I am so glad to have them in my life. 

I was the photographer for the PR's event: Werkshop. Was covering for Eunice cause she was sick :( My friends (basically my whole course was there) kept making faces at me and distracting me. It was fun tho. Shern gave me more Pocky (sponsors for the event) because I was the photog HAHAHA. I went back home with a bag full of Pocky. 

I had lunch with some of my debate team members - Yi Min, Nelly and Wern Ni (minus Amir and Deanna) and we ate at Zhia's while talking about all kinds of nonsense and about people we knew. Mostly about who we're gonna miss. Yi Min isn't continuing her degree so I'm planning to meet up with her someday. Shoutout to Amir and Deanna who were in our group, they contributed a lot and were really friendly. Also they had to deal with our insaneness so props to them for that :)

We did our film screening for our very last final year project and took some photos with Mr. Justin afterwards. My group got an A so yayyy. Thank you to Mr. Justin for all the advice and guidance that he's given us on our film assignments and for the support he's shown us :D Also for being one of the best lecturers that we've encountered.

The surviving broadcasting students.
(cause a lot of them dropped out) 
Poor Mr. Justin 😂 
My first team for the first assignment for our broadcast production project. 
Yeah.. you can tell how close we are. 
Justin's Angels. 
We damn cute tho. 
I don't know what the heck we were doing, HAHAHA.
Went to eat at Mekong House with the broadcasting crew along with Carlos and Nicholas.
At Big Tree Mamak in Kepong with the whole crew. We went to Nelly's family house to discuss our Melaka trip. 

We had a farewell dinner in After Black the Thursday after our exams were over. It was more of saying goodbye to the course itself, not each other because we hope to maintain the friendships that we made. I was on the verge of tears but I decided to think positively and smile. We took a ton of photos. It's crazy how I felt like I'd only be close to Nay during the first semester, but through helping others with assignments or doing assignments with them, making weird faces at each other in class (Yi Min/Diana), taking the bus home together, staying back on campus just to hang out and planning all sorts of crazy trips and activities together, I got to know so many people so much better and it was completely unexpected but welcomed. 

Most of us were there :) 
Experimenting with shooting this. 
Horizontal version. 
The guys came later so most of them were sitting towards the other end.

We played musical gifts. I got Shern's wine, JJ got my present (a photo with all of us that ironically he wasn't in - Quinton and Prahveen joked about photoshopping JJ in it HAHAHA, bubbles - I don't think he'd use it la, pens - he could probably use it, a Taylor's pin - guess he'd like that one, a postcard saying thanks for the memories). I was kinda embarrassed cause I didn't know if my gift was girly but the guys said that it was nice. Nelly got Prahveen's Adidas Bag, Eunice got a bag of snacks from Nelly, Nay got a mug from Hui Ling, Imran got Nay's mind toy gift, Diana got Eunice's Pestle and Mortar pin. Prahveen got an umbrella from Nina. It was pretty fun, and funny to say the least. Whoever came up with the idea to trade gifts was a genius.

Yi Min, Nelly and I.

I got close to Yi Min when we started noticing each other in class and pulled weird faces at each other. Then we started saying hi and talking about our day which lead to me helping out on a couple of PR projects she was involved in and tadaaaa, she's one of my close friends now :) As for Nelly, we started talking when we took the bus after class together with the rest of the Geng Bas Sekolah and started eating at the mamak together before hanging out off campus more often. I didn't see them as often since we were in different majors (and I saw Wern Ni only maybe once a week -.-) but we're still pretty good friends :D 

Bila ambil gambar. 
Our broadcasting ladies plus Nelly. 
Doing what I always do - taking photos of everyone and everything. 
Most of the girls in DICM. 
Thanks to Imran for taking a lot of the photos (if I'm not in it, that means he took it) 
I like this photo of me :D My cheeks look contoured. 
Showing Nelly a couple of photos I took. 

It looks so delicious. 

We celebrated Nina and Yi Min's upcoming birthday with cakes! They looked so shocked and happy. I was in charge of the video taking. When we were discussing, Nelly mentioned that it was Wern Ni's birthday on the night of the dinner, but she couldn't make it. So I suggested that we made a video of all of us singing happy birthday to her and we did :)

Selfie :) 
Another selfie 
Showing our true personalities :P

Went to Arte Bar in Trec with Eunice, Shern, Prahveen, Rina, Ivery, Ash, Emyr, Imran and Quinton afterwards to drink whiskey + coke and take shots of tequila. It was damn fun. I wasn't as drunk as everyone else, but I was quite out of it when we were dancing and they thought I was. Sat on Diana's lap and hugged her a lot of times. We both felt like crying. I wanted to laugh because Carlos was giving us the "wtf?" look. Prahveen kept trying to make everyone take swings of whiskey but I scared him off from me with a glare. Got home around 4 a.m.

I kept staring at the wall when I was drinking.
They stamped us HAHA. 
I don't know why the decor made me so distracted. 
Tequila shots. 
Ash, Rina, me, Diana, Eunice. 
With Diana. 
Ash and I weren't as drunk as Eunice and Diana. 
My baes <3 
With Lee Hui. 
With Hui Ling.
Rina, Lee Hui, Hui Ling, me, Imran, Diana 
We almost gone. 
Diana damn gone. 
Ladies :) 
These two future directors.

Went with the monyets to drink at Rock Bottom in Bangsar because we haven't gotten to spend much time with Eunice since we were in different groups for our final assignment. Felt good. A lot of bullshitting and reminiscing. 

Everything feels bittersweet. Sometimes I wake up and wish that it could have lasted longer. Before I started my diploma or even chose to do it, I had that feeling of uncertainty about what to do with my life. I don't regret my choice. I can honestly say that the July 2015 diploma batch was amazing, and most of my coursemates and even lecturers agree with me. I didn't expect much, but I was blessed with being in a course I enjoyed greatly, lecturers who did their jobs well and friendships that made a positive impact on me. 

We're planning a trip to the beach together, the whole class. I'm excited. And there's other trips like one to Melaka next week with my mamak gang, one to Cameron with Nay and the fishes and hopefully much more to come. I was planning to go overseas but I think I'm going to wait while I research my next step because I might want to visit some universities in Australia. 

I met up with DD, Mee En, Kyle and Yi Wen on the 28th of June because our beloved Barney/Pig/Idunnowhatothernickname/Angeline/Mee En is leaving to go study in Brisbane. We haven't spoken much lately. Mostly because I'm notoriously inactive on social media while the rest of them are stalkers sial. They know everything about everyone...well, except for me. We studied on the same campus for two years and barely spoke 😂 even though she was one of my best friends in high school. Our friend groups just didn't mix and it felt like we were different people so it always felt kinda weird. Still really gonna miss her when she leaves because we won't see her for two years. I told her we'll Photoshop her into every group photo. 

I feel like it's a horrible thing to say but high school memories pain me sometimes. I don't like to remember who I was, and sometimes with friends who knew me back then, I slip back into my old personality and it's like a glove that doesn't fit right. There was a lot of good memories though, I certainly don't regret the friendships I've made and the lessons that my mistakes taught me. 

It's kinda funny that the five of us met up cause we were in different friend groups and from two different classes. Still good friends though. And when we're together, it feels like we haven't changed at all. We're planning to hang out in the future since some of us will be in our hometown for a couple of months. 

The bad thing about being at home is I get so lazy and uninspired to do anything. Then my friends have to drag me out with threats of smacking me or persuasion -..- I'm looking into a few online photography courses to develop my skills before I officially seek an internship or entry level job because I want to build up my portfolio. 

I went out on a photoshoot for the BGT restaurant relaunch with Nick Tan and had a great time. We finally got to officially catch up on life after primary school. The waiters, cooks and clients were all damn friendly as well. The head waiter offered us mocktails and cocktails throughout the night. Definitely enjoyed myself a lot. 

One of the shots I took with my DSLR during sunset in Kelana Jaya.

The sky was amazing that day. 
Free mocktails :D 
The setup with the fairy lights, leaves, flowers and white tables and chairs made it look like a whimsical wedding, 
I loved it though.

I don't know why people assume that just because my course was a diploma, it means that it's easy. There's a stereotype that diploma is for less smart people because yea, lower entry qualifications. But it doesn't mean that the course itself is easy. Diploma is geared towards people who feel like they only need a diploma, older students and works as an alternative to foundation. Most of our modules are just like the ones in foundation and degree, and we're still graded strictly since all our work is reviewed by the university, which means we don't get to half-ass anything. 

I had friends who flunked out or had to retake modules because they didn't care or didn't expect it to be as hard to pass as that. I know people in my course who do just enough to pass because they felt it was unrealistic to expect an A(-). I worked hard for every single module I took, even if I hated it - the subject itself or the way it was taught. I set high expectations for myself because I need a scholarship if I want to further my studies. It's frustrating when people invalidate my efforts and hard work because "it's just a diploma". 

I didn't want to regret not putting enough effort into my diploma and working hard for it because I paid a damn lot for it and I know how much competition I'd be going up against once I start working full-time. I'm grateful for the lecturers who were hard on us, but who also guided us adequately because I learned so much from that. Ms. Judith, Mr. Edward(s), Ms. Shana and Mr. Justin did exactly that. When they actually give us an "A", it actually means that they thought that we did a good enough job to deserve it and it means so much more than just a lecturer who does it because "Eh, it's pretty good I guess."

Been feeling worried about what to do next. I had my life planned out but life threw another curveball at me that I didn't see coming. I thought that I'd continue on at Taylor's for my degree and I've been working my way towards that. But recently we got the news that the colleges are coming to our lakeside campus, and I hate it. The campus is already crowded enough with just the university students, I dread to think of how full everywhere will be; the parking lots, the restaurants, the classrooms, the SLC...ughhhh.  There was a few issues with the facilities and WiFi as well. And rumors of good lecturers leaving or being let go. I don't want to deal with all of that but I might have to. 

My other considerations are: 1. going to a film school in Melbourne for a year 2. studying in a university in Adelaide or Melbourne for three years 3. going straight to work. I was already anxious about my scholarship,, but I didn't expect to feel like I don't want to go back to Taylor's. I really, really want to study because there's so much more that I want to learn whether it's applicable to work or not. At the same time, I don't want to make a decision I'll regret. But I have to consider the financial constraints as well cause living in Australia is expensive and it's damn hard to find a part time job. 

Met up with Eunice, Nay and Prahveen on Thursday the 29th and we talked about our plans for the future. Also bullshit a lot la HAHA. We were having dinner and drinking wine. The "I Not Racist Ok" group that is made up of the four of us is what I would consider one of the best friendship groups I have in uni. We just get along so easy and we've managed to laugh off most of the conflicts that we've had, and even made crap that we did to each other into inside jokes.

I made Telegram stickers and we all started making stickers of each other. 
Just so happened that Nay made Prahveen's 😊 face when we were taking a photo together HAHA

To conclude, these past two years have been some of the best years of my life. It hasn't always been perfect. Things happened that affected me emotionally and I struggled with my self-identity every now and then. But what I've learned at the end of it all, is that I am strong enough to overcome whatever it is, even when I don't feel like it. And I know myself well enough at the core, to not lose myself again because of any negative experience I might have had or will have in the future. And I cannot thank the people who have loved and supported me through it all enough. Without them, I might have never found my way to who I am now and who I strive to be. More than words can say, I thank every single one of you. From my family to friends to anyone and everyone that has made a positive impact on my life. 

Anyway, till next time! :)

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